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1All-quartz flow-through cells 
2Calibration standards for microplate readers 
3Caps for TrayCell 
4Cells for absorption measurements in the NIR-range 
5Cells for absorption-flow-through measurements in the UV-range 
6Cells for fluorescence measurements in the UV-range 
7Cells for fluorescence measurements in the VIS-range 
8Cells for fluorescence-flow-through measurements in the UV-range 
9Cells for light-scattering measurements in the UV-range 
10Cells for reflection measurements in the VIS-range 
11Cells for turbidity measurements in the UV-range 
12Cleaning solution for cells, HELLMANEX III 
13Cylindrical cells for polarimetric measurements in the UV-range 
14Cylindrical cells for polarimetric measurements in the VIS-range 
15Flow-Through cells 
16Flow-Through Cells 
17Fluorescence Cells 
18Glass filter set to check the photometric accuracy and the wavelength accuracy 
19Liquid filter 667-UV45 / 667-UV35 
20Liquid filter set acc. Ph. Eur., with DAkkS certificate 
21Macro-CellsHellma® Analytics 
22Micro cells 
23Micro volume analysis TrayCell 
24Quartz Microplates 
25Semi-Micro cells 
26Ultra-Micro cells 
27UV-cells with detachable window 
28UV-cells, HOQ 310 H 
29UV-Cells, optical glass 
30UV-cells, special optical glass 
31UV-CellsHellma® Analytics