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1Accesories for ultra-low temperature freezers - TSX series 
2Accessories CO2-Incubator BBD 6220 
3Accessories for bottle- / tube roller 
4Accessories for centrifuges Heraeus Biofuge pico and Biofuge fresco 
5Accessories for CO2 incubator Midi 40 
6Accessories for CO2 resistant shaker 
7Accessories for conical centrifuge tubes 
8Accessories for E1-ClipTip electronic pipettes 
9Accessories for HAAKE Viscotester 3 rotational viscometers 
10Accessories for Heracell 
11Accessories for Heracell 150 i 
12Accessories for Heracell VIOS 160 i CO2-Inkubatoren 
13Accessories for Heracell™ VIOS 160 i / 250 i CO2 Incubators 
14Accessories for Herasafe 2030i biological safety cabinets 
15Accessories for Heratherm microbiological incubators 
16Accessories for Heratherm refrigerated incubators 
17Accessories for Heratherm security ovens 
18Accessories for MaxQ 8000 stackable orbital shakers 
19Accessories for microplate spectrophotometers Multiskan GO 
20Accessories for RI refrigerated incubators 
21Accessories for rotors for universal centrifuges Heraeus Multifuge X3 / X3 R / X1 / X1 R and Megafuge 16 / 16 R / 40 / 40 R 
22Accessories for S1 pipette fillers 
23Accessories for safety cabinets Herasafe KS / KSP 
24Accessories for Thermolyne muffle furnaces 
25Accessories for thermostats STANDARD / ARCTIC series 
26Adapter for centrifuges 
27Application focused packages for cell culture research 
28Application focused packages for clinical applications 
29Application focused packages for micro volume research 
30BBD 6220 CO2 incubators 
31Benchtop centrifuge Heraeus Megafuge 8 / 8 R 
32Benchtop centrifuge Megafuge ST4 Plus / ST4R Plus 
33Cell culture flasks Nunclon Sphera 
34Cell Lockers for HERAcell VIOS 160 i CO2 incubators 
35Centrifuges Heraeus Biofuge pico and Biofuge fresco 
36Cimarec i Advanced Multipoint 6 / 15 stirrer with 6 and 15 stirring points 
37Cimarec i Maxi Direct magnetic stirrer 
38Cimarec i Poly 15 multipoint stirrer with 15 stirring points 
39Cimarec i Telesystem Multispoint stirrer with external control, 6, 15 and 60 stirring points 
40Cimarec Power Direct magnetic stirrer 
41ClipTip pipettes tips 
42ClipTip tips for E1-ClipTip electronic pipettes 
43CO2 incubator Midi 40 
44Combination lab refrigerator / freezer ES series 
45Compact vacuum drying oven VT 6025 
46Complete package: Heraeus Megafuge 8 R 
47CryoExtra™ High-Efficiency Cryogenic Storage Systems 
48CryoMed™ Controlled-Rate Freezer 
49Cytoperm 2 CO2 incubator 
50E1-ClipTip adjustable tip spacing multi-channel equalizer pipettes 
51E1-ClipTip multi-channel pipettes 
52E1-ClipTip single-channel pipettes 
53EK immersion coolers 
54Environmental chambers 
55F1-ClipTip GLP kits 
56F1-ClipTip multi-channel pipettes 
57F1-ClipTip single-channel pipettes 
58Finnpipette F1 single- / multi-channel pipettes 
59Finnpipette F2 single- / multi-channel pipettes 
60Floor Stands for Biological Safety Cabinets 
61Fluoroskan / Fluoroskan FL microplate readers 
62General purpose centrifuge rotor packages 
63General purpose centrifuges Heraeus Multifuge X3 F / FR 
64HAAKE Viscotester 3 rotational viscometers 
65HAAKE Viscotester iQ rheometer packages 
66Heat transfer fluids 
67Heating bath circulators SAHARA series 
68Heracell 15i / 240i CO2 incubators, General Lab 
69Heracell 15i / 240i CO2 incubators, medical devices 
70HERAcell VIOS 160 i CO2-incubators with Cell Locker system 
71HERAcell VIOS 160 i CO2-Inkubatoren 
72Heracell™ VIOS 160i CR/ 250i CR CO2-incubator 
73Heraeus LUT 6050 / 6050 F paint drying ovens 
74HERAfreeze HDE / TDE ultra-low freezers 
75HERAfreeze HFC chest freezers 
76HERAfreeze HFU Basic series upright freezers 
77HERAfreeze HLE ultra-low freezers 
78Heraguard ECO clean benches 
79Herasafe 2025 - biological safety cabinets 
80Herasafe 2025 - biological safety cabinets 
81Herasafe 2030i biological safety cabinets 
82Herasafe 2030i biological safety cabinets 
83Heratherm microbiological incubators 
84Heratherm refrigerated incubators 
85Heratherm security ovens 
86Highspeed bench top centrifuge Heraeus Biofuge stratos 
87Inserts for microtitration plate rack for MaxQ 8000 incubator shakers 
88iONGUARD antimicrobial 3D-silver-matrix 
89Komet super-strong magnetic stirring bars 
90Lab freezers ES series 
91Lab refrigerators ES series 
92Locator PLUS rack- and box systems 
93Luminoskan microplate Luminometer 
94MaxQ 416 HP / MaxQ 430 HP open air platform shakers 
95MaxQ 420 HP large benchtop incubated shaker 
96MaxQ 8000 stackable orbital shakers 
97MaxQ HP incubated and refrigerated console shakers 
98Megafuge ST1 Plus Centrifuges 
99Megafuge ST4F Plus Centrifuges 
100Microplates Nunclon Sphera 
101Microtitration plate photometers Multiskan FC 
102Microtitration plate washer Wellwash Versa 
103MSC-Advantage™ Class II biosafety cabinets 
104MSC-Advantage™ Class II biosafety cabinets 
105Multidrop™ Combi nL Reagent Dispenser 
106Multidrop™ Combi Reagent Dispenser 
107Multifuge X1 Pro Centrifuges 
108Multifuge X4F Pro Centrifuges 
109Multimode microplate reader Varioskan™ LUX 
110Multiskan Sky microplate spectrophotometers 
111Options for ultra-low temperature freezers - TSX series 
112Platforms for Solaris 2000 / 4000 orbital shakers 
113Racks for ClipTip pipettes tips 
114Recirculating chiller platform ThermoFlex 
115Refrigerated centrifuge Heraeus Cryofuge 5500i 
116Refrigeration baths ARCTIC series 
117Refrigeration circulators / cryostats ARCTIC series 
118RI refrigerated incubators 
119Rotors & adapters for benchtop centrifuges Heraeus Megafuge 8 
120Rotors for benchtop centrifuges Heraeus Megafuge 8 / 8 R 
121Rotors for universal centrifuges Heraeus Multifuge X3 / X3 R / X1 / X1 R and Megafuge 16 / 16 R / 40 / 40 R 
122Rotors for universal centrifuges Heraeus Multifuge X3 / X3 R / X1 / X1 R and Megafuge 16 / 16 R / 40 / 40 R 
123S1 pipette fillers 
124Safe 2020 biological safety cabinets 
125SL1 Plus Centrifuges 
126SL4F Plus Centrifuges 
127Small benchtop centrifuge Medifuge 
128Solaris 2000 / 4000 orbital shakers 
129Sorvall ST1 Plus Centrifuges 
130Sorvall ST4F Plus Centrifuges 
131Sorvall X1 Pro Zentrifugen 
132Sorvall X4F Pro Centrifuges 
133Special trays for MaxQ 8000 stackable orbital shakers 
134Special tube holders for MaxQ 8000 stackable orbital shakers 
135Thermolyne muffle furnaces 
136Thermostats STANDARD series 
137TSX - 30 °C enzyme freezers 
138TSX - 30 °C plasma freezers 
139TSX - 30 °C upright freezers 
140TSX blood bank refrigerators 3 to 7 °C 
141TSX chromatography refrigerators 3 to 7 °C 
142TSX lab refrigerators 3 to 7 °C 
143TSX pharmacy refrigerators 3 to 7 °C 
144TSX Series Ultra-Low Freezers 
145Tubing accessories for thermostats STANDARD / ARCTIC series 
146Universal angle holder / tube stands for MaxQ 8000 stackable orbital shakers 
147Universal centrifuge Heraeus Multifuge 4 KR 
148Universal centrifuges Heraeus Megafuge 16 / 16 R 
149Universal centrifuges Heraeus Multifuge X1 / X1 R 
150Universal centrifuges Multifuge X4 Pro / X4R Pro 
151Universal latch racks for cryogenic tubes 
152Universal tray for MaxQ 8000 stackable orbital shakers 
153Vacuum drying ovens 
154Vertical light chambers