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1Accessories for extraction arms 
2Accessories for full face masks X-plore 6000 series 
3Accessories for gas detector X-am 5600 
4Accessories for Hazardous Material Working places 
5Accessories for hazardous material working places with fresh air curtain 
6Accessories for X-act 7000 
7AccuTech gloves, for pharmaceutics and clean rooms 
8AirControl air cleanerNew!
9AlphaTec chemical protection gloves 
10Aprons Tyvek 600 Plus 
11Asbestos hazard labels 
12Autoclavable occupational shoes, clogs 
13Autoclave gloves 
14Bench top extraction kits 
15Beta protection shields, acrylic 
16Beta safety box, acrylic 
17Blue nitril gloves KLEENGUARD G10 FLEX 
18Body emergency showers with safety eye showers 
19Bouffant cap, with peak 
20Bouffant caps 
21Breathing assistance AIRMATIC 
22Case for protective glasses 
23Chemical protection gloves EKASTU, nitrile perbunan 
24Chemical protective overalls Workstar Flexothane 
25ChemTek chemical protection gloves 
26Chips for CMS analyzer 
27ClassicLine cover spectacles 
28ClassicLine goggles 
29ClassicLine spectacles in a sporty design 
30ClassicLine spectacles with integrated lateral protection 
31Clean room gown 
32Clean room gown professional 
33Clean room hoods 
34Cleaning fluid for masks 
35Clearly Safe safety glass wall dispenser 
36CMS Analyzer 
37Configurations for hazardous material working places with fresh air curtain 
38Cord for spectacle CARINA KLEIN DESIGN 
39Cotton tricot gloves 
40Cover spectacles X-pect 8110 / 8120 
41Cryo aprons 
42DermaShield gloves, allergy prevention 
43Dispenser for GHS hazard symbols, roll 
44Disposable examination gloves GENTLE SKIN classic / X-Long 
45Disposable examination gloves GENTLE SKIN compact 
46Disposable examination gloves GENTLE SKIN GRIP 
47Disposable examination gloves GENTLE SKIN HI RISK 
48Disposable examination gloves GENTLE SKIN sensitive 
49Disposable examination gloves MANUFIX 
50Disposable examination gloves NITRIL 3000 / X-Long 
51Disposable examination gloves NITRIL BestGen 
52Disposable examination gloves Nitril LIOX 
53Disposable examination gloves Nitril NextGen 
54Disposable examination gloves Vasco Guard 
55Disposable examination gloves Vasco OP powdered 
56Disposable examination gloves Vasco Vinyl, powder-free 
57Disposable face masks Folitex tie-on / ear-loop 
58Disposable fine dust masks X-plore 1700 / 1700+ 
59Disposable protective gloves Manuplast 
60Disposable surgical gloves Vasco OP Sensitive 
61Dräger PARAT escape hoods 
62Dräger tubes 
63Dräger X-am 2500 
64Drench Shower with operation, for wall mounting 
65Dry box gloves 
66Dynamic occupational shoes model, ESD 
67Dynamic occupational shoes, clogs, ESD 
68Ear plugs 3M 
69Ear protector EKAMUFF No. 3 
70EKASTU chemical protection gloves M2-PLUS 
71EKASTU spectacle holder 
72Examination gloves Peha-soft nitrile fino 
73Examination gloves Peha-soft powderfree 
74Examination gloves Power Grip Latex, powder-free 
75Examination gloves Vasco 
76Examination gloves Vasco Guard long 
77Examination gloves Vasco Nitril white 
78Examination gloves Vasco Nitrile blue 
79Examination gloves Vasco Nitrile light 
80Extraction arms FX 
81Eye drop pipettes 
82Eye emergency stations with phosphate buffer and sodium chloride solution 
83Eye wash bottles 
84Eye wash bottles standard / MINI standard / ECO / MINI-ECO 
85Eye wash boxes, empty 
86Eye wash mountings DuplusConnect 
87Eye wash station 
88Eye wash station (EPS) complete, with 2 eye wash bottles 
89Eye wash stations with sodium chloride solution 
90Eyes Fresh mini eyewash station 
91Face masks 
92Face visors Protecteur P1 
93Filtering escape device BLITZ 10 
94Filtering escape device BLITZ 5 
95Filtering escape device POLI-BLITZ 
96Filtering facepieces cobra foldy FFP1 
97Filtering facepieces cobra foldy FFP2/V 
98Filtering facepieces cobra foldy FFP3/V 
99Filtering half mask colorex 
100Filtering half masks Mandil 
101Filtering half masks Mandil SL 
102Filters for half masks POLIMASK BETA 
103First-aid kits STANDARD / CLASSIC 
104Floor signs 
105Full face mask C 607 / Selecta 
106Full face mask SFERA / Silicone (Class 3) 
107Full face masks X-plore 6000 series 
108Full view goggles CARINA KLEIN DESIGN IXPEIR 
110Full view goggles CLARO, clear 
111Gas detector and warning instruments Pac family 
112Gas detector pump accuro 
113Gas detector X-am 5600 
114Gas filter 200 A2 
115Gas filter for POLIMASK 330 and C 607 / Selecta 
116Gastight goggles 888 
117GHS hazard symbols, roll 
118GHS hazard symbols, sheets 
119GHS labelling of dangerous substances, roll 
120Gladiator gloves 
121Glass clear spray 
122Glove box 
123Glove box holder 
124Glove boxes with transfer chamber 
125Gloves Marigold, size 7.5, blue 
126Gloves, Kimtech™ sterling™ nitrile Xtra™ 
127Gloves, polyethylene 
128Goggles X-pect 8500 
129Half mask POLIMASK 330 
130Half mask POLIMASK ALFA 
131Half masks POLIMASK BETA 
132Half masks X-plore 1300 
133Half masks X-plore 4790 
134Hand-held eye showers 
135Hard-glass spectacles 
136Hazardous Material Working Places 
137Hazardous Material Working Places High Line 
138Hazardous material working places with fresh air curtain 
139Hazardous Material Working Places with fresh air curtain 
140High-quality anti-splash protection made of glass 
141Holder for glove box 
142Holders for glove boxes 
143Hood tyvek Isoclean 
144Hot Hand, silicone 
145HyFlex gloves 
146Insert racks for beta safety box 
147Instruments for air flow indication 
148Kevlar protective gloves 
149Kimtech™ A5 sterile clean room overalls 
150Kimtech™ A7 P+, Laboratory Coat 
151Kimtech™ A8 breathable particle protection coveralls 
152Kimtech™ blue nitrile gloves 
153Kimtech™ G3 / G3 NXT nitrile gloves 
154Kimtech™ G3 latex gloves 
155Kimtech™ G3 sterile latex gloves 
156Kimtech™ G3 sterile nitril gloves 
157Kimtech™ G5 latex gloves 
158Kimtech™ G5 sterile latex gloves 
159Kimtech™ GREEN NITRILE gloves 
160Kimtech™ M3 face masks 
161Kimtech™ M3 pouch-style face masks 
162Kimtech™ M3 sterile face masks 
163Kimtech™ M6 face masks 
164Kimtech™ M7 veils 
165Kimtech™ PFE Xtra Latex Gloves 
166Kimtech™ purple nitrile™ / kimtech™ purple nitrile™Xtra™ 
167Kimtech™ satin plus 
168KLEENGUARD* G10 powder-free nitril gloves 
169KLEENGUARD* G20 atlantic green chemical resistant nitril gloves 
170KleenGuard® G80 nitril chemical protection gloves 
171Ladies' laboratory coats 
172Latex gloves Select Plus 
173Latex gloves Unigloves Comfort 
174Latex-Handschuhe Kimtech™ PFE 
175Mandatory mini symbols, self-adhesive 
176Mandatory signs acc. to ASR A 1.3 and others 
177Mask disinfectant 
178Medical masks 
179Medical masks 
180MediClassic Excel / Loop 
181MediComfort surgical masks 
182Men's laboratory coats 
183Mini sound level meter 
184Mobile spectacle pouch CARINA KLEIN DESIGN 
185Mobile wall-cabinet for masks 
186Multi-symbol warning signs (German imprint), laminated PES 
187Multi-symbol warning signs (German imprint), PP 
188Nappa leather gloves 
189Nitrile gloves Dermatril 740 
190Nitrile gloves Dermatril P 743 
191Nitrile gloves Format 
192Nitrile gloves FORMAT BLUE 300 
194Nitrile gloves Kimtech™ COMFORT NITRILE 
195Nitrile gloves Soft Nitril blue 
196Nitrile gloves Soft Nitril blue 300 
197NOVAERUS air disinfection units 
198Occupational shoes model Arrow, clogs 
199Occupational shoes model Arrow, clogs, ESD, microfibre lining 
200Occupational shoes model Arrow, clogs, ESD, perforated 
201Occupational shoes model Arrow, clogs, microfibre lining 
202Occupational shoes model Arrow, clogs, perforated 
203Occupational shoes model Arrow, clogs, white, ESD 
204Occupational shoes model Nature, clogs 
205Occupational shoes model Nature, clogs, ESD, perforated 
206Occupational shoes model Nature, clogs, white, ESD 
207Occupational shoes model Nature, clogs, white, ESD, perforated 
208Occupational shoes model rubber, clogs 
209Occupational shoes model rubber, ESD 
210Occupational shoes model rubber, ESD, perforated 
211Occupational shoes model rubber, sanitised 
212Occupational shoes model The Original 
213Occupational shoes model The Original, antistatic 
214Occupational shoes, autoclavable, clog, ESD 
215Occupational shoes, UNI6, low shoe, ESD 
216Occupational shoes, UNI6, slip-on, ESD 
217OP masks MediClassic Loop 
220Pandemic protection kit type 1 
221Pandemic protection kit type 1B 
222Pandemic protection kit type 2 
223Particle filter 200 P3R D 
224PE overboots 
225PE visitor gown 
226Plexiglas face shield 
227Plum wound and eyewash spray 
228PP overshoes 
229PP overshoes 
230Preconnected reading spectacles with clamp holder CARINA KLEIN DESIGN 
231Preformed carrying and storage bags for face masks 
232PremiumLine hand-held eye showers 
233PRO.TECT disposable examination gloves 
234proFood Insulated knitted thermal gloves 
235Prohibition signs acc. to ASR A 1.3 and others 
236Protection gloves EKASTU 
237Protection shields, acrylic 
238Protective face shield k1 plus 
239Protective gloves Dermagrip ultra LT 
240Protective gowns Cleo saphir 
241Protective overalls Tychem 2000 C Dupont 
242Protective overalls Tyvek 200 EasySafe 
243Protective overalls Tyvek 800J Dupont 
244QuickFix plaster dispensers and refills 
245QuickFix UNO plaster dispenser 
246Respirator filters plug-in type, half mask 620 and 620 S 
247Respirator masks FFP2 
248Respirator masks FFP2 
249Safety eye showers 
250Safety glasses Vision 
251Safety glasses with side protection 
252Safety glasses, coloured 
253Safety glasses, full protection 
254Safety shower testing carriage 
255Safety Spectacle CARINA KLEIN DESIGN 12710 
256Safety spectacle CARINA KLEIN DESIGN 12720 
257Safety spectacle CARINA KLEIN DESIGN 12750 
260Safety spectacle CARINA KLEIN DESIGN MIELA 
261Safety Spectacle CARINA KLEIN DESIGN™ coolex clear 
262Safety spectacles CLARELLO, clear 
263Safety spectacles CLAREX 
264Safety splash shield 
266Sampling tubes 
267Select Black 300 latex gloves 
268Sensors for gas detector X-am 5600 
269SICCO glove box Air Stream with transfer chamber 
270SICCO glove box Duo 1 with transfer chambers 
271SICCO glove box Duo 2 with transfer chamber 
272SICCO glove box for exhaustion 
273SICCO glove box Pure with transfer chamber 
274SICCO glove box Trio with transfer chamber 
275SICCO mini glove box, PMMA 
276SICCO rack for glove box 
277SICCO rack for glove box, standing work position 
278Single use rescue breathing device PRIMUS 
279Sol-Vex chemical protection gloves 
280Spare reservoir bottles for automatic burette 
281Spectacles dispensers 
282Spectacles X-pect 8300 
283Splashguard overalls Protec Plus TC 
284Surgical gloves Finessis Aegis 
285Surgical gloves Finessis Corium 
286Surgical gloves Finessis Zero 
287Surgical masks 
288Surgical masks Suavel Comfort / Protec 
289Surgical masks Suavel Comfort Plus / Protec Plus 
290Tempshield cryo gloves 
291Thermal gloves, carbon fibre 
292Touch N Tuff disposable gloves, nitrile 
293Touch N Tuff disposable gloves, nitrile, TNT Blue 
294Uni6 occupational shoes, low shoe, ESD 
295UNILAB bench top standing fume hoods 
296Varnish- and welding respirator cobra foldy FFP2/combi/V 
297Vinyl gloves Unigloves Standard 
298Virtex nitrile gloves 
299Wall cabinet with transparent lid 
300Wall mounting 
301Warning mini symbols, self-adhesive 
302X-act 7000 
303x-light series occupational shoes, slippers 
304XTREME Nitrile gloves 
305YOUNGlove nitrile gloves