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1Accessories for analytical balances ALT-B 
2Accessories for analytical- / precision balances Luna 
3Accessories for balances 
4Accessories for Cubis II balances 
5Accessories for Cubis laboratory balances 
6Accessories for laboratory balances series 390 
7Accessory for bench scales 
8Aluminium weighing boats 
9Analytical balances ABP 
10Analytical balances ABS-N / ABJ-NM 
11Analytical balances ADB 
12Analytical balances Eclipse 
13Analytical balances Equinox EAB / Solis SAB / Nimbus NBL 
14Analytical balances Luna 
15Bench scales CPWplus 
16Bench scales DE-D 
17Calibration weights for balances 
18Compact balances CB 501 / 1001 / 3000 
19Compact balances model EMB 
20Compact balances model EMS 
21Cubis analytical balances 
22Cubis II high-capacity balances 
23Cubis II precision balances 
24Cubis II semi-micro and analytical balances 
25Cubis II ultra-micro and micro balances 
26DKD certificate for milligram weights F 1 
27DKD certificates for individual weights F1 
28DURAN® weighing bottle, 38 x 30 mm, 15 ml, with grip stopper, flat shape 
29Electronic suspension balance models CH 
30Electronic suspension balances, models HDB 
31Entris II analytical balances 
32Entris II precision balances with external calibration 
33Entris II precision balances with internal calibration 
34Hanging scales HCB 
35Hexagonal weighing boats 
36Individual weights F1, brass nickel plated 
37Kjeldahl weighing boats type 609 
38Laboratory balances Series 321 LS 
39Laboratory balances series 390 
40Milligram weights F1 
41Platform scales EOB / EOS 
42Pocket balance model TAB 
43Pocket balance model TCB 200-1 
44Pocket balance model TEE 
45Pocket balances model TGC 
46Pocket balances models CM 
47Portable compact balances Core 
48Portable compact balances Dune 
49Portable precision balances Highland 
50Pour-boats weighing dishes 
51Practum analytical- and precision balances 
52Precision balances - EG series 
53Precision balances - series 440 
54Precision balances Eclipse 
55Precision balances Equinox EPB / Solis SPB / Nimbus NBL 
56Precision balances Equinox ETB / Solis STB / Nimbus NBL 
57Precision balances Luna 
58Precision balances PCB 
59Precision balances PCD 
60Precision balances PFB 
61Precision balances PLJ 
62Precision balances PNS / PNJ 
63Quintix analytical- and precision balances 
64Rhombus-type weighing boats 
65Secura analytical- and precision balances 
66Semi-micro balances Equinox EAB / Solis SAB 
67Square weighing boats 
68Standard boxes for individual weights F1 
69Standard boxes for milligram weights 
70Standard weighing boats 
71Standard weighing boats, sterile 
72UNILAB balance and measuring table TWK I 
73UNILAB balance and measuring table TWK II 
74Weighing aids 
75Weighing bottles 
76Weighing bottles, high form 
77Weighing bottles, low form 
78Weighing dishes 
79Weighing Paper grade 605 
80Weighing scoop 
81Weighing scoops, aluminium