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1Accessories for Filtering flasks, Duran 
2Adapters for filter funnels, Duran 
3AdenoPACK kits for adenovirus purification 
4Amicon Ultra centrifugal filter devices 
5Analytical filter funnels 
6Analytical filter units, Nalgene 
7Analytical test filter funnels 
8Anopore inorganic membranes 
9Anotop 10 syringe filters 
10Antibiotica assay discs 
11Ashless Filter Papers for Quantitative Analysis 
12Autovial 12 pre-assembled filtration devices 
13Biotech CE membrane 
14BOLA vacuum adapter GL 
15BOLA vacuum filter funnel 
16Bottle top filters 
17Bottle top filters, MF75 series, PES membrane 
18Bottle top filters, MF75 series, SFCA membrane 
19Bottle top vacuum filters 
20Büchner funnels, porcelain 
21Cellulose mixed ester filters / polycarbonate filters 
22Centrifuge unit Centrisart I 
23Claristep syringeless filters 
24Cytocentrifuges paper 
25Dialysis tubing Medicell 
26Dialysis tubing Spectra / Por 
27Disposable filter holders, FP series 
28Disposable filter holders, FP series, non-sterile 
29Extraction thimble, super refined cellulose 
30Extraction thimbles grade 603G 
31Extraction thimbles, borosilicate fibres, without binding elements 
32Extraction thimbles, grade 603 
33Extraction thimbles, type 30 
34Fillter circles / folded filters, quantitative, grade 589 / 2 - white ribbon 
35Fillter circles, quantitative, grade 589 / 1 - black ribbon 
36Filter apparatus, Witt, Duran 
37Filter circles Multigrade GMF 150 
38Filter circles type 4 B 
39Filter circles, qualitative, grade 1 
40Filter circles, qualitative, grade 113 
41Filter circles, qualitative, grade 2 
42Filter circles, qualitative, grade 3 
43Filter circles, qualitative, grade 4 
44Filter circles, qualitative, grade 5 
45Filter circles, qualitative, grade 50 
46Filter circles, qualitative, grade 540 
47Filter circles, qualitative, grade 541 
48Filter circles, qualitative, grade 542 
49Filter circles, qualitative, grade 595 
50Filter circles, qualitative, grade 597 
51Filter circles, qualitative, grade 6 
52Filter circles, qualitative, grade 602 H 
53Filter circles, quantitative, grade 40 
54Filter circles, quantitative, grade 41 
55Filter circles, quantitative, grade 42 
56Filter circles, quantitative, grade 44 
57Filter circles, quantitative, grade 52 
58Filter circles, quantitative, grade 54 
59Filter circles, quantitative, grade 589 / 3, blue ribbon 
60Filter circles, technical, grade 5 
61Filter crucible, Boro 3.3 
62Filter crucibles, Duran 
63Filter discs, Duran 
64Filter funnels, Duran 
65Filter funnels, Duran, conical 
66Filter head, Duran 
67Filter holders with receiver 
68Filter holders, stainless steel, type 16254 
69Filter paper for general use 
70Filter papers 
71Filter papers 
72Filter papers, qualitativ-technical, SM grade 6 S/N 
73Filter papers, qualitative, SM grade 292 
74Filter papers, qualitative-technical, SM grade 3 S/h 
75Filter papers, qualitative-technical, SM grade 5 H/N 
76Filter papers, quantitative, SM grade 388 - black spot 
77Filter papers, quantitative, SM grade 389, white spot 
78Filter papers, quantitative, SM grade 391, blue spot 
79Filter papers, quantitative, SM grade 392 - red spot 
80Filter papers, sheet, technical, grade 2589 c 
81Filter papers, technical, grade 6 
82Filter papers, technical, SM grade 3 m/N 
83Filter rings 
84Filter unit, PC, type 16510 
85Filter units 
86Filter units for tissue cultures, MF75 series 
87Filter units MF75 series, SFCA membrane 
88filtering apparatus complete and accessories 
89Filtering flasks, Duran 
90FKM seals 
91Flow filters 
92Folded filters 
93Folded filters, qualitative, grade 0858 1/2 
94Folded filters, qualitative, grade 0860 1/2 
95Folded filters, qualitative, grade 113V 
96Folded filters, qualitative, grade 1573 1/2 
97Folded filters, qualitative, grade 2V 
98Folded filters, qualitative, grade 520 B 1/2 
99Folded filters, qualitative, grade 595 1/2 
100Folded filters, qualitative, grade 597 1/2 
101Folded filters, qualitative, grade 598 1/2 
102Folded filters, qualitative, grade 602 h 1/2 
103Folded filters, qualitative, grade 604 1/2 
104FTA Nucleic Acid Collection, Storage and Purification 
105Gas distribution tubes, Duran 
106Glass Fibre Filter type GF50 / GF51 / GF52 / GF55 , free of binder 
107Glass fibre filter type GF6 / GF8 / GF9 / GF10 / GF20 with binder 
108Glass fibre filters, binder free, grade 934-AH 
109Glass fibre filters, grade GF 10 
110Glass fibre filters, grade GF 6 
111Glass fibre filters, grade GF 8 
112Glass fibre filters, grade GF 9 
113Glass fibre pre-filters 13400 
114Glass microfiber thimbles grade HP-GF 
115Glass microfibre filters GF/A 
116Glass microfibre filters GF/B 
117Glass microfibre filters GF/C 
118Glass microfibre filters GF/D 
119Glass microfibre filters GF/F 
120Glass microfibre filters, grade GF 92 
121Hardened Ashless Filter Papers for Quantitative Analysis 
122Hardened Highly Pure Filter Papers for Qualitative Analysis 
123High performance cellulose extraction thimbles 
124Highly pure filter papers for qualitative analysis 
125Indanthrene yellow papers 
126Kieselguhr filter papers 
127Large-volume FastCap bottle top filter 
128Lead acetate papers 
129Media-Plus filter units MF75 series 
130Membrane filter type 184, regenerated cellulose 
131Membrane filters ME 24 / ME 25 / ME 27 / ME 28 
132Membrane filters ME24/21 ST / ME25/21 ST 
133Membrane filters Minisart HY 
134Membrane filters NL 16 / NL 17 
135Membrane filters OE 66 / OE 67 
136Membrane filters RC 55 / RC 58 / RC 60 
137Membrane filters TE 35 / TE 37 / TE 38 
138Membrane filters type 111, cellulose acetate 
139Membrane filters type 113 
140Membrane filters type 118, PTFE, hydrophobic 
141Membrane filters type 154, PES 
142Membrane filters type 230, PC 
143Membrane filters type 250, polyamide 
144Membrane filters, cellulose nitrate 
145Membrane filters, cellulose nitrate 
146Membrane filters, Mixed cellulose ester and Nylon 
147Membrane filters, PTFE 
148Midisart 2000, air filtration units 
149Mini syringe filters, Mini-Spritzenfilter, CA membrane 
150Mini syringe filters, nylon membrane 
151Mini-UniPrep G2 pre-assembled filtration devices 
152Mini-UniPrep, pre-assembled filtration devices 
153Minisart RC syringe filters with hydrophilic, solvent-resistant RC membranes 
154Minisart SRP syringe filters with pure and chemically inert PTFE membrane 
155MN 1640 w circle filters 
156MN 1670 circle filters 
157MN 601 filter papers, sheet 
158MN 612 1/4 folded filters 
159MN 614 circle filters 
160MN 615 1/4 folded filters, qualitative 
161MN 615 filter circles qualitative 
162MN 616 1/4 folded filters 
163MN 616 circle filters 
164MN 616 md 1/4 folded filters 
165MN 616 WA 1/4 folded filters 
166MN 616 WA filter circles 
167MN 617 1/4 folded filters qualitative 
168MN 617 filter circles qualitative 
169MN 617 we 1/4 folded filters 
170MN 619 1/4 folded filters qualitative 
171MN 619 eh 1/4 folded filters 
172MN 619 filter circle qualitative 
173MN 640 d, slow, ashless filter paper 
174MN 640 m filter circles quantitative 
175MN 640 w ashless filters, elevated border 
176MN 640 w filter circles quantitative 
177MN 645, cellulose extraction thimbles 
178MN 649, glass fibre extraction thimbles 
179MN 713 filter papers 
180MN 714 filter papers, sheet 
181MN 816 N potassium iodide starch papers 
182MN 85/220 circle filters 
183MN 85/70 BF glass fibre filters without binder 
184MN 85/70 glass fibre filters 
185MN 85/90 BF, binder free glass fibre filter paper 
186MN 85/90, glass fibre filter paper 
187MN GF-1, binder free glass fibre filter paper 
188MN GF-3 circle filters 
189Nuclepore track-etched membranes, black 
190Nylon membranes 
191PC in-line pressure filter holder, type 16508 
192Phase separator papers 1PS 
193PORAFIL membrane filters 
194Pressure filter holder, stainless steel 
195Pressure filter holders, stainless steel, type 16249 
196Pressure filter holders, stainless steel, type 16274 
197Pressure filter holders, stainless steel, type 16275 
198Pressure filtration capsules, Sartobran 150 / 300 
199Pressure filtration units Sartolab P20 / P20 plus 
200Protection collars for filtering flasks