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1Accessories for BlueMarine 100 (gel width 7 cm) 
2Accessories for BlueMarine 200 (gel width 15 cm) 
3BlueBlot Semi-Dry Blotter 
4BlueMarine 100 horizontal submarine electrophoresis unit 
5BlueMarine 200 horizontal submarine electrophoresis unit 
6BluePower power Supplies 
7BluePower Power Supplies 
8BlueVertical PRiME mini slab gel unit 
9DNA Stain Clear G 
10Dodecylsulfate-Na-salt in pellets research grade 
11HiSens Stain G 
12HPE BlueHorizon horizontal electrophoresis unit 
13IPG strips and precast gels for 2D electrophoresis 
14Precast gels for flatbed / horizontal IEF 
15Precast gels for vertical electrophoresis 
16ServaGel TG Prime 
17TBE Clear G Agarose Tablets 
18TripleColor Protein Standard II 
19TripleColor Protein Standard III 
20Unstained Protein Standard IV 
21VisiBlot Standard I 
22Xpress Blotting buffer 
23Xpress blotting kit for western blotting 
24Xpress blotting kit for western blotting 
25Xpress NC blotting kit for western blotting