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1Accessories for film sealing devices with timer 
2Aluminium dishes and covers, angled 
3Aluminium dishes, round 
4Aluminium foil 
5Aluminium sheets 
6Box top dispensers for Parafilm 
7BYTAC film 
8Clean Sheets bench for shelf and drawer liner 
9Clingfilm Toppits 
10Cutter for Seal-R-Film 
11Dispenser for Parafilm 
12Dispensers for alu-discs 
13Disposable drying dishes, flat base 
14Disposable drying dishes, smooth walls 
15Foil rolls 
16Heat-shrink bands 
17Hostaphan film 
18Impulse generator Polystar 120 GE 
19Impulse tong sealer Polystar 
20Parafilm dispensers 
21PARAFILM M sealing film 
22Plastic film sealing devices 
23Round Aluminium Disks 
24Seal-R-Film sealing film 
25Sealing Film AxySeal, Polyester, 80 μm, Nonsterile, Bulk 
26Sealing Film, Aluminum, 35 μm, Pierceable, Nonsterile, Bulk 
27Sealing Film, Aluminum, 50 μm, Nonsterile, Bulk 
28Spare blades for Parafilm dispenser 
29Spare blades for Parafilm dispenser 
30Top dispenser boxes for alu-foil 
31Tube films 
32Tubing rolls, PE