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1Colour-coded plates for CryoPure tubes 
2Cryo boxes 
3Cryo boxes 
4CryoPure tubes, coloured 
5DishRacks 50 / 80, Petri dish carriers 
6Dispatch vessels with suction inlet and sample vessel 
7Micro tubes 
8Multi-purpose containers with snap-on lid 
9PCR plates, 96-well 
10Petri dishes, without cams, gamma-irradiated 
11Push cap closures 
12Round cuvettes 
13Scintillation vial 
14Screw cap container 
15Screw cap micro tubes 
16Screw cap tubes 
17Screw cap tubes 
18Screw cap tubes, PP 
19Square cuvettes and push caps 
20Stirring Rods 
21Styrofoam containers 
22Transfer pipettes with graduation 
23Transport swabs 
24Tubes with print 
25Tubes, conical base, PS / PP 
26Universal mixer SM 1