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1Accessories for electrodes 
2Accessories for pH / mV meter ProfiLine pH 1970i 
3Benchtop stand STH 650 
4Bod thermostat box BOD OxiTop Box 
5BOD thermostat cabinet TS 608/4-i 
6BOD thermostat cabinets 
7Calibration and maintenance set SORT / K 
8Calibration and testing agent kits for conductivity measurements 
9Conductivity cells 
10Conductivity meters inoLab Cond 7110 
11Conductivity meters inoLab Cond 7310 / 7310 P 
12Connection cables for pH electrodes 
13Electrolyte- and cleaning solutions for electrodes 
14FDO 925 IDS DO sensors 
15IDS conductivity cells TetraCon 925 and LR 925 / 01 
16IDS pH electrodes for special applications 
17IDS WLM - wireless modules for IDS plug head sensors 
18Maintenance and cleaning solutions 
19MPP 900 IDS digital multiparameter sondes with built-in depth measurement 
20Multi 3630 IDS triple channel instrument 
21Multi-parameter meters inoLab Multi 9310 / 9310P IDS 
22Multi-parameter meters inoLab Multi 9620 IDS / Multi 9630 IDS 
23MultiLine Multi 3510 IDS 
24MultiLine Multi 3620 IDS / Multi 3630 IDS 
25OxiTop IDS measurement system 
26OxiTop-i BOD measuring system 
27OxiTop-i measuring heads 
28OxiTop®-i 6 TI / -i 12 TI measuring heads - replacement action 
29Oxygen meters inoLab Oxi 7310 / 7310 P 
30Oxygen sensor CellOx 325 
31Oxygen sensor DurOx 325-3 
32Oxygen sensor StirrOx G 
33pH meters inoLab pH 7310 / 7310 P 
34pH modules for inoLab Multi 9420 IDS / 9430 IDS / 9620 IDS / 9630 IDS 
35pH- / mV benchtop meters inoLab pH 7110 
36pH-combination electrodes for special applications 
37pHotoFlex portable Photometers 
38Photometers photoLab S6 and S12 
39Pocket conductivity meters Cond 3110 
40Pocket conductivity meters Cond 3310 
41Pocket oxygen meter Oxi 3205 
42Pocket Oxygen meters Oxi 3310 
43Pocket pH Meter pH 3110 
44Pocket pH meters 3310 
45Precision pH combination electrode SenTix H 
46ProfiLine Multiparameter handhelds Multi 3320 
47ProfiLine Multiparameter handhelds pH / Cond 3320 
48SensoLyt 900 IDS pH electrodes 
49SenTix 20, 21, 22, 41, 43 pH-combination electrodes 
50SenTix 51 pH electrode 
51SenTix 52 electrode 
52SenTix 60, 61, 62, 81, 82 pH-combination electrodes 
53SenTix 91 pH electrode 
54SenTix 940 IDS pH electrodes 
55SenTix 950 IDS pH electrode 
56SenTix 980 IDS pH electrode 
57SenTix HW precision pH electrode 
58SenTix HWD pH electrode 
59SenTix Mic-D pH electrode 
60SenTix ORP electrode 
61SenTix ORP-T 900 IDS ORP-electrode 
62SenTix RJD pH electrode 
63Spectrophotometers photoLab 7100 VIS / 7600 UV-VIS 
64Standard buffer solutions DIN / NIST 
65Technical buffer solutions 
66Temperature sensors for the automatic temperature compensation 
67Testing and maintenance supplies for ORP measurements 
68VisoTurb 900-P IR turbidity sensor 
69WP 90/3 3 Exchange membrane heads