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1Accessories for air bacteria samplers MD8 
2Accessories for Microsart and Biosart 
3Air bacteria sampler MD8 AirPort 
4Amies swabs 
5Baffled culture flasks 
6Baffled flasks 
7BioSart 100 Monitors 
8Biosart 100 nutrient media 
9Colony counter eCount 
10Colony counter schuett count 
11Combisart filter manifold systems, stainless steel 
12Corning Cell Counter 
13Culture flask, Fernbach, Duran, 1800 ml 
14Culture flasks, Erlenmeyer, Duran 
15Culture flasks, Kolle, Duran 
16Culture flasks, Roux, Duran, 1200 ml 
17Drigalski spatula 
18Drigalski spatulas, stainless steel 
19Erlenmeyer flasks, Duran, 100 ml, straight rim 
20Filter Funnels BioSart 250 
21Filter unit, PC, type 16511 
22Flat gasket, PTFE 
23Gelatine filters for MD8 AirPort / MD8 airscan 
24Identification Swab 
25Incubator for Dip Slides 
26Inoculating loops and needles 
27Inoculation loop holder, Kolle and stand 
28Inoculation loops, disposable 
29Kapsenberg caps, aluminium 
30Loops, Kolle 
31Loops, Pt / Ir 
32Loops, stainless steel 
33MBS I filter systems 
34MBS II filter systems 
35Membrane filters type 114, sterile 
36Membrane filters type 130, sterile 
37Membrane filters type 138 
38Membrane filters type 139 
40Microsart @filter 100 sterile disposable filter units 
41Microsart @filter 250 sterile disposable filter units 
42Microsart e.motion dispensers 
43Microsart e.motion membrane filters 
44Microsart filter manifold systems, stainless steel 
45Microsart Funnels 100 
46Needle holders acc. to Kolle 
47Needle holders acc. to Kolle 
48Nutrient media 
49Nutrient pad sets in Petri dishes 
50Pedal switch for Microsart e.motion filter dispenser 
51Petri dishes, Duroplan 
52Petri dishes, PS 
53Petri dishes, Steriplan 
54Platinum wire 
55smartPick picks 
56Sterile inoculating loops 
57SteriMax smart infrared loop steriliser 
59STL membrane circles 
60Swabs, sterile 
61Transport swabs 
62Turntable for Petri dishes petriturn-M 
63Vacusart filtration unit 
64Vacuum filter holders, glass, glass frit 
65Vacuum filter holders, stainless steel 
66Zählkammern aus optischem Spezialglas, BLAUBRAND, DIN 12 847 doppelte Netzteilung, inklusive 2 Häma- cytometer-Deckgl