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1Accessories for calibration bath Cal 700 
2Accessories for thermostats 
4Adjustable bases 
5Bath covers 
6Calibration bath Cal 700 
7Com.G@te and POKO / ECS interfaces 
8Compact thermostats Ministat 
9Compact thermostats Ministat 
10Control cables 
11Cooling bath thermostats 
12Cooling bath thermostats - 20 to + 200 °C 
13Cooling bath thermostats - 30 to + 200 °C 
14Cooling circulation thermostats - 50 to + 200 °C 
15Dynamic temperature control systems Petite Fleur 
16External Pt100 sensors 
17Flexible braided hoses 
18Header and hose connectors 
19Heating circulation bath thermostats 
20Heating circulation bath thermostats with PC bath 
21Heating circulation bath thermostats with st. steel bath 
22Heating circulation thermostats 25 to 100 °C 
23Heating circulation thermostats 25 to 100 °C 
24Heating- / cooling thermostat BFT5 for the beer-forcing test 
25High-temperature thermostat Unistat 80 to 425 °C 
26High-temperature thermostats Unistat (15) 65 to 300 °C 
27Hose insulations 
29Hoses, insulated - inner material metal 
30Hoses, insulated - inner material plastic 
31Immersion coolers TC series 
32Plug & Play controller 
33Thermal fluids 
34Water recirculators TC-series 
35Water recirculators Unichiller, upright models 
36Water recirculators Unichiller, upright models