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1Accessories for film sealing devices with timer 
2Accessories for fraction collectors 'Collector 25/50' 
3Accessories for Mobile Suction System 
4Accessories for UV hand lamps 
5Ampoule scratching knife 
6Autoclaving baths 
7Beta protection shields, acrylic 
8Beta safety box, acrylic 
9Beta safety stands for reactions vessels 
10Beta waste disposal boxes, acrylic 
11Bottles with finger sprayer 
12Cleaning wipes 
13Dispensers for alu-discs 
14Face visors Protecteur P1 
15GHS labelling of dangerous substances, roll 
16Glass cutter 
17Hard-glass spectacles 
18Ice baths 
19Inoculation loop holder, Kolle and stand 
20Insert racks for beta safety box 
21Inserts for ice baths, aluminium 
22Kevlar protective gloves 
23Microscope slide boxes, coloured 
24Microwave instruments for laboratory use 
25Mobile suction system 
26Nappa leather gloves 
27OEL-KLEEN universal cloths 
28Parafilm dispensers 
29Pipette stand with storage bins 
30Plastic film sealing devices 
31Protection shields, acrylic 
32Racks for 50 ml centrifuge tubes 
33Reaction vial racks, acrylic 
34Reaction vial racks, acrylic, coloured 
35Roller carts, coloured 
36Round beta refuse bin with bottle 
37Safety glasses Vision 
38Safety glasses with side protection 
39Safety glasses, coloured 
40Safety glasses, full protection 
41Safety ladders, aluminium 
42Screw-top jars 
43Silicone sponge stoppers 
44Spectacles dispensers 
45Stand for micro pipettes 
46Stands for micro pipettes 
47Stands for reaction vials, Top-Rack 
48STOKOLAN skin protection lotion 
49Storage boxes, 10 x 10 compartments 
50Storage boxes, 9 x 9 compartments 
51Swivel-head bottle brush 
52System boxes, transparent PS 
53Test tube racks, 2 levels, acrylic 
54Test tube racks, acrylic 
55Thermal gloves, carbon fibre 
56Top dispenser boxes for alu-foil 
57Tubing rolls, PE 
58UV hand lamps 
59Wipe dispensers, acrylic