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1Beaker with smooth flanged edge and handle 
2Beaker with sprout and handle 
3Beakers with embossed scale, low form 
4Beakers with spout 
5Beakers, Duran, heavy walled 
6Beakers, Duran, low form 
7Beakers, Griffin, PMP, red graduation 
8Beakers, Griffin, PP, blue graduation 
9Beakers, Griffin, PP, blue graduation 
10Beakers, low form 
11Beakers, low form 
12Beakers, low form 
13Beakers, quartz, low form 
14Beakers, quartz, tall form 
15Beakers, stainless steel 18 / 10, with rim 
16Beakers, tall form, with spout 
17Beakers, tall form, without spout 
18Dressing jars, with lid 
19DURAN silicone lids 
20Graduated beakers, blue printed scale 
21Graduated beakers, embossed scale 
22Graduated jugs, PP 
23Graduated jugs, PP, moulded blue graduation 
24Graduated jugs, PP, moulded graduation 
25Graduated jugs, stainless steel 18 / 8, heavy form, spout, handle 
26Graduated pitchers, coloured 
27Graduated pitchers, SAN 
28Griffin beakers 
29Griffin beakers 
30Griffin beakers, ETFE 
31Griffin beakers, PFA 
32Griffin beakers, PFA, Nalgene 
33Griffin beakers, PP 
34Jugs, st. steel 18 / 10, inside graduated, with handle 
35Measuring jugs, PEHD / PMP, with handle a. spout, graduated in ml / oz 
36Rasotherm® Glass beakers, boro 3.3, low form 
37Rasotherm®, Glass beakers, boro 3.3, high form 
38Super Duty beakers 
39Universal graduated beakers