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1100 well microtube storage boxes 
24-way rack, clinical 
35 & 15 ml test tube racks 
450 Well microtube storage boxes 
581 well microtube storage boxes 
696-well PCR tube racks 
7Accessories for high-speed mini centrifuge Gusto 
8Adapt-A-Rack™Heathrow Scientific 
9Aluminium weighing boats 
10Arctic Squares cryogenic storage boxes 
11Biohazard bags, PP 
12Black light tight storage boxes 
13Box top dispensers for Parafilm 
14Cargo pipette rack 
15Cell spreaders 
16Chain Rack 
17Clearly Safe safety glass wall dispenser 
18Colony counter eCount 
20Cryogenic vial rack 
21Cube rack 
22Digital Orbital Shaker 
23Dispenser boxes, acrylic 
24Dispenser for Parafilm 
25Disposable card funnels smartFunnel 
26Disposable culture tubes, borosilicate glass, with screw thread 
27Disposable forceps 
28Dual purpose scoops 
29Dual solution reservoir 
30DURAPorter transport boxes 
31Flip & Grip pipette holders 
32Floating foam tube racks 
33Floating microtube racks 
34Foil rolls 
35Fold & Snap tube racks 
36Folders for microscope slides 
37Friction-Fit tube rack 
38Glove box holder 
39Hand tally counters 
40Hexagonal weighing boats 
41High-speed mini centrifuge Gusto 
42Holder for glove box 
43Holders for glove boxes 
44Lab Mats 
45Label station for Tough products 
46Laboratory notebooks 
47LabringsHeathrow Scientific 
48Low Temp PCR racks, 96 wells 
49MagFuge centrifuge & magnetic stirrer 
50Magnetic induction stirrers 
51Mega Racks 
52Microscope slide boxes, PS, coloured 
53Mini light box 
54Mini magnetic stirrers 
55Mini magnifier 
56Mini Vortexer 
57One-well racks 
58OneRack tube racks 
59OneRack tube racks, PP 
60PCR coolers 
61Peg tube racks 
62Pipette racks 
63Pipette tip disposal box 
64Pipettor stands 
65Pop-up racks 
66Pour-boats weighing dishes 
67Reagent reservoirs 
68Reservoirs chillers 
69Reversible PCR tube rack 
70Rhombus-type weighing boats 
71Rota-Rack Duo tube rack 
72Rota-Rack tube racks 
73Sharpie marker pens 
74Sharps containers 
75Shelf for centrifuge tube racks 
76Slide folders 
77Slide staining tray set 
78smartPick picks 
79smartSlicer disposable razor blades 
80smartSpatula disposable spatulas 
81Snap-Together conical tube rack 
82Spare blades for Parafilm dispenser 
83Spare blades for Parafilm dispenser 
84Sprout mini-centrifuges 
85Sprout Plus mini-centrifuges 
86Square weighing boats 
87Standard weighing boats 
88Standard weighing boats, sterile 
89Sterile inoculating loops 
90Storage boxes with friction-fit lid 
91Transformer cube 
92True North cool containers 
93True North flatpack freezer boxes, PP 
94True North flatpack freezer boxes, thin film PP 
95True North mini coolers 
96True North slide boxes 
97Universal pipette stands 
98Universal tube rack 
99vortexer vortexing unit 
100Weighing dish 
101Weighing papers 
102Wire tube and bottle racks 
103Work2Store expanding storage boxes 
104Workstation lab mats