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1Accessories for rotary evaporator Rotavapor R-3 
2Accessories for rotary evaporators Rotavapor R II / R-210 / R-215 
3Glass oven B-585 drying 
4Glass oven B-585 Kugelrohr 
5Interface I-300 Pro 
6Lyovapor™ L-200 / L-300 Freeze-Dryer 
7Melting point and boiling point determination units M-560 / M-565 
8Recirculating Chiller F-305 / F-314 
9Recirculating Chiller F-325 
10Recirculating chillers F-series 
11Rotary evaporators Rotavapor R-100 system 
12Rotary evaporators Rotavapor R-220 Pro 
13Rotary evaporators Rotavapor R-300 system 
14Vacuum pump V-300