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1Autoclavable utility carrier 
2Autoclaving baths 
3Bowls with rim 
4Bowls, PP, round 
6Clay plates / porous 
7Crystalline Dish st. steel 
8Evaporating dishes with rim 
9Glass tanks 
10Instrument / pipette sterilising pan 
11Instrument trays 
12Instrument trays 
13Instrument trays with lid 
14Instrument trays, glass 
15Instrument trays, Melamin, white 
16Instrument trays, stainless steel 
17Laboratory bowls, flat form 
18Laboratory bowls, high form 
19Laboratory trays 
20Laboratory trays, PP, white, rectangular 
21Laboratory trays, PVC, high form, with bottom grooves 
22Laboratory trays, PVC, with bottom grooves 
23Laboratory trays, PVC, without bottom grooves 
24Laboratory trays, without bottom grooves 
25Lid for storage bins, PP 
26NALGENE 4-in-1 EZ Tote 
27Storage bin, PP 
28Storage bins, PS 
29Storage boxes HANDY+ 
30Storage container, PEHD 
31Tidy tray, PVC 
32Watch glasses 
33Watch glasses, Duran