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12- / 3-way valves 
2Angled connectors 
3DURAN® Verbindungsstücke 
4DURAN® water connectors, double, 9 x 115 mm 
5Flow indicators LiquiMobil / CheMobil 
7GL 2-way / GL 3-way stopcocks 
8Herbie tubing clamps, Nylon 
9Hose clamps stop-it 
10Hose connectors - magic box 
11Hose couplings 
12Hose cutter 
13Hose tubing connectors, conical 
14Hose tubing connectors, straight 
15ISO-Versinic tubing (Viton) 
16KECK tubing clamps KT 
18Miniature tubing connector, PP, Y-shape 
19Miniature tubing connectors, PP, adapter, straight 
20Miniature tubing connectors, PP, adapters, T-shape 
21Miniature tubing connectors, PP, L-shape 
22Miniature tubing connectors, PP, straight 
23Miniature tubing connectors, PP, straight with thread 
24Miniature tubing connectors, PP, T-shape 
25PharMed BPT tubing 
27Pinchcocks type Hoffmann 
28PTFE tubing 
29Pump tubing Tygon 3350 
30Pump tubing Tygon E-LFL 
31Pump tubings 
32PVC tubing for aqueous samples, white/white, 12/pk 
33PVC tubing, reinforced 
34PVC tubings 
35Reducing hose connectors 
36Rubber tubing 
37Rubber vacuum tubing 
38Scissors for cutting tubes 
39Silicone tubing 
40Silicone tubing 
41Spring clips 
43Tubing adapters, straight 
44Tubing clamp, titanium 
45Tubing clamps 
46Tubing clamps 
47Tubing clamps 
48Tubing clamps / serre-fines 
49Tubing clamps, 28 mm 
50Tubing clamps, NORMA 
51Tubing clamps, selftension 
52Tubing connector, straight 
53Tubing connector, Y-shape 
54Tubing connectors, POM 
55Tubing connectors, POM, T-shape 
56Tubing connectors, POM, Y-shape 
57Tubing connectors, straight 
58Tubing connectors, TPX 
59Tubing cutter 
60Tubing gauges 
61Tubing holder 
62Tubing stopcocks 
63Tubing, pump-santoprene yellow/yellow cetac, 1/pk 
64Tubing, pump-viton yl/yl cetac, SP5704, 1/pk 
65Tubing, PVC, for aqueous samples, gray/gray, 12/pk 
66Tygon 3350 Silicone tubing, platinum-cured 
67Tygon E-1000 Ultra-soft tubing 
68Tygon F-4040-A pump tubing 
69Tygon fuel and lubricant tubing F-4040-A 
70Tygon LMT-55 standard pump tubing, 2 riders 
71Tygon LMT-55 standard pump tubing, 3 riders 
72Tygon ND 100-80 medical tubing 
73Tygon SE 200 tubing 
74Tygon tubing 3375 
75Tygon tubing A 60 G 
76Tygon tubing B-44-4X 
77Tygon tubing E3-603 
78Tygon tubing type E-LFL 
79Tygon vacuum tubing E-3603 
80Universal hose tubing connectors 
81Versilon environment tubings 
82Viton tubing 
83Worm-drive Tubing Clamps, NORMA