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1100 well microtube storage boxes 
224- / 48-well PCR plates, qPCR 
3384 well microtitration plates for storage, PP 
450 Well microtube storage boxes 
581 well microtube storage boxes 
696 tube racks, for coded tubes 
796 well microtitration plates for storage, PP 
896-well microtitration plates, PP 
996-well PCR plates, qPCR 
10Accesories for medium bottles 
11Accessories for Axygen strip and individual PCR tubes 
12Accessories for Combitips advanced 
13Accessories for dipping bottles / vessels / immersion cylinders 
14Accessories for microplates BRANDplates 
15Accessories for VITgrip lab bottles 
16Amber narrow-mouth bottles, PP 
17Angled connectors 
18Autoclavable Lowboys canisters 
19Autoclavable utility carrier 
20Axygen strip and individual PCR tubes 
21Beakers, Griffin, PP, blue graduation 
22Beakers, Griffin, PP, blue graduation 
23Beakers, low form 
24Biohazard bags, PP 
25Black light tight storage boxes 
26BOLA HPLC-distributors for bottles, PP 
27Bottles, wide mouth 
28Bowls, PP, round 
29Cap inserts for cryo tubes 
30Carboys with stopcock, PP 
31Carboys with stopcock, PP 
32Carboys, PP 
33Carboys, PP, rectangular 
34CCCadvanced FN1 motifs Cell Culture Dishes / Plates 
35Centrifuge bottles, PP-copolymer 
36Centrifuge tube closures 
37Centrifuge tubes 
38Centrifuge tubes and support cushions 
39Centrifuge tubes with screw cap 
40Centrifuge tubes, PP, cylindrical 
41Closures for barbed bulkhead fittings 
42Closures for wide mouth bottles GLS 80 
43Closures with UN-approval, PP 
44Collecting vessels 
46Combitips advanced, Biopur 
47Combitips advanced, Eppendorf Quality 
48Combitips advanced, Forensic DNA Grade 
49Combitips advanced, PCR Clean 
50Compact Flat Containers, PP, 6 l 
51Compact jerrycans 
52Conical centrifuge tubes 
53Conical ground joint stoppers 
54Corning cryo vials, PP 
55Cryo boxes 
56Cryo Boxes EPPi 37, with code 
57Cryo Boxes EPPi 50, 9 x 9 
58Cryo Boxes EPPi 50, with frame and bottom code 
59Cryo Boxes EPPi 50, with frame code 
60Cryo Boxes EPPi 50, without grid dividers 
61Cryo boxes with grid inserts 
62Cryo boxes without grid inserts 
63Cryo boxes, EPPi Junior 45 
64Cryo tubes, PP, with external / internal thread 
65Cryogenic vials, PP, Nalgene 
66Cryogenic vials, PP, Nalgene 
67Cryovial racks, floating 
68Cube rack 
69Deep-well plates and sealing mats 
70Dip sampler, plunging siphon 
71Disposable culture tubes, borosilicate glass, with screw thread 
72DURAN venting membrane screw caps 
73EPPi 0.2 PCR Cryo Boxes 
74EPPi cellBox cryo boxes 
75EPPi grid dividers 
76Erlenmeyer flasks, PP 
77Falcon round-bottom tubes, PP 
78Falcon tubes 
79Falcon tubes 
80Filling / venting closures 
81Filter tips ultra low retention, TipBox, non-sterile and sterile (BIO-CERT) 
82Filter tips, bulk, non-sterile 
83Filter tips, TipBox, non-sterile and sterile (BIO-CERT) 
84Filter tips, TipRack, non-sterile and sterile (BIO-CERT) 
85Filtering flasks 
86Flask support stands, PP 
87Flexible distributors 
88Floating microtube racks 
89Fluid-transfer closure 
91Gas collecting tubes 
92Gas washing bottle 
93Graduated beakers, blue printed scale 
94Graduated beakers, embossed scale 
95Graduated cylinders, Plastibrand, class B 
96Graduated cylinders, Plastibrand, class B, PP 
97Graduated cylinders, Plastibrand, PP 
98Graduated cylinders, PP, low form 
99Graduated cylinders, PP, tall form 
100Graduated cylinders, PP, tall form, blue graduation 
101Graduated jugs, PP 
102Graduated jugs, PP, moulded blue graduation 
103Graduated jugs, PP, moulded graduation 
104Graduated pitchers, coloured 
105Grid inserts, PP 
106Griffin beakers, PP 
107Heavy-duty carboys, PP, thick-walled 
108Hose tubing connectors, conical 
109Hose tubing connectors, straight 
110Instrument / pipette sterilising pan 
111Jars with push-on lid, PP 
112KIM-KAP polypropylene closures 
113Laboratory trays, PP, white, rectangular 
114Large narrow-mouth bottles, PP 
115Large wide mouth square bottle, PP 
116Lid for storage bins, PP 
117Mason jars 
118Measuring scoops, coloured 
119Measuring scoops, PP 
120Mega Racks 
121Micro tubes 
122Microplates, 384-well 
123Microplates, 96-well 
124Miniature tubing connector, PP, Y-shape 
125Miniature tubing connectors, PP, adapter, straight 
126Miniature tubing connectors, PP, adapters, T-shape 
127Miniature tubing connectors, PP, L-shape 
128Miniature tubing connectors, PP, straight 
129Miniature tubing connectors, PP, straight with thread 
130Miniature tubing connectors, PP, T-shape 
131Multi-symbol warning signs (German imprint), PP 
132Narrow mouth bottles, PP 
133Non-return valve PP 
134Non-return valves, conical 
135Oak Ridge centrifuge tubes, PP-copolymer 
136OneRack tube racks, PP 
138PCR box / rack, PP 
139PCR cap strips of 8 
140PCR mini cooler, PP 
141PCR plates, 96-well 
142PCR tubes and caps, strips of 8 
143PCR tubes, strips of 12 
144PCR tubes, strips of 8, with attached cap strip 
145PCR tubes, thin-walled, PP 
146Peg tube racks 
147Pipette stand 
148Pipette tips ultra low retention, TipBox, non-sterile and sterile (BIO-CERT) 
149Pipette tips ultra low retention, TipStack, non-sterile and sterile (BIO-CERT) 
150Pipette tips, bulk, non-sterile 
151Pipette tips, TipBox, non-sterile and sterile (BIO-CERT) 
152Pipette tips, TipRack, non-sterile and sterile (BIO-CERT) 
153Pipette tips, TipStack, non-sterile and sterile (BIO-CERT) 
154Plastic hose connector 
155Pop-up racks 
156PP overshoes 
157PP overshoes 
158PP screw caps ND10 with mounted septum 
159PP screw caps ND8, with mounted septum 
160PP screw caps ND9, with mounted septum and UltraBond ND9 
161Probe adapter closures 
162Quick-action spigot, PP 
163Rack for cryo tubes 
164ratiolab cryo boxes with grid inserts, polypropylene 
165Reaction vessels, accessories 
166Reagent bottles with NS stopper 
167Reagent bottles with screw cap 
168Reagent reservoirs for multichannel pipettes and automatic systems 
169Reducing hose connectors 
170Rota-Rack Duo tube rack 
171Round-bottom tubes 
172Safe filling of disinfectants 
173Safety-cap microcentrifuge tubes 
174Sample boxes, aseptic 
175Sample vials, PP 
176Sampling tubes DispoDipper 
177Screw cap container 
178Screw cap containers, PP, neutral 
179Screw cap micro tubes 
180Screw cap system GL 45 with hose connections 
181Screw cap tubes 
182Screw cap tubes 
183Screw cap tubes, PP 
184Screw caps 
185Screw caps 
186Screw caps 
187Screw caps 
188Screw caps 
189Screw caps 
190Screw caps / Pouring Rings 
191Screw caps for culture tubes 
192Screw caps for PVC bottles 
193Screw caps GL 45 
194Screw-top jars 
195Sealing caps assemblies 
196Sealing caps, Oak Ridge Style 
197Self-standing 50 ml centrifuge tubes 
198smartSpatula disposable spatulas 
199Spatula, PP 
200Spectra / Por dialysis tubing clips