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1Accessories for analytical- / precision balances Luna 
2Accessories for balances 
3Analytical balances Equinox EAB / Solis SAB / Nimbus NBL 
4Analytical balances Luna 
5Bench scales CPWplus 
6Calibration weights for balances 
7Compact balances CB 501 / 1001 / 3000 
8Moisture analysers PMB 53 / 163 / 202 
9Portable compact balances Core 
10Portable compact balances Dune 
11Portable precision balances Highland 
12Precision balances Eclipse 
13Precision balances Equinox EPB / Solis SPB / Nimbus NBL 
14Precision balances Equinox ETB / Solis STB / Nimbus NBL 
15Precision balances Luna 
16Semi-micro balances Equinox EAB / Solis SAB