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1Bench-Top stand for waste disposal bags 
2Coloured adhesive labels 'Rainbow' for cryo boxes 
3Cryo boxes with grid inserts 
4Cryo boxes without grid inserts 
5Cryo boxes, cardboard 
6Cryo slide-in units for freezer cabinets 
7Cryo-racks for freezer cabinets 
8Cryo-racks for freezer chests 
9Cuvettes, PMMA 
10Cuvettes, PSratiolab® 
11Grid inserts for cryo boxes 
12Grid inserts, PP 
13Pasteur-Plast pipettes, PE 
14Pipette tips for different manufacturers 
15ratiolab autoclavable bags BIOHAZARD - warning instruction and sterilisation indicator patch 
16ratiolab autoclavable bags BIOHAZARD red 
17ratiolab cryo boxes with grid inserts, polypropylene 
18ratiolab grid inserts for cryo boxes 
19ratiolab macro cuvettes 
20Safety-cap microcentrifuge tubes 
21Sterilising pipette boxes 
22UV-Cuvettes for photometric measurements 
23Waste disposal bags, PP