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12- / 3-way valves 
2Accessories for AccuOne and EnergyOne barrel pumps 
3Accessories for barrel pumps 
4Accessories for barrel pumps with discharge pipe 
5Accessories for dipping bottles / vessels / immersion cylinders 
6Accessories for electric barrel pump Petro 
7Accessories for funnel stands 
8Accessories for pipette stand 
9Accessories for silo sampler SiloPicker 
10Accessories for stand for Imhoff sedimentation funnel 
11AccuOne barrel pumps driven by rechargeable battery 
12Adapter set for Pump-it canister pump, PP 
14Aluminium bottles 
15Angled connectors 
16Anti-static set 
17Barrel pumps 
18Barrel pumps Ultrapure 
19Barrel pumps with discharge pipe 
20Benchtop draining racks 
21Bio-bottles, narrow mouth 
22Buckets, PP, white, with lid 
23ChemistryScoops, PP 
25close-it / close-it food control seal 
26close-it tape 
27Compact jerrycan set, electroconductive 
28Compact jerrycans 
29Compact lever pump 
30Delivery tubes for OTAL disposable universal pumps 
31Dip sampler, plunging siphon 
32Dipping bottle Ex 
33Dipping bottle glass 
34Dipping vessels 
35Discharge hoses for PumpMaster canister and barrel pumps 
36Disinfectant filling station 
38Disposable all-layer samplers ZoneDispo 
39Disposable forceps 
40Disposable forceps, blue 
41Disposable plunging siphons 
42Disposable samplers DispoLance 
43Disposable samplers DispoLance 
44Disposable samplers DispoPipette 
45Disposable samplers DispoTube 
46Disposable samplers for cross-section samples PowderDispo 
47Disposable samplers for powders and small-grain bulk materials DispoPicker 
48Disposable samplers LiquiDispo 
49Disposable samplers MicroDispo 
50Disposable target point samplers TargetDispo 
51Disposable zone samplers MultiDispo 
52Dosing spoon and measuring spoon set 
53Dosing spoons, white 
54Draining racks for the wall 
55Dry ice makers SnowPack 
56Electric barrel pump Petro 
57EnergyOne barrel pumps driven by power supply unit 
58Eyes Fresh mini eyewash station 
59Flow indicators LiquiMobil / CheMobil 
61Funnel stands 
62Hose clamps stop-it 
63Hose connectors - magic box 
64Hose couplings 
65Hose cutter 
66Hose tubing connectors, conical 
67Hose tubing connectors, straight 
68IBC discharge valves 
69Immersion / penetration thermometers MiniTherm 
70Immersion cylinder 
71Industrial bucket with metal handle 
72Instrument trays 
73Instrument trays, Melamin, white 
74Jerrycan HDPE 
75Label dispenser close-it 
76LaboPlast single-use scoops 
77Laboratory trays, PP, white, rectangular 
78Laboratory trays, PVC, high form, with bottom grooves 
79Laboratory trays, PVC, with bottom grooves 
80Laboratory trays, PVC, without bottom grooves 
81Laboratory trays, without bottom grooves 
82Liquid samplers 
84Measuring spoons, blue 
85Micro spatula, stainless steel 
86Micro spatulas 
87Mini immersion cylinder 
88Mini ViscoSampler 
89Non-return valve PP 
90Non-return valves, conical 
91OTAL disposable universal pumps 
92OTAL Universal pumps 
93PharmaScoop with long handle 
94Pipette stand 
95PowderProof mobile powder- / granule sampling 
96Pressure sprayer Food 
97Pressure sprayer Turn'n'Spray 
98Pressure sprayers 
100Pump-it canister pump, PP 
101PumpMaster canister and barrel pumps 
102Reducing hose connectors 
103Respirator filters plug-in type, half mask 620 and 620 S 
104Rods PE for PVC draining racks 
105Safe filling of disinfectants 
107Sample boxes, aseptic 
108Sampler EasySampler 
109Sampler for liquids Vampire 
110Sampler Tubus 
111Samplers for bulk goods QuickPicker 
112Samplers, MiniSampler 
113SampleSafe seals 
114Sampling bags SteriBag 
115Sampling bags SteriBag Blue 
116Sampling bags SteriBag Cleanroom 
117Sampling lance Milky 
118Sampling spatulas SteriPlast 
119Sampling spatulas SteriPlast Bio 
120Sampling tubes DispoDipper 
121Scraper for foodstuffs SteriPlast, blue 
123Sealable wide mouth bottles 
124Silo sampler SiloPicker 
125SiloDrill, 1500 mm 
126Single-use spatulas LaboPlast 
127Single-use spatulas LaboPlast Bio 
128Single-use spoons LaboPlast 
129Single-use spoons LaboPlast 
130Single-use spoons LaboPlast Bio 
131Single-use spoons LaboPlast Bio 
133Solvent pumps 
134Spatulas for foodstuffs SteriPlast, blue 
135Splinter-proof titrating burette 
136Spoon spatulas 
137Spoon spatulas 
138Spoons for foodstuffs SteriPlast, blue 
139Spray bottles 
140Spray bottles Turn 'n' Spray 
141St. steel scoop 
142Stainless steel buckets 
143Stainless steel forceps 
144Stainless steel funnels 
145Stainless steel palette knife spatulas 
146Stainless steel spatula 
147Stand for Imhoff sedimentation funnel 
148SteriBag Premium tamper-proof sample bags 
149SteriPlast Bio sampling scoops 
150SteriPlast Kit - sterile sampling sets 
151SteriPlast scoops 
152SteriPlast scoops for foodstuffs, blue 
153Stopcock Compact 
156Tamper proof labels safe-it 
157TeleScoop samplers 
158Thread adapters for solvent pump Mini 
159Titrating burette automatic 
160Tubing stopcocks 
161Universal graduated beakers 
162Universal hose tubing connectors 
164Withdrawal system for solvents with discharge tube and discharge hose