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31-propanol for analysis EMSURE, ACS, ISO, Reag. Ph Eur. 
5Acetic acid 
6Acetic acid 
7Acetic acid (glacial) 100 % anhydrous 
9Acetone technical grade 
11Ammonia for analysis 
12Ammonia solution 
13Ammonia solution 25 % puriss. p.a., Reag. ISO, Reag. Ph. Eur. 
14Ammonium iron(II) sulphate solution 
15Ammonium sulfate for analysis ACS, ISO, Reag. Ph Eur 
17Aquagent standard solutions 
18Bacillus Cereus selective supplement 
19Bactident Oxidase for the detection of cytochrome oxidase in microorganisms 
21BD Diagnostics Agar 
22BD Diagnostics Caso Agar 
23BD Diagnostics Caso Bouillon / Agar 
24BD Diagnostics Hirn-Herz-Infusion-Agar 
25BD Diagnostics LB (Luria Bertani) Medien 
26BD Diagnostics Mac Conkey Agar 
27BD Diagnostics NZCYM-Bouillon 
28BD Diagnostics NZYM-Bouillon 
29BD Diagnostics Schaedler Agar 
30BD Diagnostics Standard-Methods-Agar 
31Beerens cosmetic diluent 
32Boric acid 
33Boric acid for analysis EMSURE ACS, ISO, Reag. Ph Eur 
34Buffer solutions 
35Buffer solutions 
36Buffer substances HEPES 
37Buffer substances TRIS 
38Buffered peptone water 
39Calcium carbonate 
40Cetrimide agar 
41Charcoal activated, extra pure 
43Chloroform for analysis 
44Citric acid 1-hydrate 
45Citric acid monohydrate for analysis EMSURE ACS, ISO, Reag. Ph Eur. 
46Cobalt(II) chloride 6-hydrate 
47Coliforms 100 Readycult 
48Corning Media 
49Cyclohexane for gas chromatography ECD and FID SupraSolv 
50di-sodium hydrogen phosphate 
51Dichloran rose bengale chloramphenicol agar 
53Dichloromethane, puriss, p.a., ACS Reagent, Reag. ISO, 99.9 % (GC) 
54Diethyl ether 
55Diethyl ether puriss. p.a., contains BHT as inhibitor, ACS Reagent, Reag. ISO, Reag. Ph. Eur., 99.8 % 
56Dimethyl sulfoxide, molecular biology grade 
57EDTA disodium salt, dihydrate 
58EDTA solutions 
59ENDO agar for microbiology 
60Envirocheck Dip Slides for Microbiological Hygiene Control 
63Ethanol absolute 
64Ethyl Acetate 
65Ethyl acetate for pesticide analysis 
66Eugon LT 100 broth 
67Ferroin indicator solution 
68Formamide, dried 
69Formic acid 
70GC solvents for large volumes 
71Glycerol solution 
72Hanus solution for determination of iodine number Titripur 
73Highlights in Spring: Top Chemicals for Your Laboratory 
74HYDRANAL reagents for water determination by Karl-Fischer titration 
75HYDRANAL reagents for water determination by Karl-Fischer titration 
76Hydrochloric acid 
77Hydrochloric acid 
78Hydrochloric acid 
79Hydrochloric acid 
80Hydrochloric acid in ethanol, methanol and in 2-Propanol 
81Hydrofluoric acid solution 
82Hydrogen peroxide 
83Indicator buffer tablets 
84Iodine concentrate 
85Iodine solution 
86Iron sulfite agar 
88Isooctane, puriss. p.a., ≥ 99.5 % (GC) 
89L(+)-ascorbic acid for analysis 
91Letheen modified agar 
92Listeria enrichment broth base (Fraser) 
93M9 minimal salts, 5x concentrate 
94MacConkey agar 
95Magnesium sulfate 
96Mannitol salt agar 
97Media for Enterobacteriaceae acc. to EN ISO 21528:2017 
98Media for Listeria monocytogenes und Listeria spp. nach EN ISO 11290:2017 
99Media for Salmonella spp. acc. to EN ISO 6579-1 
102Methyl orange solution 0.1 % 
103Microinstant agar 
104n-heptane for analysis 
106Neutralising fluid acc. to Eur. Phar. 
107Nitric acid 
108Nutrient agar 
109Orange serum agar 
110Ortho-phosphoric acid 85 %, for analysis EMSURE ACS, ISO, Reag. Ph Eur 
111Oxalic acid 
112Paraffin, Ph. Eur., BP, USP 
113Perchloric acid in acetic acid 
114Petroleum ether 
115Petroleum ether, boiling range 40 to 60 °C 
116Phenolphthalein solution 
117Plate Count agar for microbiology 
118Plate Count agar for microbiology 
119Polimixin B selective supplement 
120Potassium chloride for analysis 
121Potassium chloride for volumetric analysis 
122Potassium dichromate solution 
123Potassium dihydrogen phosphate for analysis 
124Potassium hydroxide 
125Potassium hydroxide solution in ethanol 
126Potassium hydroxide solution in ethanol, methanol and 2-Propanol 
127Potassium nitrate 
128Potassium permanganate solutions 
129Potato dextrose agar 
131Pyridine, 99 % for synthesis 
132Qaurtz Sand, treated with acid 
133Quartz sand, pure 
134Refill pack HY-LiTE 
135RINGER tablets for the preparation of RINGER's solution 
136Rose bengal agar 
137Sabouraud agar 
138Sea sand 
139Silver nitrate 0.1 mol / l (0.1 N), volumetric solution 
140Silver sulfate solution 10 g / l in sulfuric acid 
141Silver sulphate-sulfuric acid 
142Slanetz Bartley agar 
143Sodium acetate trihydrate 
144Sodium chloride 
145Sodium hydrogen carbonate for analysis EMSURE, ACS, Reag. Ph Eur. 
146Sodium hydroxide 
147Sodium hydroxide 
148Sodium hydroxide, volumetric solution 
149Sodium sulfate for analysis 
150Sodium sulfide hydrate 
151Sodium thiosulfate 
152Sodium thiosulfate solution Titrisol 
153Sodium thiosulphate solution 
154Solvents for analysis 
155Solvents for simple applications 
156Solvents for the determination of dioxin, pesticides, furan and PCBs 
157Standard I nutrient agar 
158Standard solvents for pesticid and residue analysis 
159Sterikon Bioindicator for checks on autoclaving 
161Sulfite polymyxin sulfadiazine agar 
162Sulfuric acid 
163Sulfuric acid 
164Tauber's reagent A and Tauber's reagent B 
165Tetrahydrofuran stabilized with ~ 300 ppm of BHT for analysis, ACS 
166Tin(II) chloride dihydrate for analysis 
167Toluene for analysis, Reag. ACS, Reag. ISO, Reag. Ph. 
168tri-sodium phosphate dodecahydrate 
169Trichloroacetic acid 
171TS nutrient media 
172ULC / MS solvents 
173VRB agar 
174VRBD agar 
176Water detection paste 
178Wort broth 
179XLD agar 
180YGC agar for microbiology