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12in1 KITs 
2Aluminium crimp caps ND11, with hole 
3Aluminium crimp caps ND20 / magnetic universal screw caps ND18 
4Crimp neck vials ND11, wide opening 
5Crimp neck vials ND11, wide opening 
6Crimp Top Vials / Headspace Vials ND20 and ND 18 
7Flat bottom vials 
8HPLC / GC certified and LC / MS resp. GS / MS certified vial kits 
9Manual crimpers and decappers - stainless steel 
10Manual crimpers and decappers - stainless steel 
11Micro inserts for flat bottom vials 
12Micro inserts for screw neck vials ND13 
13Micro inserts for vials with small opening ND8 
14Micro inserts for vials with wide opening ND9 / ND10 / ND11 
15PE snap ring caps ND11, with hole 
16Pneumatic Airgo crimpers 
17PP screw caps ND10 with mounted septum 
18PP screw caps ND13 with mounted septum, with hole 
19PP screw caps ND24, white 
20PP screw caps ND8, with mounted septum 
21PP screw caps ND9, with mounted septum and UltraBond ND9 
22Screw caps 
23Screw neck vials ND13 
24Screw neck vials ND8, small opening and micro vials ND8 
25Screw neck vials, ND24 (EPA) 
26Screw neck vials, wide opening, thread 10-425 
27Septa for screw caps 
28Short thread vials ND 9, wide opening, thread 9 mm 
29Snap ring vials ND11, wide opening