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110 mL Borosilicate Type I Clear Screw Thread V-Vial with 24-400 Cap (Case of 6) 
210 mL Borosilicate Type I Clear Screw Thread V-Vial with 24-400 Open-Top Cap (Case of 6) 
310mL Clear Borosilicate Glass Prescored Ampule (Case of 144) 
413 mm PTFE Silicone Septa (Case of 100) 
515 mm PTFE Silicone Septa (Case of 100) 
61mL Clear Borosilicate Glass Prescored Ampule (Case of 144) 
7300 mL Clear BOD Bottle, Numbered 1 - 24, Glass Robotic Stopper, 69 x 165 mm, Type I Borosilicate (Case of 24) 
847 mm Clear Type 1 Borosilicate Vacuum Filter with 1 L Flask Assembly and Fritted Support (Case of 1) 
947 mm Filter Clear Type I Borosilicate Vacuum Filter Assembly with Fritted Support (Case of 1) 
1047 mm Vaccum Filtration Assembly with Fritted Support and 2 Liter Flask (Case of 1) 
1148 Position Polypropylene Rack with 15.5 mm Open Id (Case of 5) 
125.0 mL Borosilicate Type I Clear Graduated Screw Thread V-Vial with 20-400 Cap (Case of 12) 
1350 Position Polypropylene Rack with 12.5 mm Open Id (Case of 5) 
1450 Position Polypropylene Rack with 28.1 mm Open Id (Case of 5) 
1590 Position Polypropylene Rack with 17.1 mm Open Id (Case of 5) 
16Abdrehsicherungen für ''RODAVISS'' 
17Accessories for Filtering flasks, Duran 
18Accessories for DG safety waste caps 
19Accessories for double walled wide mouth bottles GLS 80 
20Accessories for DURAN GLS 80 laboratory bottles 
21Accessories for GLS 80 screw cap system and GLS 80 stirred reactor 
22Accessories for GLS 80 stirred reactor 
23Accessories for spirit lamps, soda-lime glass 
24Accessories for TILT bottle system 
25Accessories for YOUTILITY bottle system 
26Acid bottles DURAN 
27Adapters for filter funnels, Duran 
28Amber Borosilicate Glass 40mL Vial in Lab File, with 24-400 Solid Black Phenolic PTFE-Faced 14B Rubber Lined Cap Attached (Case 
29Analytical funnels, Duran 
30Ausgiessringe aus PP, GL45 
31Automatic Pellet burettes, glass key 
32Automatic Pellet burettes, PTFE key 
33Azlon bottles 
34Baffled culture flasks 
35Baffled flasks 
36Beakers, Duran, heavy walled 
37Beakers, Duran, low form 
38Beakers, tall form, with spout 
39Beakers, tall form, without spout 
40Black Phenolic Screw Cap with 14B White Rubber Liner, 15-425 Size (Pack of 200) 
41Black Phenolic Screw Cap with 14B White Rubber Liner, 8-425 Size (Pack of 1000) 
42Black Phenolic Screw Cap with PTFE Faced (14B) Styrene-Butadiene Rubber Liner, 24-400 Size (Pack of 100) 
43Black Phenolic Screw Cap with PTFE Faced (14B) Styrene-Butadiene Rubber Liner, 13-425 Size (Pack of 200) 
44Black Phenolic Screw Cap with PTFE Faced Styrene-Butadiene Rubber Liner, 15-425 Size (Pack of 200) 
45Blowball for automatic burette 
46Borosilicate Glass 10mL Serum Tubing Vial, 13mm ID x 20mm OD Mouth, Amber (Case of 144) 
47Borosilicate Glass 12mL Vial in Lab File, with 15-425 Solid Black Phenolic 14B Rubber Lined Cap Attached, Clear (144 Vials per 
48Borosilicate Glass 20mL Liquid Scintillation Vial, with 22-400 White Polypropylene Metal Foil Lined Screw Cap Packaged Separate 
49Borosilicate Glass 20mL Liquid Scintillation Vial, with 22-400 White Urea Metal Foil Lined Screw Cap Packaged Separately 
50Borosilicate Glass 20mL Liquid Scintillation Vial, without 22-400 Screw Cap (Case of 500) 
51Borosilicate Glass 24mL Vial in Lab File, with 20-400 Solid Black Phenolic 14B Rubber Lined Cap Attached, Clear (144 Vials per 
52Borosilicate Glass 24mL Vial in Lab File, without Cap, Clear (200 Vials per Lab File) 
53Borosilicate Glass 25mL Vial in Lab File, with 24-400 Solid Black Phenolic 14B Rubber Lined Cap Attached, Clear (72 Vials per L 
54Borosilicate Glass 25mL Vial in Lab File, without Cap, Clear (200 Vials per Lab File) 
55Borosilicate Glass 2mL E-C Sample Vial, with 8-425 Solid Black Phenolic PTFE-Faced 14B Rubber Lined Cap Packaged Separately, Am 
56Borosilicate Glass 2mL Serum Tubing Vial, 7mm ID x 13mm OD Mouth, Amber (Case of 144) 
57Borosilicate Glass 2mL Serum Tubing Vial, 7mm ID x 13mm OD Mouth, Clear (Case of 144) 
58Borosilicate Glass 2mL Shorty Vial in Lab File, without Screw Cap, Clear (200 Vials per Lab File) 
59Borosilicate Glass 4mL Shorty Vial in Lab File, without Screw Cap, Clear (200 Vials per Lab File) 
60Borosilicate Glass 4mL Vial in Lab File, with 13-425 Solid Black Phenolic 14B Rubber Lined Cap Attached, Amber (144 Vials per L 
61Borosilicate Glass 4mL Vial in Lab File, with 13-425 Solid Black Phenolic 14B Rubber Lined Cap Attached, Clear (144 Vials per L 
62Borosilicate Glass 4mL Vial in Lab File, without Cap, Amber (200 Vials per Lab File) 
63Borosilicate Glass 5mL Serum Tubing Vial, 13mm ID x 20mm OD Mouth, Clear (Case of 144) 
64Borosilicate Glass 6mL Sampule Vial, with 15-425 Urea Metal Foil Lined Screw Cap Packed Separately (Case of 1000) 
65Borosilicate Glass 6mL Shorty Vial in Lab, File without Screw Cap, Clear (200 Vials per Lab File) 
66Borosilicate Glass 8mL E-C Sample Vial, with 15-425 Solid Black Phenolic PTFE-Faced 14B Rubber Lined Cap Packaged Separately, A 
67Borosilicate Glass 8mL Vial in Lab File, without Cap, Clear (200 Vials per Lab File) 
68Bottles with roller flange, Duran 
69Burettes, amber glass, glass key 
70Burettes, amber glass, PTFE key 
71Burettes, class AS, straight stopcock 
72Burettes, clear glass 
73CELLine bioreactors 
74Centrifuge tubes, Duran 
75Centrifuge tubes, Duran, conical, 30° 
76Centrifuge tubes, Duran, round bottom 
77Closures for PURE bottles 
78Closures for wide mouth bottles GLS 80 
79Cordless motor for pellet pestles 
80Crystallising dishes, Duran 
81Culture bottles, Duran 
82Culture flask, Fernbach, Duran, 1800 ml 
83Culture flasks, Erlenmeyer, Duran 
84Culture flasks, Kolle, Duran 
85Culture flasks, Roux, Duran, 1200 ml 
86Culture media bottles, Duran 
87Culture media bottles, Duran 
88Culture media bottles, Duran, straight rim 
89Culture Tube, 11 mL, Type I Borosilicate Glass, Screw Cap, 16mm x 100mm, 15-415, White Rubber Liner (Case of 144) 
90Culture tubes, borosilicate glass, disposable 
91Culture tubes, with DIN thread 
92Cylindrical jars 
93Desiccator bases NOVUS 
94Desiccator bases with flat flange, no outlet 
95Desiccator lid Mobilex, Duran, with screw-thread outlet 
96Desiccator lid, Duran, with knob 
97Desiccator lid, Duran, with tubus 
98Desiccator plate 
99Desiccators, Duran®, with knobbed lid 
100DG glass cover slips 
101DG microscope slides 
102Digital melting point apparatus for students 
103Disposable culture tubes 
104Disposable culture tubes, borosilicate glass, with screw thread 
105DIY wash bottles with blank write-on-panel 
106Double walled wide mouth bottles GLS 80 
107Dounce Style Tissue Grinder, 15mL Capacity, 22mm OD x 94mm Length, 210mm Overall Length (Case of 2) 
108Dropping bottles 
109DURAN bromobutyl-rubber stopper for laboratory bottles 
110DURAN GLS 80 protect wide mouth bottles 
111DURAN multiport connection systems GL 32 
112Duran Original Laboratory Bottle, GL 45, with high temperature screw cap 
113DURAN pressure plus laboratory bottles 
114DURAN protect laboratory bottles 
115DURAN Protect laboratory bottles with screw cap and pouring ring 
116DURAN screw thread tubes, heavy wall, heavy wall 
117DURAN silicone lids 
118DURAN venting membrane screw caps 
119DURAN YOUTILITY bottle system 
120DURAN® Ablaufhähne für Stutzenflaschen 
121DURAN® Ansetzflaschen, weithals, Erlenmeyerform 
122DURAN® Aufsätze 
123DURAN® beaker, 100 ml, Berzelius 
124DURAN® beakers, Philips, with spout 
125DURAN® Blanks for Engler distilling flasks, 100 ml 
126DURAN® Blanks for evaporating flasks, pear shape 
127DURAN® Büretten, seitlicher Arm, Klasse AS 
128DURAN® calcium chloride cylinder, NS 34/35, 315 x Ø 53 mm 
129DURAN® coil condenser, NS 24/29, jacket 250 mm, Dimroth type, with 2 screw-on plastic hose connections 
130DURAN® coil distillate condenser, NS 29/32, jacket 300 mm, with 2 screw-on plastic hose connections 
131DURAN® Cones with ridge 
132DURAN® desiccator with screw thread in lid and base, with stopcock, DN 200 
133DURAN® distilling flask, Engler type, 125 ml 
134DURAN® Dreihals-Rundkolben, Mittelhals NS 29/32, Seitenhälse NS 29/32 
135DURAN® dropping funnel, 250 ml, cylindrical, graduated, with NS-stopcock and key retaining device 
136DURAN® Einweghähne 
137DURAN® Enghals-Standflasche, ungeschliffen, klar 
138DURAN® Enghals-Standflaschen, klar, ohne Stopfen 
139DURAN® Erlenmeyer-Kolben 
140DURAN® Erlenmeyer-Kolben, mit Teilung 
141DURAN® evaporating flask, 500 ml, pear shape, NS 29/32 
142DURAN® Exsikkator-Deckel, mit speziellem Tubus NS 24/29, mit Rillen 
143DURAN® Exsikkator-Unterteile mit Planflansch 
144DURAN® Filter discs with hole 
145DURAN® Filter Discs, Diameter: 10 mm 
146DURAN® Filter Discs, Diameter: 100 mm 
147DURAN® Filter Discs, Diameter: 120 mm 
148DURAN® Filter Discs, Diameter: 15 mm 
149DURAN® Filter Discs, Diameter: 20 mm 
150DURAN® Filter Discs, Diameter: 25 mm 
151DURAN® Filter Discs, Diameter: 30 mm 
152DURAN® Filter Discs, Diameter: 35 mm 
153DURAN® Filter Discs, Diameter: 40 mm 
154DURAN® Filter Discs, Diameter: 45 mm 
155DURAN® Filter Discs, Diameter: 50 mm 
156DURAN® Filter Discs, Diameter: 55 mm 
157DURAN® Filter Discs, Diameter: 60 mm 
158DURAN® Filter Discs, Diameter: 65 mm 
159DURAN® Filter Discs, Diameter: 70 mm 
160DURAN® Filter Discs, Diameter: 80 mm 
161DURAN® Filter Discs, Diameter: 90 mm 
162DURAN® filtering head with thread, 250 ml 
163DURAN® Filterrohre, nach Allihn 30 ml 
164DURAN® Filtertiegel 
165DURAN® Filtrierapparat, NS 45/40, nach Witt, komplett mit austauschbarem Deckel, Keck Montage-Set 
166DURAN® Gaswaschflaschen 
167DURAN® GLS 80 PROTECT Labboratory bottle, without screw cap 
168DURAN® GLS 80 Weithalsflasche, klar 
169DURAN® Hexagonal stoppers, flat, diamond ground 
170DURAN® Hexagonal stoppers, pointed, diamond ground 
171DURAN® Hexagonal stoppers, short ground, flat 
172DURAN® HPLC reservoir bottle, clear, conical base, GL 45 
173DURAN® Hülsen 
174DURAN® immersion filter, porosity 1, f. reverse filtration, 36D, filter disc Ø 35 mm 
175DURAN® Intensivkühler, NS 29/32, mit 2 abschraubbaren Kunststoff-Oliven 
176DURAN® Jodzahlkolben, NS 29/32, mit Deckelstopfen 
177DURAN® Kappen für Säureflaschen 
178DURAN® Kjeldahl-Kolben 
179DURAN® KPG Stirrer bearings, interchangeable 
180DURAN® KPG Stirrer shafts, interchangeable, hollow, with 2 pivots 
181DURAN® KPG Stirrer shafts, interchangeable, solid, WB 10 
182DURAN® KPG stirrer shafts, WB 10, 240 mm, interchangeable, bearing surface ground and polished 
183DURAN® KPG-Lagerhülsen, austauschbar, Lauffläche geschliffen und poliert 
184DURAN® Kulturkolben, nach Fernbach 
185DURAN® Kulturröhrchen, Rand gerade, für Kapsenberg-Kappen 
186DURAN® Laboratory glass bottle, amber, with srew cap and pouring ring (PP) 
187DURAN® lid for filter apparatus, Witt type, wide rough-ground tubulature, DN 100, neck NS 45/40 
188DURAN® Liebig condenser, NS 14/23, jacket 160 mm, with 2 screw-on plastic hose connections 
189DURAN® Long ground cones, finished 
190DURAN® Measuring Cylinder, 2000 ml, Class A 
191DURAN® Measuring cylinder, low form, without graduation 
192DURAN® Measuring cylinders, without graduation, hexagonal base, 
193DURAN® Messzylinder, Sechskantfuß, ohne Teilung 
194DURAN® Mikro filter candle, without tube 
195DURAN® Mikro filter candles, narrow tube 
196DURAN® Mikro-Eintauchfilter, für umgekehrte Filtration, 10 mm 
197DURAN® Mikro-Filternutschen 
198DURAN® mixing cylinder, without graduation 
199DURAN® Niveauflaschen 
200DURAN® Petrischalen, gepresst 
201DURAN® pipeline filter, porosity 1, 45D, disc Ø 90 mm 
202DURAN® Planflansch-Becher, mit Nut DN 120 
203DURAN® Planflansch-Becher, mit Nut, vakuumfest, DN 150 
204DURAN® Planflansch-Deckel, 4 Hälse 
205DURAN® Planflansch-Deckel, Hals NS 29/32, mit Mittelhals, vakuumfest 
206DURAN® Planflansch-Glocken, vakuumfest 
207DURAN® Planflansch-Reaktionsgefäße, mit Nut, vakuumfest 
208DURAN® Planflansch-Rundkolben, Flansch DN 100 mit Nut 
209DURAN® Planflansche, geschliffen, mit Nut 
210DURAN® Präparatekästen, mit aufgeschliffener Glasplatte 
211DURAN® Präparatengläser, mit eingeschliffenem Knopfdeckel 
212DURAN® Premium bottles, GL 45 
213DURAN® reduction adapters, socket NS 29.2/32, cone NS 34.5/35 
214DURAN® Rohlinge für Planflansch-Deckel, geschliffen, hohe Form 
215DURAN® Rollrandflasche, mit Bügelverschluss 
216DURAN® round bottom flask, 1000 ml, two necks, centre socket 24/29, side socket 14/23 
217DURAN® round bottom flask, 250 ml, NS 24/29 
218DURAN® Round bottom flask, narrow neck, 50000 ml 
219DURAN® Rundkolben, mit Bördelrand u. verstärktem Rand, weithals 
220DURAN® Rundkolben, mit Bördelrand, weithals 
221DURAN® Saugflaschen, mit Glas-Olive, Erlenmeyerform 
222DURAN® Saugflaschen, mit Glas-Olive, Flaschenform 
223DURAN® Saugflaschen, mit Tubus, Erlenmeyerform 
224DURAN® Saugflaschen, mit Tubus, Flaschenform 
225DURAN® Scheidetrichter 
226DURAN® Scheidetrichter-Rohkörper 
227DURAN® Schlitzsiebplatten 
228DURAN® Screwthread tube for glass blowers 
229DURAN® Screwthread tube with cone (NS), GL 14 
230DURAN® Screwthread tube with cone (NS), GL 18 
231DURAN® Screwthread tube with cone (NS), GL 25 
232DURAN® Screwthread tube with cone (NS), GL 32 
233DURAN® Screwthread tubes 
234DURAN® Screwthread tubes, RD 14 
235DURAN® Screwthread tubes, SVL 
236DURAN® Short ground cones, finished 
237DURAN® Spherical joints, ball, inches size 
238DURAN® Spherical joints, ball, polished 
239DURAN® Spherical joints, cup, inches size 
240DURAN® Spherical joints, cup, polished 
241DURAN® Spitzkolben, NS 14/23 
242DURAN® Standard cones, diamond ground 
243DURAN® Standard cones, double, finished 
244DURAN® Standard cones, finished 
245DURAN® Standard cones, skirted, finished 
246DURAN® stopcock keys with groove, ground 
247DURAN® stopcock keys with groove, ground, bore 8 mm, NS 24 
248DURAN® Stopcock keys with thread, hollow 
249DURAN® stopcock with PTFE-spindle, for lid with tubulature, for type NOVUS 
250DURAN® stopcocks, two way, bore 4 mm, NS 18.8/50, complete with SBW-keys 
251DURAN® stopper NS 24/29 for safety junction, for type WERTEX 
252DURAN® Stutzenflaschen (Abklärflasche), Bodentubus mit NS 
253DURAN® Stutzenflaschen, Hals mit DIN-Gewinde GL 45, Bodentubus GL 32, komplett 
254DURAN® Trichter 
255DURAN® Trockenrohre, gebogen 
256DURAN® tube with two hose connections, tube length: 115 mm 
257DURAN® Verbindungsstücke 
258DURAN® vessel, Bloom test 
259DURAN® volumetric flask, 10 ml, with one graduation mark, polyethylene stopper, NS 7/16 
260DURAN® Volumetric flask, 3000 ml 
261DURAN® volumetric flask, amber, Class A, UKAS certificate 
262DURAN® volumetric flask, Class A, UKAS certificate 
263DURAN® Volumetric flask, partially ground, without print 
264DURAN® Volumetric flask, withbeaded rim 
265DURAN® weighing bottle, 38 x 30 mm, 15 ml, with grip stopper, flat shape 
266DURAN® Weithals-Standflaschen, klar, ohne Stopfen 
267DURAN® Weithals-Standflaschen, ungeschliffen, klar 
268DURAN® Zylinder mit Rundboden, für Doppelmantelgefäß, ohne Druck 
269DURAN® Zylindermensure, niedrige Form, Sechskantfuß, mit Ausguss 
270Einmal-Kulturröhrchen, Kalk-Soda-Glas 
271Erlenmeyer flasks with DIN thread 
272Erlenmeyer flasks, Duran, 100 ml, straight rim 
273Erlenmeyer flasks, Duran, narrow mouth 
274Erlenmeyer flasks, Duran, wide mouth 
275Ersatzpipette für Tropfflasche, klar 
276Evaporating Dishes, Duran 
277Exsikkator-Einsätze, Porzellan 
278Filter apparatus, Witt, Duran 
279Filter crucibles, Duran 
280Filter discs, Duran 
281Filter funnels, Duran 
282Filter funnels, Duran, conical 
283Filter head, Duran 
284filtering apparatus complete and accessories 
285Filtering flasks, Duran 
286FKM seals 
287FKM spare seal (VMQ) 
288Flasks, flat bottom, Duran, narrow and wide mouth 
289Flasks, round bottom, Duran, narrow mouth 
290Flasks, round bottom, Duran, narrow mouth 
291Full pipettes, class AS, blue colour 
292Full pipettes, class AS, brown diffusion print 
293Full pipettes, class B 
294Funnels, Duran 
295Funnels, ribbed 
296Funnels, soda-lime glass 
297Gas distribution tubes, Duran 
298GL 45 Bottle Carrying System 
299GL 45 bottle top vacuum filtration units, gamma sterilised 
300GL 45 multi-port screw cap system 
301GL 45 stainless steel laboratory bottle 
302Glass 250mL Celstir Spinner Flask, with 33-430 Screw Caps, 85mm x 175mm (Case of 1) 
303Glass bottles with wide mouth Duran GLS 80 / GLS 80® Protect 
304Glass box, for staining tray, 108 x 90 x 70 mm, soda-lime-glass 
305Glass caps Duran® 
306Glass ceramic protection plates 
307Glass Dounce Style Tissue Grinder, 7mL Capacity, 13mm OD x 82mm Length, 175mm Overall Length (Case of 2) 
308GLS 80 Double Walled wide mouth bottles 
309Gray Rubber Stopper for 3-Leg Lyophilization, Chlorobutyl/55, 20mm Diameter (Case of 300) 
310Ground joint clamps, spring steel 
311Ground joint clips, POM 
312Gukos, aus EPDM (Gummidichtungen, konisch) 
313High speed centrifuge tubes 
314Homogenisers Dounce 
315Homogenisers Potter-Elvehjem with glass pestle 
316Homogenisers Potter-Elvehjem with PTFE pestle 
317Homogenisers, Duall, all-glass 
318Jar, withshoulder and lid, Duran 
319Jars, with lid, Duran 
320Kapsenberg caps, aluminium 
321KECK adapter KA 14 
322KECK adapters KA, complete, yellow, from hose connection glass over screw cap GL 14 to connection plastic 4.5 mm 
323KECK clips for conical joints, POM 
324KECK clips for conical joints, POM, NS 29.2, red 
325KECK Locking ring for adapter KA 
326KECK O-rings, VITON, 7.3 x 2.4 mm 
327KECK Screw cap for adapter KA, with sealing EPDM12 mm 
328KECK tubing clamps KT 
329KECK Tubing part for adapters KA 
330Keck-Clips for conical joints, NI, KCM 
331KECK-clips for conical joints, POM, KC 
332KECK-clips for spherical joints, POM, S 35, orange 
334Keys for stopcocks with 3 grooves PTFE, double oblique 
335KIM-KAP polypropylene closures 
336KIMBLE disposable pellet pestles 
337KPG stirrer shafts, Duran 
338Laboratory bottles pressure plus+ protect 
339Laboratory bottles with DIN thread / Premium Media Bottles, Duran 
340Laboratory bottles with DIN thread, Duran 
341Measuring cylinders, class A, blue graduation 
342Measuring cylinders, class A, white graduation 
343Measuring pipettes, class AS, type 1 
344Measuring pipettes, class AS, type 2 
345Measuring pipettes, class AS, type 2, brown diffusion print 
346Measuring pipettes, class AS, type 3 
347Metal cap, stainless steel, 38 mm 
348Micro burettes, glass key 
349Micro burettes, PTFE key 
350Mixing cylinders, class A 
351Multiport connection system GL 45 
352Multiport connection systems GL 25 
353Multipurpose cylinders 
354Natural Aluminum Open Top Unlined Seal, 20mm OD (Case of 1000) 
355Natural Aluminum Tear-Off Unlined Seal, 13mm OD (Case of 1000) 
356NMR brush 
357NMR tubes 
358NMR tubes 
359NMR tubes 
360O-Ringe, für Flansche, aus Silikon (VMQ), transparent 
361O-Rings for stopcock keys with groove 
362O-rings, FEP coated, for flange DN 150, red 
363Organ storage jar, 100 ml, without stopper 
364Originalitätsverschlüsse, PP 
365Pasteur Pipettes, Borosilikat glass 5.1 
366Pasteur pipettes, sterile 
367PE stoppers 
368PET 20mL Liquid Scintillation Vial, with Polypropylene Foamed Polyethylene Lined Screw Cap Attached (Case of 500) 
369Petri dishes, Duroplan 
370Petri dishes, Steriplan 
371Petroleum centrifuge tubes 
372Plastic hose connections 
373Plastic hose connector 
374Plastic Screw Caps / Pouring Rings / with Aperture 
375Plastic stoppers, PE 
376Plate holder for glass ceramic plates 
377Polypropylene Conical 2mL CryoElite Cryogenic Freestanding Vial, with Writing Patch and External Threaded White Cap (Case of 50 
378Potter-Elvehjem Style Tissue Grinder with PTFE Pestle, 15mL Capacity, 19mm OD x 84mm Length, 219mm Overall Length (Case of 2) 
379Powder funnels, Duran 
380PP FUNNEL, for filter head, thread size 95 ml, Ø 18 mm 
381Preassembled Open Top Caps and Septa, Screw Thread, 13-425, Black Polypropylene Cap, PTFE / Silione Liner (Case of 100) 
382Premium screw cap, GL 25, PFA 
383Premium screw caps / pouring ring 
384Production- and storage bottles (carboys) 
385PRODURAN valves 
386protect production- and storage bottles (carboys) 
387PTFE adapter for filtering apparatus 
388PTFE coated GL 45 silicone septum for piercing 
389PTFE-keys with thread, taper 1:5 and 3 part retaining device 
390PTFE-keys with thread, with 3 part retaining device 
391PTFE-Ventilstifte, für PRODURAN®-Ventilhähne mit Abdrehsicherung 
392PURE bottles 
393Quadrupods for glass ceramic plates 
394Reagent bottle, NS 19/26, amber, soda-lime-glass, 250 ml, narrow mouth 
395Reagent bottle, NS 19/26, clear, soda-lime-glass, 250 ml, narrow mouth 
396Reagent bottles, Duran, narrow mouth 
397Replacement silicone gasket 
398Reusable pellet pestles 
399Round bottle, 2500 ml, narrow mouth, amber, soda-lime-glass, pouring ring and dust cap 
400Rubber 13mm Ultra Pure Igloo Style Stopper, Gray Bromobutyl/46 (Case of 1000)