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13D Scaffolds 
296-well Microtest Control-Platten, unbeschichtet, klar, VE= 1 
3Advantage serological pipettes 
4BD BioCoat™ Caco-2 Assay System 
5BD BioCoat™ Cell Culture Dishes 
6BD BioCoat™ Cell Culture Inserts 
7BD BioCoat™ Fibrillar Collagen 24-Multiwell Insert System 
8BD BioCoat™ Inserts 
9BD BioCoat™ Matrigel hESC-Matrix, VE= 1 / Each 
10BD BioCoat™ Poly-D-Lysine 1536-well Microplates, black/clear 
11BD BioCoat™ Poly-D-Lysine 1536-well Microplates, black/clear 
12BD BioCoat™-Intestinal Epithelium Differentiation Environment, VE= 1 / Each 
13BD Falcon™ 24-Multiwell Cell Culture Inserts FluoroBlok™ 
14BD Falcon™ 24-Multiwell Insert System FluoroBlok™ 
15BD Falcon™ 384-well Platte, flacher Boden, weiss 
16BD Falcon™ 384-well Platte, small volume (28 μl) ,flacher Boden, weiss, ohne Deckel 
17BD Falcon™ 384-well Platte, small volume (28 μl), flacher Boden, schwarz, ohne Deckel 
18BD Falcon™ 96-Multiwell Insert System FluoroBlok™ 
19BD Falcon™ 96-well Platte, flacher Boden, schwarz 
20BD Falcon™ 96-well Platte, flacher Boden, weiss/klar 
21BD Falcon™ Aspirating Pipets 
22BD Falcon™ Cell Culture Flasks 
23BD Falcon™ Celline Flasche, VE= 3 
24BD Falcon™ Conical Tubes Screw Caps 50 ml 
25BD Falcon™ Cushions 
26BD Falcon™ Deep-Well-Platten, VE= 4 / Box 
27BD Falcon™ Feeder trays with lids 
28BD Falcon™ Insert System 
29BD Falcon™ Library Storage Plates 
30BD Falcon™ Multi Flask 3-lagig, 525 cm² 
31BD Falcon™ Multi Flask 5-lagig , 875cm² 
32BD Falcon™ Petri Dishes 
33BD Falcon™ Roller Bottle TufRol™ 
34BD Falcon™ Roller Bottle TufRol™ 
35BD Falcon™ Round Bottom Snap Caps 
36BD Falcon™ Sterile Container 
37BD Falcon™ Vented Caps 
38BD Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells (HUVEC-2), VE= 1 
39BD Mosaic™ hMSC SF Cell Culture Environment 
40BD Mosaic™ hMSC SF Medium 
41BD Mosaic™ hMSC SF Supplement 
42BD Optilux™ Microplates 
43BD Primaria™ Cell Culture Dishes 
44BD Primaria™ Cell Culture Flasks PRIMARIA 
45BD Primaria™ Cell Culture Plates PRIMARIA 
46BD™ Dyes 
47BD™ Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) 
48BD™ Oxygen Biosensor System 
49BD™ PuraMatrix™ Peptide Hydrogel 5 ml 
50bFGF Human/Rekombinant, 10 μg, VE= 1 / Each 
51bFGF Human/Rekombinant, 100 μg, VE= 10 / Box 
52bFGF Human/Rekombinant, 50 μg, VE= 5 / Box 
53BioCoat culture slides 
54BioCoat microplates Poly-D-Lysin 
55BioCoat™ Angiogenese System 
56BioCoat™ CD3 T-cell activation plates 
57BioCoat™ Cell Culture Inserts Fibronectin 
58BioCoat™ Coverslips/Discs 
59BioCoat™ Flasks 
60BioCoat™ Matrigel Invasion Chambers 
61BioCoat™ Microplates Collagen I 
62BioCoat™ Microplates Collagen IV 
63BioCoat™ Microplates Fibronektin 
64BioCoat™ Microplates Gelatine 
65BioCoat™ Microplates Laminin 
66BioCoat™ Microplates Matrigel 
67BioCoat™ Microplates Poly-D-Lysin 
68BioCoat™ Microplates Poly-D-Lysin/Laminin 
69BioCoat™ Microplates Poly-L-Lysin 
70BioCoat™ Microplates Poly-L-Ornithin/Laminin 
71BioCoat™ Microplates with secondary antibody 
72BioCoat™ Slides 
73BioCoat™ Tumor Invasion System 
74BPE Bovine Pituitary Extract, 15 mg, VE= 1 
75BPE Bovine Pituitary Extract, 75 mg, VE= 1 
76Dispase, 100 ml, VE= 1 / Each 
77E-STIM für Endothelzellen, 500 ml, VE= 1 / Each 
78ECGS Endothelial Cell Growth Supplement, 100 mg, VE= 1 / Each 
79ECGS Endothelial Cell Growth Supplement, 15 mg, VE= 1 / Each 
80Entero-STIM, 500 ml, VE= 1 / Each 
81Erlenmeyer Culture Flask, flat base, 250ml 
82Extracellular Matrix Molecules (ECMs) 
83Falcon aspirating pipettes 
84Falcon cell culture dishes 
85Falcon cell culture flasks 
86Falcon cell culture inserts 
87Falcon cell scrapers 
88Falcon cell strainers 
89Falcon culture slides 
90Falcon HTS FluoroBlok permeable supports 
91Falcon IVF dishes 
92Falcon microplates 
93Falcon round-bottom tubes, PP 
94Falcon round-bottom tubes, PS 
95Falcon serological pipettes 
96Falcon sterile pipettes 
97Falcon transfer pipettes 
98Falcon tubes 
99Falcon tubes 
100Falcon™ Bacteriological Pipets 
101Falcon™ Companion plates 
102Falcon™ Microplates 
103Falcon™ permeable support companion plates 
104Hepato-STIM mit Dexamethason, 500 ml, VE= 1 / Each 
105Hepatocyte Differentiation Environment 6 wells 
106ICSI 50x9mm dish, non tissue culture-treated, tight fit lid 
107IL-2 Human/Rekombinant, 10.000 BRMP-Units, VE= 1 / Each 
108IL-2 Human/Rekombinant, 50.000 BRMP-Units, VE= 1 / Each 
109IL-3, Maus Culture Supplement 25 ml, VE= 1 
110Intestinales Differenzierungsmedien Kit, VE= 1 / Each 
111ITS+-Premix, 20 ml, VE= 1 
112ITS-Premix, für 20 l Medium, VE= 1 
113ITS-Premix, für 5 l Medium, VE= 1 
114Mito+ Serum Extender, 5 ml für 5 l Medium, VE= 1 / Each 
115Nu-Serum TM I, 100 ml, VE= 1 
116Nu-Serum TM I, 500 ml, VE= 1 
117Nu-Serum TM IV, 100 ml, VE= 1 
118Nu-Serum TM IV, 500 ml, VE= 1 
119PDGF-BB Human/Rekombinant, 100 μg, VE= 10 / Box 
120PureCoat cell culture dishes 
121PureCoat cell culture flasks 
122PureCoat cell culture plates 
123T-STIM, Ratte Culture Supplement mit Con A, 100 ml, VE= 1 
124TGF-beta1 Human/Natural, 1 μg, VE= 1 / Each 
125TGF-beta1 Human/Natural, 10 μg, VE= 5 / Box 
126TGF-beta1 Human/Natural, 5 μg, VE= 5 / Box 
127TNF-alpha Human/Rekombinant, 50 μg, VE= 5 / Box