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1384 well plates for fluorescence and luminescence assays with optical bottom 
23D Clear Tissue Clearing Reagents 
3Accesories for medium bottles 
4Accessories for cell factories 
5Accessories for CO2 incubator Midi 40 
6Accessories for conical centrifuge tubes 
7Accessories for CoolCell cryogenic storage solutions 
8Accessories for Heracell 
9Accessories for Heracell 150 i 
10Accessories for Heracell VIOS 160 i CO2-Inkubatoren 
11Accessories for Heracell™ VIOS 160 i / 250 i CO2 Incubators 
12Accessories for Herasafe 2030i biological safety cabinets 
13Accessories for Mediafill 
14Accessories for safety cabinets Herasafe KS / KSP 
15Accessories for the CO2 incubator ICOmed 
16Accessories for TILT bottle system 
17Advantage serological pipettes 
18BioCoat culture slides 
19BioCoat microplates Poly-D-Lysin 
20BRANDplates cell culture plates for the insert strips 
21BRANDplates insert strips 9 mm 
22BRANDplates single inserts 13 mm 
23Carrier Plates 
24Cell Culture Dishes Nunclon Sphera 
25Cell culture dishes, Nunclon surface 
26Cell culture flasks Nunclon Sphera 
27Cell culture flasks, 300 cm2 
28Cell culture flasks, Nunclon surface 
29Cell culture inserts 
30Cell culture inserts BRAND Insert 2in1 
31Cell culture tubes 
32Cell factories EasyFill with Nunclon D surface 
33Cell factories for active gassing with Nunclon D surface 
34Cell factories with Nunclon D surface 
35Cell Lockers for HERAcell VIOS 160 i CO2 incubators 
36Cell scrapers 
37Cell spreaders 
38CellBIND surface cell culture flasks 
39CELLine bioreactors 
40CellSTACK cell culture chambers 
41Centrifuge tubes 
42Centrifuge tubes and support cushions 
43Centrifuge tubes with screw cap 
44Class II biological safety cabinets Telstar BioVanguard 
45CO2 incubator Midi 40 
46CO2 Incubators ICOmed 
47CO2 incubators MCO-170AC / MCO-170AICD 
48CO2 incubators MCO-5AC / MCO-18AC 
49CO2 incubators New Brunswick Galaxy 
50CO2 incubators with UV and H2O2 decontamination 
51CO2 incubators with UV and heat sterilisation 
52CO2 incubators, series CB 
53Conical centrifuge tubes 
54CoolCell cryogenic storage solutions 
55Corning and Costar cell culture flasks 
56Corning and Costar cell culture flasks 
57Corning cell culture dishes 
58Corning Erlenmeyer flasks, PC 
59Corning roller bottles, PS 
60Corning X-LAB® system 
61Corning X-MINI Human Selection Kits 
62Corning® X-MINI® Pressor 
63Corning® X-WASH® System 
64Costar multiple well plates 
65Costar storage bottles with caps 
66Costar Stripette pipettes, PS 
67Crimp neck vials N 13 
68DishRacks 50 / 80, Petri dish carriers 
69Disposable spinner flasks 
70Easy grip storage bottles 
71EasYDish cell culture dishes 
72EasYFlask cell culture flasks, non-treated 
73EasYFlask cell culture flasks, Nunclon / Collagen I / Poly-D-Lysine Surface 
74Erlenmeyer flasks, baffled 
75Extracellular Matrix Molecules (ECMs) 
76Falcon aspirating pipettes 
77Falcon cell culture dishes 
78Falcon cell culture flasks 
79Falcon cell culture inserts 
80Falcon cell scrapers 
81Falcon cell strainers 
82Falcon culture slides 
83Falcon IVF dishes 
84Falcon microplates 
85Falcon round-bottom tubes, PP 
86Falcon round-bottom tubes, PS 
87Falcon serological pipettes 
88Falcon sterile pipettes 
89Falcon transfer pipettes 
90Falcon tubes 
91Falcon tubes 
92Falcon™ permeable support companion plates 
93Fernbach flasks 
94Flasks on slide 
95Floor Stands for Biological Safety Cabinets 
96GL 45 bottle top vacuum filtration units, gamma sterilised 
97Heracell 15i / 240i CO2 incubators, General Lab 
98Heracell 15i / 240i CO2 incubators, medical devices 
99HERAcell VIOS 160 i CO2-incubators with Cell Locker system 
100HERAcell VIOS 160 i CO2-Inkubatoren 
101Heracell™ VIOS 160i CR/ 250i CR CO2-incubator 
102Heraguard ECO clean benches 
103Herasafe 2025 - biological safety cabinets 
104Herasafe 2025 - biological safety cabinets 
105Herasafe 2030i biological safety cabinets 
106Herasafe 2030i biological safety cabinets 
107HYPERFlask cell culture vessels 
108HYPERStack cell culture vessels 
109Immuno tubes MiniSorp 
110In-vitro, TufRol and TufRol EZ roller bottles 
111iONGUARD antimicrobial 3D-silver-matrix 
112Lab-Tek and Lab-Tek II chambered cover glasses 
113Lab-Tek Chamber Slide System 
114Laminar airflow product protection cabinets CleanAir DLF 
115Medium bottle, borosilicate glass 3.3 
116Microbiological safety cabinets Claire pro B-2 
117Microbiological safety cabinets Claire pro B-3 
118Microbiological safety cabinets Claire pure 
119Microbiological safety cabinets CleanAir class II B 
120Microbiological safety cabinets CleanAir class II B 
121Microplates Nunclon Sphera 
122Microscope slides 
123MicroWell 96 well microtitration plates with UpCell surface 
124Mini bioreactor 
125MSC-Advantage™ Class II biosafety cabinets 
126MSC-Advantage™ Class II biosafety cabinets 
127Multidishes with UpCell surface 
128O2 and O2 / N2 multigas incubators with UV and H2O2 decontamination 
129Petri dish stand, wire 
130Petri dishes 
131Petri dishes with UpCell surface 
132Petri dishes, without cams, gamma-irradiated 
133Probe adapter closures 
134PureCoat cell culture dishes 
135PureCoat cell culture flasks 
136PureCoat cell culture plates 
137Push cap closures 
138Pyrex disposable culture tubes 
139Pyrex serological pipettes 
140Reach-in CO2 incubator (optionally with UV) 
141Round-bottom tubes 
142Safe 2020 biological safety cabinets 
143Self-standing 50 ml centrifuge tubes 
144Serological pipettes 
145Serological pipettes 
146Stoppers for Immuno tubes MiniSorp 
147Support Cushions for Centrifuge Tubes 
149Thermanox coverslips 
150TILT media bottle 
151Transformer cube 
152Transwell PC membrane inserts 
153Transwell-Clear PET membrane inserts 
154TripleFlask cell culture flasks, Nunclon surface 
155Tubes with print 
156Vertical laminar flow benches Telstar V-100, V-30/70 
157Vertical laminar flow benches Telstar V-30/70