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1Accessories for carboys 
2Bottles, high shoulder 
3Bottles, medium mouth 
4Bottles, narrow mouth 
5Bottles, narrow mouth 
6Bottles, narrow mouth, PEHD 
7Bottles, narrow mouth, PEHD, square 
8Bottles, narrow mouth, PEHD, square, white 
9Bottles, wide mouth 
10Bottles, wide mouth 
11Bottles, wide mouth 
12Bottles, wide mouth 
15Captive caps 
17Closures for narrow mouth bottles series 310 'Clear Grip' 
18Closures for round bottles series 321 VarioPack Dual 
19Closures with UN-approval, PP 
20Combination closure 
21Container, wide mouth 
22Containers, wide mouth 
23Containers, wide mouth 
24Containers, wide mouth 
25Containers, wide mouth 
26Containers, wide mouth 
27Dropper bottles 
28Dropper caps 
29Jerrycan wrench 
30Jerrycans, PEHD 
31Multi-purpose containers 
32Narrow Mouth Bottles Safe Grip, Serie 310, PEHD, natural colour 
33Narrow mouth bottles series 310 'Clear Grip' 
34Narrow mouth bottles, PEHD, Safe Grip 
35Round bottles series 321 VarioPack Dual 
36Screw cap for Safe Grip narrow mouth bottles 
37Screw caps 
38Screw caps 
39Screw caps 
40Screw caps 
41Screw caps 
42Screw caps 
43Screw caps 
44Screw caps 
45Screw caps 
46Screw caps 
47Screw caps for PVC bottles 
48Screw caps with dispensing pump 
49Screw caps with stopcock 
50Standard jars, wide mouth, PEHD, round 
51UN narrow neck bottles series 308 / 310 
52Wash bottle closures 
53Wash bottles, wide mouth 
54Wide mouth bottles, series 310, natural colour 
55Wide mouth bottles, series 310, white 
56Wide mouth UN-drums