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1Anopore inorganic membranes 
2Anotop 10 syringe filters 
3Antibiotica assay discs 
4Autovial 12 pre-assembled filtration devices 
5Benchkote / Benchkote Plus surface protector 
6Blotting pads, type 556 
7Blotting papers 
8Cellulose mixed ester filters / polycarbonate filters 
9Chromatography papers 1 Chr 
10Chromatography papers 3MM Chr 
11Disposable filter holders, FP series 
12Disposable filter holders, FP series, non-sterile 
13Extraction thimbles grade 603G 
14Extraction thimbles, grade 603 
15Fillter circles / folded filters, quantitative, grade 589 / 2 - white ribbon 
16Fillter circles, quantitative, grade 589 / 1 - black ribbon 
17Filter circles Multigrade GMF 150 
18Filter circles, qualitative, grade 1 
19Filter circles, qualitative, grade 113 
20Filter circles, qualitative, grade 2 
21Filter circles, qualitative, grade 3 
22Filter circles, qualitative, grade 4 
23Filter circles, qualitative, grade 5 
24Filter circles, qualitative, grade 50 
25Filter circles, qualitative, grade 540 
26Filter circles, qualitative, grade 541 
27Filter circles, qualitative, grade 542 
28Filter circles, qualitative, grade 595 
29Filter circles, qualitative, grade 597 
30Filter circles, qualitative, grade 6 
31Filter circles, qualitative, grade 602 H 
32Filter circles, quantitative, grade 40 
33Filter circles, quantitative, grade 41 
34Filter circles, quantitative, grade 42 
35Filter circles, quantitative, grade 44 
36Filter circles, quantitative, grade 52 
37Filter circles, quantitative, grade 54 
38Filter circles, quantitative, grade 589 / 3, blue ribbon 
39Filter circles, technical, grade 5 
40Filter papers, sheet, technical, grade 2589 c 
41Folded filters, qualitative, grade 0858 1/2 
42Folded filters, qualitative, grade 0860 1/2 
43Folded filters, qualitative, grade 113V 
44Folded filters, qualitative, grade 1573 1/2 
45Folded filters, qualitative, grade 2V 
46Folded filters, qualitative, grade 520 B 1/2 
47Folded filters, qualitative, grade 595 1/2 
48Folded filters, qualitative, grade 597 1/2 
49Folded filters, qualitative, grade 598 1/2 
50Folded filters, qualitative, grade 602 h 1/2 
51Folded filters, qualitative, grade 604 1/2 
52FTA Nucleic Acid Collection, Storage and Purification 
53Glass fibre filters, binder free, grade 934-AH 
54Glass fibre filters, grade GF 10 
55Glass fibre filters, grade GF 6 
56Glass fibre filters, grade GF 8 
57Glass fibre filters, grade GF 9 
58Glass microfiber thimbles grade HP-GF 
59Glass microfibre filters GF/A 
60Glass microfibre filters GF/B 
61Glass microfibre filters GF/C 
62Glass microfibre filters GF/D 
63Glass microfibre filters GF/F 
64Glass microfibre filters, grade GF 92 
65High performance cellulose extraction thimbles 
66Kjeldahl weighing boats type 609 
67Lens cleaning tissues, grade 105 
68MBS I filter systems 
69MBS II filter systems 
70Membrane filters ME 24 / ME 25 / ME 27 / ME 28 
71Membrane filters ME24/21 ST / ME25/21 ST 
72Membrane filters NL 16 / NL 17 
73Membrane filters OE 66 / OE 67 
74Membrane filters RC 55 / RC 58 / RC 60 
75Membrane filters TE 35 / TE 37 / TE 38 
76Membrane filters, cellulose nitrate 
77Membrane filters, PTFE 
79Mini-UniPrep G2 pre-assembled filtration devices 
80Mini-UniPrep, pre-assembled filtration devices 
81Nuclepore track-etched membranes, black 
82Nylon membranes 
83Nytran nylon membranes 
84pH indicators and test papers 
85Phase separator papers 1PS 
86Puradisc syringe filters 
87Quartz filter circles QM-A 
88Quartz microfibre thimbles 
89Quartzfibre filters 
90STL membrane circles 
91Syringe filters GD/X 13 
92Syringe filters GD/X 25 
93Syringe filters ReZist 
94Syringe filters, Spartan 
95Universal indicator papers PANPEHA No. 112 
96Weighing papers, sheets 
97Western blotting membrane Amersham Hybond Sandwich 
98Western blotting membranes Amersham Hybond PVDF 
99Western blotting membranes Amersham Protran 
100Western blotting membranes Amersham Protran Premium 
101Western blotting membranes Amersham Protran Supported