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1Accessories for Lab blender Stomacher 80 Biomaster 
2Accessories for Stomacher 3500 Jumbo 
3Accessories for Stomacher 400 Classic and Circulator 
4Accessories for Stomacher 80 microBiomaster 
5Accessories for ultrasonic homogeniser UP400S 
6Accessories for ultrasonic homogenisers UP200Ht / UP200St 
7Accessories for ultrasonic processors UP50H / UP100H 
8Accessories for UP400St digital ultrasonic homogeniser 
9Accessories for Vortex Genie 2 Mixer 
10Booster horns SH 
11Cooling vessel KG 
12Cup booster BR 30 
13Cup booster TR 110 
14Holder WH 40 for stand with lab clamp HG 40 
15Holders for cup booster TR 110 
16Lab blender Stomacher 80 Biomaster 
17Laboratory blenders Waring 
19Retaining clip HKU 20 
20Rosett cells RZ 
21Soundproofing box 
22Stand with lab clamps HG 20 / HG 40 
23Stomacher 3500 Jumbo 
24Stomacher 400 Circulator 
25Stomacher 80 microBiomaster 
26Support table AT 40 for stand with lab clamp HG 40 
27Ultrasonic homogeniser Sonopuls HD 2070.2 
28Ultrasonic homogeniser Sonopuls HD 2200.2 
29Ultrasonic homogeniser Sonopuls HD 3200 
30Ultrasonic Homogeniser Sonopuls HD 3400 
31Ultrasonic homogeniser Sonopuls HD 4050 
32Ultrasonic Homogeniser Sonopuls HD 4400 
33Ultrasonic homogeniser SONOPULS mini20 
34Ultrasonic homogeniser UP200Ht 
35Ultrasonic homogenisers UP50H / UP100H 
36UP400St digital ultrasonic homogeniser