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1Boiling stones Teflon TFE 
2BYTAC film 
3Flask rings "BiBase" 
4Hot Hand, silicone 
5ISO-Versinic tubing (Viton) 
6Laboratory mats, PTFE 
7PharMed BPT tubing 
8Pipette suction ball 
9Pump tubing Tygon 3350 
10Pump tubing Tygon E-LFL 
11Pump tubings 
12Rubber stoppers with folding sleeves 
13Spatulas, PTFE coating 
14Spoon-spatula, PTFE coating 
15Tedlar gas bags and liquid sampling 
16Test tube caps, Versilic silicone 
17Tygon 3350 Silicone tubing, platinum-cured 
18Tygon E-1000 Ultra-soft tubing 
19Tygon F-4040-A pump tubing 
20Tygon fuel and lubricant tubing F-4040-A 
21Tygon LMT-55 standard pump tubing, 2 riders 
22Tygon LMT-55 standard pump tubing, 3 riders 
23Tygon ND 100-80 medical tubing 
24Tygon SE 200 tubing 
25Tygon tubing 3375 
26Tygon tubing A 60 G 
27Tygon tubing B-44-4X 
28Tygon tubing E3-603 
29Tygon tubing type E-LFL 
30Tygon vacuum tubing E-3603 
31Versilon environment tubings