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1Aesculap safety scalpels 
2Alcohol pads 
3B. Braun wipes dispenser system 
4Blood lancets SOLOFIX 
5Care lotion TRIXO 
6Cellulose swabs Askina Brauncel 
7Cellulose wadding Askina Cel 
8Cleansing lotion LIFOSAN soft 
9Cleansing lotion Softaskin 
10Combi stoppers 
11Disinfectant spray Meliseptol rapid 
12Disinfection of heat-sensitive items Helipur H plus 
13Disposable examination gloves MANUFIX 
14Disposable examination gloves Vasco Guard 
15Disposable examination gloves Vasco OP powdered 
16Disposable examination gloves Vasco Vinyl, powder-free 
17Disposable face masks Folitex tie-on / ear-loop 
18Disposable insulin needles Sterican 
19Disposable needles Pravaz 
20Disposable needles Sterican 
21Disposable needles Sterican deep-intramuscular 
22Disposable needles Sterican for neural therapy 
23Disposable needles Sterican for varicosclerosation / blood withdrawal 
24Disposable needles Sterican intramuscular 
25Disposable protective gloves Manuplast 
26Disposable scalpels CUTFIX 
27Disposable surgical gloves Vasco OP Sensitive 
28Disposable syringes Injekt Solo 
29Disposable syringes Omnifix Solo 
30Dosing pump for a hygienic dispensing from 500 and 1000 ml bottles 
31Examination gloves Vasco 
32Examination gloves Vasco Guard long 
33Examination gloves Vasco Nitril white 
34Examination gloves Vasco Nitrile blue 
35Examination gloves Vasco Nitrile light 
36Fine dosage syringe Omnican-F 
37Fine dosage syringe Omnifix-F 
38Fine dosage syringes Injekt-F SOLO 
39Hand disinfectant Promanum pure 
40Hand disinfectant SOFTA-MAN 
41Hand disinfectant SOFTA-MAN ViscoRub 
42Instrument disinfection and cleansing Helipur 
44Peripheral IV catheters Introcan / Introcan Certo 
45Skin care lotion Trixo-lind 
46Spikes Mini-Spike 
47Spray disinfection Meliseptol New Formula 
48Surface disinfectant Hexaquart XL 
49Surface disinfectant Melsept SF 
50Surface disinfection MELISEPTOL HBV wipes 
51Surface disinfection MELISEPTOL wipes sensitive 
52Syringes, disposable 
53Wall dispensers plus