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1Abdrehsicherungen für ''RODAVISS'' 
2Adapters with NS, Duran tube 
3Air condenser, Duran tubing 
4Air leak tubes, Duran tubing, 200 mm 
5Allihn condenser with with GL threads 
6ALSIROL Rotation joint grease 
7Aluminium rings with hooks 
8Balloon, rubber 
11Boiling stones Teflon TFE 
12Boiling stones type A 
13Boiling stones type B 
14Boiling stones type Resistant 
15BOLA bellows 
16BOLA laboratory screw joints 
17BOLA sleeves / standard joint sleeves 
18BOLA vacuum adapters with ground joint 
19Bubble counter 
20Bubble counter 
21Bubble counter 
22Chromatographic columns 
23Chromatographic columns, Duran tubing, with indentations 
24Cold traps complete 
25Cold traps with Dewar flask 
26Cones with hose connection, Duran tubing 
27Cones with hose connection, Duran tubing 
28Cones with NS-stopcock, Duran tubing, bent 
29Cones with NS-stopcock, Duran tubing, straight 
30Cones with tip 
31Cones, Duran tube, conical 
32Conical ground joint stoppers 
33Cooling fingers 
34Cooling trap, glass 
35Delivery adapter, bent, Duran tubing 
36Delivery adapters, Duran tubing, bent at 105° 
37Density bottles, Gay-Lussac 
38Density bottles, Gay-Lussac, Blaubrand 
39Dichtungsringe aus Nitril für ''RODAVISS'' 
40Dimroth condenser with NS, Duran tubing 
41Dimroth condensers, Duran tubing, with cone 
42Disposable ground joint sleeve, thin-walled, PTFE, NS 
43Distilling adapter, Claisen, Duran tubing 
44Distilling adapters, Duran tubing 
45Distilling controller 
46Distilling links with Liebig condenser, Duran tubing 
47Distilling links, Claisen, with Liebig condenser, Duran tubing 
48Distilling links, Claisen, with Liebig condenser, Duran tubing 
49Distilling links, Duran tubing,socket and 2 cones 
50Dropping funnels, with pressure equalising, glass plug 
51Dropping funnels, with pressure equalising, PTFE-plug 
52Dropping funnels, with PTFE-plug 
53Drying tube / Calcium chloride tube, Duran tubing 
54Drying tubes / Calcium chloride tubes, Duran tubing, U-shaped 
55Drying tubes, Duran tubing, with NS-cone 
56DURAN® Ablaufhähne für Stutzenflaschen 
57DURAN® Aufsätze 
58DURAN® coil condenser, NS 24/29, jacket 250 mm, Dimroth type, with 2 screw-on plastic hose connections 
59DURAN® coil distillate condenser, NS 29/32, jacket 300 mm, with 2 screw-on plastic hose connections 
60DURAN® Einweghähne 
61DURAN® Gewinderohr zum Ansetzen 
62DURAN® Gewinderohre 
63DURAN® Hülsen 
64DURAN® Intensivkühler, NS 29/32, mit 2 abschraubbaren Kunststoff-Oliven 
65DURAN® Kerne 
66DURAN® Liebig condenser, NS 14/23, jacket 160 mm, with 2 screw-on plastic hose connections 
67DURAN® Planflansch-Becher, mit Nut DN 120 
68DURAN® Planflansch-Becher, mit Nut, vakuumfest, DN 150 
69DURAN® Planflansch-Deckel, 4 Hälse 
70DURAN® Planflansch-Deckel, Hals NS 29/32, mit Mittelhals, vakuumfest 
71DURAN® Planflansch-Glocken, vakuumfest 
72DURAN® Planflansch-Reaktionsgefäße, mit Nut, vakuumfest 
73DURAN® Planflansch-Rundkolben, Flansch DN 100 mit Nut 
74DURAN® Planflansche, geschliffen, mit Nut 
75DURAN® reduction adapters, socket NS 29.2/32, cone NS 34.5/35 
76DURAN® Rohlinge für Planflansch-Deckel, geschliffen, hohe Form 
77DURAN® spherical joints, ball, inches size, KS 64/40 
78DURAN® spherical joints, cup, inches size, KS 64/40 
79DURAN® stopcock keys with groove, ground, bore 8 mm, NS 24 
80DURAN® stopcocks, two way, bore 4 mm, NS 18.8/50, complete with SBW-keys 
81DURAN® Trockenrohre, gebogen 
82Erlenmeyer flasks with NS 
83Evaporating flasks, Duran, centered, NS 29 / 32 
84Flange closures 
85Flange lid with middle and 2 side necks 
86Flange lid with middle neck 
87Flange lid, with middle and 1 side neck 
88Flange lid, with middle and 3 side necks 
89Flange lid, with middle and 4 side necks 
90Flasks, flat bottom, with NS 
91Flasks, pear shaped, with NS, Duran tube 
92Flasks, round bottom, amber, with NS 
93Flasks, round bottom, clear glass with NS 
94Flasks, round bottom, three- neck, angled 
95Flasks, round bottom, three-neck 
96Flasks, round bottom, two-neck angled 
97Flasks, round bottom, two-neck parallel 
98Fork clamps for ground joints 
99Fork clamps for spherical joints 
100Gas collection tubes, Duran tubing 
101Gas collection tubes, Duran tubing, with distributor tube 
102GL bellows 
103Glass beads 
104Ground joint clamps, spring steel 
105Ground joint clips, POM 
106Ground joint GL adapters 
107Hahnsicherung, 3tlg., komplett 
108HCl absorber 
109Hempel column, Duran tubing 
110High-vacuum silicone greases KORASILON 
111Inlet tubes, Duran tubing, bent, 250 mm 
112Jacketed coil condenser, Duran tubing 
113KaWeS - Joint grease without silicone 
114KECK adapter KA 14 
115KECK adapters KA, complete, yellow, from hose connection glass over screw cap GL 14 to connection plastic 4.5 mm 
116KECK clips for conical joints, POM, NS 29.2, red 
117KECK O-rings, VITON, 7.3 x 2.4 mm 
118KECK-clips for conical joints, POM, KC 
119KECK-clips for spherical joints, POM, S 35, orange 
120Kipp dispenser 
121Liebig condenser with GL threads 
122Micro destillation apparatus 
123Multiple adapter, Duran tubing 
124Multiple adapter, Duran tubing 
125Multiple adapters, Duran tubing, parallel necks 
126Nitrogen vacuum interchangeable racks 
127Nitrogen vacuum workplaces 
128Nitrogen vacuum workplaces - complete set 
129Orsat bellow 
130PF-laboratory flange and KF-support clamps 
131PRODURAN valves 
132PTFE Sealing rings 
133PTFE-keys with thread, bore 6 mm, NS 21.5 and 3 part retaining device 
134PTFE-Ventilstifte, für PRODURAN®-Ventilhähne mit Abdrehsicherung 
135Reaction vessels with temperature stabilising Jack, round bottom 
136Reaction vessels with temperature stabilising Jacket, flat bottom 
137Reaction vessels, accessories 
138Reaction vessels, cylindrical 
139Reaction vessels, cylindrical 
140Receiving flasks with PUR coating 
141Receiving flasks, spherical joint S 35 
142Round bottom flasks with two / three ground joint necks 
143Round bottom flasks, with NS 29 / 32 
144Schlenk flasks 
145Schlenk flasks 
146Schraubkappen für ''RODAVISS'', offen 
147Screw caps closed, with seal for "RODAVISS", NS 14 
148Screw thread tubes for glassblowers 
149Screw thread tubes with NS-cone, Duran tubing 
150Short distilling apparatus 
151Sockets, Duran tubing, conical 
152Solvent circulation apparatus 
153Soxhlet extractor 
154Soxhlet extractor heads, Duran tubing 
155Spherical gound joints sockets, Duran tube 
156Spherical ground joints balls, Duran tube 
157Spiral condenser with GL threads 
158Splash head, Stutzer, Duran tubing 
159Sprayer with rubber bellow, Duran tubing 
160Springs for aluminium rings 
161Stainless steel condenser 
162Stirrer bearings 
163Stopcock, one-way 
164Stopcocks, one-way 
165Stopcocks, one-way 
166Support clamps 
167SVS Screwthread adapter couplings 
168Table construction for reaction vessels 
169Test tube sprayer, Duran tubing 
170Vacuum adapters, bent, Duran tubing 
171Vacuum adapters, straight, Duran tubing 
172Vacuum gauge 
173Vigreux column, Duran tubing 
174Vigreux column, Duran tubing, removable glass jacket 
175Water detector LWW 20 
176Wire clips for ground joints