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1Aesculap safety scalpels 
2Biologist set, 5 pieces 
3Ceramic scissors 
4Chemical scoop 
5Chemical spoon, titanium 
6Chemist sets 
7Chemist's set, 4 pcs. 
8Chemist's spoon 
9Cover glass forceps 
10Cover glass forceps, 105 mm 
11Cover glass forceps, stainless steel 
12Crucible tong, titanium 
13Crucible tongs with teflon coated tips, steel 18 / 10 
14Deflagrating spoon 
15Disposable forceps 
16Disposable forceps 
17Disposable forceps 
18Disposable forceps, blue 
19Disposable scalpels 
20Disposable scalpels CUTFIX 
21Dissecting scissors 
22Dissecting scissors, 105 mm 
23Dissecting scissors, 130 mm 
24Dosing spoon and measuring spoon set 
25Dosing spoons, white 
26Double spatula, impact-resistant PS 
27Double spatula, titanium 
28Double spatulas, round, bent 
29Double spatulas, steel 18 / 10 and pure nickel 
30Double-ended spoons, steel 18 / 10 
31Dressing scissors, stainless steel 
32Dressing scissors, titanum 
33Dual purpose scoops 
34Filter forceps 
35Foil knife with blade 
37Forceps for filter paper 
38Forceps for tissues and tumours 
39Forceps, PMP, white 
40Forceps, POM, yellow 
45General purpose spoons and spatulas 
46Incision scissors, probe pointed 
47Knife with wooden handle 
48La Grange scissors 
49Laboratory forceps, stainless steel 
50Laboratory scissors 
51Laboratory scissors 
52Laboratory scissors, plastic handle 
53Laboratory spatulas 
54Laboratory spoons, steel 18 / 10 
57Light forceps, watch-spring sheet steel 
58Measuring spoons, blue 
59Micro dissecting scissors, 105 mm 
60Micro double spatulas 
61Micro dressing forceps 
62Micro forceps 
63Micro forceps GERALD 
64Micro powder spatulas with black plastic handle 
65Micro powder spatulas, stainless steel 
66Micro preparation forceps, stainless steel 
67Micro scissors with round handle 
68Micro spatula, pear-shaped, with black plastic handle 
69Micro spatula, stainless steel 
70Micro spatulas 
71Micro spatulas Chattaway, double-ended 
72Micro spatulas with black plastic handle 
73Micro spatulas, stainless steel, metal handle 
74Micro spatulas, stainless steel, spoon-shaped 
75Micro spoon spatulas 
76Micro spoon spatulas 
77Micro spoon with black plastic handle 
78Micro spoon with wire end 
79Micro spoon, stainless steel 
80Micro weighing spatula 
81Micro-powder spatulas, stainless steel 18 / 8 
83Microscopic forceps, stainless steel 
84Microscopy scissors, 110 mm 
85Microscopy scissors, 115 mm 
86Microscopy scissors, angled 
88Mixing spatulas, double, stainless steel 
89Mixing spatulas, double, stainless steel 
90Mixing spatulas, double-ended 
91Mortar double spatulas 
92Mouth spatulas 
93Mouth spatulas, wooden 
94Paper scissors, stainless steel 
95PharmaScoop with long handle 
96Poly spoons 
97Powder spatulas 
98Powder spoon 
99Precision forceps 
100Preparation forceps, fine 
101Protective sheath for scalpel handles 
102Qlicksmart BladeBox blade remover 
103Sampling spatulas SteriPlast 
104Sampling spatulas SteriPlast Bio 
105Sampling spoons 
106Scalpel blades 
107Scalpel blades 
108Scalpel blades, sterile 
109Scalpel handles 
110Scalpel handles 
111Scalpel handles 
112Scalpel-blade remover 
113Scalpels with metal handle 
114Scalpels, fine pattern, stainless steel 
115Scissors with OP-special cut 
116Scraper for foodstuffs SteriPlast, blue 
118Section lifters 
119Set for students, 7 pieces 
120Single-use spatulas LaboPlast 
121Single-use spatulas LaboPlast Bio 
122Single-use spoons LaboPlast 
123Single-use spoons LaboPlast 
124Single-use spoons LaboPlast Bio 
125Single-use spoons LaboPlast Bio 
126smartSlicer disposable razor blades 
127smartSpatula disposable spatulas 
128Sodium spoon, brass 
129Soldering tweezers, stainless steel 
130Spatula set, 7 pcs. 
131Spatula, Flat End/Spoon 
132Spatula, Micro, Scoop/Round Bottom 
133Spatula, Micro, Scoop/Tapered Bottom 
134Spatula, PEHD, steel core 
135Spatula, PP 
136Spatula, Round End/Spoon 
137Spatula, Small Spoon/Spoon 
138Spatula, Tapered Blade/Spoon 
139Spatula, V-Scoop/Spoon 
140Spatulas Chattaway, double-ended 
141Spatulas for foodstuffs SteriPlast, blue 
142Spatulas with spoon 
143Spatulas with wooden handle, steel 18 / 10 
144Spatulas, double ended, Chattaway 
145Spatulas, double ended, Wironit steel 
146Spatulas, PTFE coating 
147Spatulas, round, bent 
148Specimen seizing forceps 
149Spoon and spatula set 
150Spoon and spatula, porcelain 
151Spoon spatulas 
152Spoon spatulas 
153Spoon, open 
156Spoons for foodstuffs SteriPlast, blue 
157Spoons, onesided 
158Stainless steel forceps 
159Stand for forceps 
160Standard scissors 
161Surgical scissors, delicated 
162Titan soldering tweezers 
163Titanium dissecting tweezers 
164Tong for crucibles, pure nickel 
165Tongs for assays, st. steel 18 / 10 
166Tongs for beakers, st. steel 18 / 10 
167Tongs for crucibles, st. steel 18 / 10 
168Tongs for evaporating dishes, st. steel 18 / 10 
169Tongs for flasks, st. steel 18 / 10 
170Tweezers set 
171Universal holding tongs 
172Universal holding tongs, stainless steel, 195 mm 
173Universal scissors 
174Universal scissors, stainless steel 
175Vibration scoop 
176Weighing spatulas, stainless steel 
177Weighing spoon with spatula end 
178Wooden sticks