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14-way rack, clinical 
25 & 15 ml test tube racks 
396-well PCR tube racks 
4Autosampler-vials, PFA 
5Chain Rack 
6Closures for autosampler-vials, PFA 
8Cube rack 
9Culture tubes with screw cap, AR-glass 
10Culture tubes, AR-Glas, rimless 16 x 100 mm, wall thick. 0.7 mm 
11Culture tubes, borosilicate glass, disposable 
12Culture tubes, with DIN thread 
13Disposable culture tubes 
14Disposable culture tubes, borosilicate glass, with screw thread 
15Floating foam tube racks 
16Floating microtube racks 
17Fold & Snap tube racks 
18Friction-Fit tube rack 
19Grip stoppers for sample- and sedimentation tubes 
20KIM-KAP polypropylene closures 
22Mega Racks 
23Microcentrifuge tube racks 
24OneRack tube racks 
25OneRack tube racks, PP 
26Peg tube racks 
27Pop-up racks 
28Racks for 50 ml centrifuge tubes 
29Reversible PCR tube rack 
30Rota-Rack Duo tube rack 
31Rota-Rack tube racks 
32Sample tubes 
33Sample tubes, PFA 
34Screw caps for culture tubes 
35Snap-Together conical tube rack 
36Test tube caps, Versilic silicone 
37Test tube holder 
38Test tube holder 
39Test tube holder 
40Test tube peg racks 
41Test tube racks 
42Test tube racks made of wood 
43Test tube racks, 2 levels, acrylic 
44Test tube racks, acrylic 
45Test tube racks, Polyketone, Nalgene 
46Test tube racks, PP, coloured 
47Test tube racks, PP, Nalgene 
48Test tube racks, PTFE 
49Test tube stand wire, nylon-coated 
50Test tube stands, detachable 
51Test tube stands, PP 
52Test tube stands, rectangular 
53Test tube stands, type wire 
54Test tube stands, wire, for 50 ml tubes 
55Test tubes 
56Test tubes 'ELKA' 
57Test tubes with NS joint 
58Test tubes with spout 
59Test tubes, Boro 3.3, with PP-stopper 
60Test tubes, borosilicate glass 3.3 
61Test tubes, borosilicate glass 5.1 
62Test tubes, Duran 
63Test tubes, Fiolax 
64Test tubes, Fiolax 
65Test tubes, soda-lime glass 
66Test tubes, soda-lime-glass 
67Universal tube rack 
68Unwire test tube racks 
69Unwire test tubes half-racks 
70Wire tube and bottle racks 
71XXL test tube clamp