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1All-purpose jar 
2Collecting vessels 
4Culture tubes with screw cap 
5Cylindrical jars 
6Dispatch vessels with suction inlet and sample vessel 
7DURAN® calcium chloride cylinder, NS 34/35, 315 x Ø 53 mm 
8DURAN® Zylinder mit Rundboden, für Doppelmantelgefäß, ohne Druck 
9DURAPorter transport boxes 
10Gas collecting tubes 
11Jar, withshoulder and lid, Duran 
12Jars with push-on lid, PP 
13Jars with screw caps, PELD, 
14Jars, PS, with snap-on lid, PELD approx. 25 ml, conical shape 
15Jars, with lid, Duran 
16Multi-purpose container, PEHD 
17Multi-purpose containers with snap-on lid 
18Multipurpose cylinders 
19Push-on caps for sample cups 
20Sample boxes, aseptic 
21Sample containers, PELD 
22Sample containers, PFA 
23Sample cups 
24Sample cups for analyser, Technicon 
25Sample cups for analysers 
26Sample vials, PP 
27SampleSafe seals 
28Scintillation vial 
29Screw cap container 
30Screw cap tubes 
31Screw-top jars 
32Sealable wide mouth bottles 
33Snap caps for containers 
34Specimen jars, Duran 
35Specimen jars, Duran 
36Standard cylinders 
37Standard jars, wide mouth, PEHD, round 
38Storage boxes for culture vials, PS 
39Universal beakers with screw cap 
40Urine beaker with press-on cap 
41Urine beaker, PP 
42Urine beakers with screw cap 
43Urine sample beakers 
44Vials, rolled rim, with snap-on lid 
45Wide mouth jars, PMP 
46Wide mouth jars, PP 
47Wide-mouth jars, PC