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124- / 48-well PCR plates, qPCR 
2384-well PCR plates, qPCR 
38-Channel manifold for QuikSip™ 
496 tube racks, for coded tubes 
596-well microtitration plates, PP 
696-well PCR plates, qPCR 
7Accesories for medium bottles 
8Accessories for accu-jet pro pipette controller 
9Accessories for accu-jet S pipette controller 
10Accessories for compact automatic burettes 
11Accessories for Dispensette TA 
12Accessories for EASYCAL 4.0, calibration software 
13Accessories for HandyStep electronic, repetitive pipettes 
14Accessories for HandyStep touch and HandyStep touch S repetitive dispensers 
15Accessories for microplates BRANDplates 
16Accessories for oxygen flasks according to Winkler 
17Accessories for pipette leak testing unit 
18Accessories for reaction vessels 
19Accessories for Titrette class A precision 
20Accessories for Transferpette S / S -8 / - 12 
21accu-jet pro pipette controller 
22accu-jet® S pipette controller 
23Adapters for Dispensette / Titrette / seripettor / QuikSip 
24Automatic burettes, Dr. Schilling pattern, Silberbrand, class B 
25Automatic burettes, Pellet pattern, Blaubrand, class AS 
26Beakers with embossed scale, low form 
27Beakers, low form 
28Beakers, low form 
29Beakers, low form 
30Bottle top burettes Titrette class A precision / Titrette SH 
31BRANDplates cell culture plates for the insert strips 
32BRANDplates insert strips 9 mm 
33BRANDplates single inserts 13 mm 
34Bulb pipettes BLAUBRAND 
35Bulb pipettes Blaubrand Eterna 
36Bulb pipettes, Silberbrand Eterna, class B 
37Bulb pipettes, USP, class AS, blue graduation, 1 mark 
38Bulb pipettes, with 2 marks, Blaubrand 
39Bulb pipettes, with one mark, plastic 
40Burette clamp 
41Burette cover 
42Burette lengths for comp. autom. burettes, amber 
43Burette lengths for compact burettes, amber 
44Burettes, Blaubrand, class AS 
45Burettes, Silberbrand, class B, straight stopcock 
46Cap inserts for cryo tubes 
47Cap inserts Plastibrand 
48Cap Tool 
49Caps for Transferpettor 
50Cell culture inserts BRAND Insert 2in1 
51Centrifuge tubes with screw cap 
52Centrifuge tubes, ASTM D 96, conical 
53Centrifuge tubes, ASTM D 96, pear-shaped 
54Centrifuge Tubes, ASTM D91, conical 
55Centrifuge tubes, PP, cylindrical 
56Compact automatic burettes with glass bottle 
57Compact automatic burettes with PE bottle 
58Compact burettes 
59Conical ground joint stoppers 
60Conical ground joint stoppers 
61Cotton roving for pipettes, 100 % cotton wool 
62Counting chamber, Bürker, double ruling 
63Counting chamber, Bürker-Türk 
64Counting chamber, Fuchs-Rosenthal, double ruling 
65Counting Chamber, Neubauer bright-line, double ruling 
66Counting chambers Neubauer, double ruling 
67Counting Chambers, Neubauer improved, double ruling 
68Cryo tubes storage boxes, PC 
69Cryo tubes, PP, with external / internal thread 
70Culture tubes with screw cap, AR-glass 
71Cutter for Seal-R-Film 
72Cuvette Racks 
73Deep well plate, 96-well, stackable, 2,2 ml, V-bottom 
74Deep-well plates and sealing mats 
75Density bottles, Gay-Lussac 
76Density bottles, Gay-Lussac, Blaubrand 
77Discharge tubes for Dispensette 
78Discharging tubes for bottletop dispensers Dispensette S 
79Dispensette Bottletop Dispensers Dispensette S 
80Dispensette Bottletop Dispensers Dispensette S Organic 
81Dispensette Bottletop Dispensers Dispensette S Trace Analysis 
82Dispensing cartridges for seripettor / seripettor pro 
83Disposable stirring spatulas, PS 
84Disposal bags, PP and PA 
85Double spatula, impact-resistant PS 
86Draining rack, PS 
87Drying tube Dispensette S and Titrette 
88EASYCAL 4.0 calibration software 
89Edisonite CLASSIC universal detergents 
90Edisonite SUPER universal detergents 
91Exhaust / filling valves for bottletop dispensers Dispensette S 
92Filter crucible, Boro 3.3 
93Filter funnel supports, PP 
94Filter tips ultra low retention, TipBox, non-sterile and sterile (BIO-CERT) 
95Filter tips, bulk, non-sterile 
96Filter tips, TipBox, non-sterile and sterile (BIO-CERT) 
97Filter tips, TipRack, non-sterile and sterile (BIO-CERT) 
98Flexible discharge tubing for Dispensette 
99Flexible discharge tubings for seripettor (pro) 
100Flexible discharging tubes for bottletop dispensers Dispensette S 
101Graduated beakers, blue printed scale 
102Graduated beakers, embossed scale 
103Graduated cylinders, Blaubrand Eterna, tall form, class A 
104Graduated cylinders, Blaubrand, class A 
105Graduated cylinders, Plastibrand, class B 
106Graduated cylinders, Plastibrand, class B, PMP 
107Graduated cylinders, Plastibrand, class B, PMP 
108Graduated cylinders, Plastibrand, class B, PP 
109Graduated cylinders, Plastibrand, PMP, class A 
110Graduated cylinders, Plastibrand, PP 
111Graduated cylinders, Plastibrand, SAN 
112Graduated cylinders, Silberbrand Eterna, class B 
113Graduated cylinders, Silberbrand Eterna, class B 
114Graduated cylinders, USP, class A, blue graduation, tall form 
115Graduated pipettes Blaubrand Eterna, class AS 
116Graduated pipettes Blaubrand, class A 
117Graduated pipettes, Blaubrand, class AS, type 2 
118Graduated pipettes, class AS, amber graduation, type 2 
119Graduated pipettes, class AS, type 1 
120Graduated pipettes, plastic 
121Graduated pipettes, serological 
122Graduated pipettes, Silberbrand Eterna, class B 
123Graduated pipettes, Silberbrand Eterna, class B 
124Graduated pipettes, tissue culture 
125Graduated pipettes, type 3 
126Graduated pipettes, USP, class AS, blue graduation, type 2 
127Grip stoppers for sample- and sedimentation tubes 
128Haematocrit sealing compound 
129HandyStep S repetitive dispenser 
130HandyStep touch and HandyStep touch S repetitive dispensers 
131Inoculation loops, disposable 
132Instrument disinfecting detergent Mucocit T 
133intraEND Disposable micropipettes, Blaubrand 
134intraMark Disposable micropipettes Blaubrand 
135Jars with push-on lid, PP 
136Jars with screw caps, PELD, 
137Laboratory spatulas 
138Lids for Microplates BRANDplates 
139Macro and semi-micro disposable cuvettes, PS and PMMA 
140Macro cuvettes, 4 clear sided, PS / UV-transparent 
141macro pipette controller 
142Magnetic stirring bar retriever, PTFE 
143Magnetic stirring bars crosshead 
144Magnetic stirring bars crosshead 
145Magnetic stirring bars cylindrical 
146Magnetic stirring bars cylindrical, conical 
147Magnetic stirring bars cylindrical, with pivot ring 
148Magnetic stirring bars double-ended 
149Magnetic stirring bars ellipse form 
150Magnetic stirring bars octahedral, with pivot ring 
151Magnetic stirring bars triangular 
152Medium bottle, borosilicate glass 3.3 
153Micro burettes, Bang pattern, lateral stopcock 
154Micro haematocrit capillaries 
155micro pipette controller 
156micro-classic pipette controller 
157Microcentrifuge tube racks, PP, coloured 
158Microcentrifuge tubes 
159Microcentrifuge tubes for bulk screw cap, non-sterile 
160Microcentrifuge tubes with bulk screw cap, sterile 
161Microcentrifuge tubes with screw caps 
162Microcentrifuge tubes with screw caps, Plastibrand 
163Microcentrifuge tubes with tamper-evident screw cap, non-sterile 
164Microcentrifuge tubes with tamper-evident screw cap, sterile 
165Microcentrifuge tubes, PP 
166Microplates BRANDplates, cellGrade 
167Microplates BRANDplates, cellGrade plus 
168Microplates BRANDplates, cellGrade premium 
169Microplates BRANDplates, hydroGrade 
170Microplates BRANDplates, immunoGrade (high binding) 
171Microplates BRANDplates, inertGrade 
172Microplates BRANDplates, lipoGrade 
173Microplates BRANDplates, pureGrade (medium binding) 
174Microplates BRANDplates, pureGrade S 
175Mini coolers, PC 
176Mixing cylinders, Blaubrand, class A 
177Mixing cylinders, Silberbrand Eterna, class B 
178Narrow mouth bottles, PELD 
179Oxygen flasks according to Winkler 
180Pasteur pipettes, PELD 
181Pasteur pipettes, soda-lime glass 
182PCR box / rack, PP 
183PCR cap strips of 8 
184PCR mini cooler, PP 
185PCR sealing mat 
186PCR tubes and caps, strips of 8 
187PCR tubes, strips of 12 
188PCR tubes, strips of 8, with attached cap strip 
189PCR tubes, thin-walled, PP 
190PD-Tips II, positive displacement tips, BIO-CERT 
191PD-Tips II, positive displacement tips, non-sterile 
192PE-stoppers for centrifuge tubes 
193Petri dishes 
194Pipette box, aluminium 
195Pipette fillers, NR 
196Pipette holder for intraEND pipettes 
197Pipette leak testing unit 
198Pipette rinsing systems, PE-HD 
199Pipette stand, PP 
200Pipette tips ultra low retention, TipBox, non-sterile and sterile (BIO-CERT)