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1Accessories for Alpha series 
2Accessories for calibration bath Cal 700 
3Accessories for ECO heating- and immersion thermostats 
4Accessories for immersion circulators IC / ICC 
5Accessories for series U, I, S, ICHeco / ICH, ICPeco / ICP, IPPeco, HPPeco 
6Accessories for steam water bath type 1023 
7Accessories for thermostats 
8Accessories for thermostats STANDARD / ARCTIC series 
9Accessories for water baths PURA 
10Accessories for water baths WTB 
12Adjustable bases 
13Bath covers 
14Bath covers for water baths PURA 
15Bath liquids 
16Baths for immersion thermostats 
17Calibration bath Cal 700 
18Circulating chiller RC 2 basic 
19Circulating chillers RC 5 basic / control 
20Circulation chillers Microcool 
21Circulation chillers Microcool 
22Clamps for Erlenmeyer flasks for shaking water baths 1083, 1086 and 1092 
23Climate chambers ICHeco / ICH 
24Climatic / temperature test chambers CTC256 / TTC256 
25Com.G@te and POKO / ECS interfaces 
26Compact recirculating cooler F1000 
27Compact recirculating cooler F250 
28Compact recirculating cooler F500 
29Compact thermostats Ministat 
30Compact thermostats Ministat 
31Constant climate chambers HPP 
32Constant climate chambers HPPeco 
33Constant climate chambers with large temperature / humidity range, KBF series 
34Control cables 
35Cooling bath thermostats 
36Cooling bath thermostats - 20 to + 200 °C 
37Cooling bath thermostats - 30 to + 200 °C 
38Cooling circulation thermostats - 50 to + 200 °C 
39Cooling thermostats, Alpha series 
40Cryo-compact circulators CF 
41Dynamic temperature control systems Petite Fleur 
42ECO cooling thermostats with natural refrigerants 
43EK immersion coolers 
44Electronic Slot with Analog Connections 
45Environmental chambers 
46Equipment for Ex-proof equipment-line Safety T 
47Equipment for Ex-proof equipment-line Safety X 
48Equipment for precision test cabinets Premium line 
49Equipment for test and simulation equipment Eco line 
50Ex-proof equipment-line Safety T 
51Ex-proof equipment-line Safety X 
52External Pt100 sensors 
53Flexible braided hoses 
54Header and hose connectors 
55Heat transfer fluids 
56Heating and cooling circulation thermostats for external applications PRO 
57Heating bath circulators HBC 5 / 10 basic 
58Heating bath circulators HBC 5 / 10 control 
59Heating bath circulators SAHARA series 
60Heating circulation bath thermostats 
61Heating circulation bath thermostats with PC bath 
62Heating circulation bath thermostats with st. steel bath 
63Heating circulation thermostats 25 to 100 °C 
64Heating circulation thermostats 25 to 100 °C 
65Heating circulators CORIO CD 
66Heating circulators CORIO CP 
67Heating circulators DYNEO DD 
68Heating Circulators Loop 
69Heating Circulators, MAGIO™ MS and MX Series 
70Heating immersion circulator 
71Heating thermostats PRO 
72Heating thermostats with stainless steel bath and control head ECO Silver or ECO Gold 
73Heating thermostats with transparent bath and control head ECO Silver or ECO Gold 
74Heating thermostats, Alpha series 
75Heating- / cooling thermostat BFT5 for the beer-forcing test 
76High-temperature thermostat Unistat 80 to 425 °C 
77High-temperature thermostats Unistat (15) 65 to 300 °C 
78Hose insulations 
80Hoses, insulated - inner material metal 
81Hoses, insulated - inner material plastic 
82Humidification and dehumidification for precision test cabinets Premium line 
83Humidity chambers HCP 
84Hydro shaking water baths 
85Hydro tissue float baths 
86Hydro vaporisation water baths 
87Hydro water baths 
88Immersion circulator IC basic 
89Immersion circulator IC control 
90Immersion circulator ICC basic 
91Immersion circulator ICC control 
92Immersion circulators CORIO C / CD / CP 
93Immersion coolers 
94Immersion coolers TC series 
95Immersion thermostat ECO Gold 
96Immersion thermostat ECO Silver 
97Immersion thermostat, Alpha series 
98Immersion Thermostats, MAGIO™ MS and MX 
99KBF P constant climate chambers with ICH-compliant light source 
100Lighting options for precision test cabinets Premium line 
101Lighting options for precision test cabinets Premium line 
102Open heating bath circulators CORIO™ C 
103Open heating vath circulators CORIO CD 
104Plastic balls Allplas 
105Plug & Play controller 
106Precision test cabinets Premium line 
107PRESTO W56 Process system 
108Racks for Hydro water baths type H 4 to H 41 / H 8 A and H 16 A 
109Recirculating chiller platform ThermoFlex 
110Recirculating coolers FC series 
111Recirculating coolers FCW series 
112Recirculating coolers FL series, compact 
113Recirculating coolers FL series, high-performance 
114Refrigerated and heating circulators CBC 5 basic / control 
115Refrigerated and heating circulators HRC 2 basic / control 
116Refrigerated and Heating Circulators, MAGIO™ MS Series 
117Refrigerated circulators CORIO CD 
118Refrigerated circulators DYNEO DD 
119Refrigeration baths ARCTIC series 
120Refrigeration circulators / cryostats ARCTIC series 
121Ring set for heating baths H 240 
122Rrefrigerated / heating circulators CORIO CP 
124Sea sand 
125Shaking water baths SW series 
126Temperature control system PRESTO A30 
127Temperature control system PRESTO A40 / W40 
128Temperature control system Presto A45 / A45t 
129Temperature control system PRESTO A80 / W80 
130Temperature control system Presto A85 / A85t / W85 / W85t 
131Temperature control system Presto W50 / W50t 
132Temperature control system Presto W55 
133Temperature controller LC4 / LC6 
134Test and simulation equipment Eco line 
135Test tube racks for shaking water baths 1083, 1086 and 1092 
136Thermal fluids 
137Thermal G Bath Fluid 
138Thermal HL30 bath fluid 
139Thermal HL60 bath fluid 
140Thermal M bath fluid 
141Thermostats STANDARD series 
142Tray type 3960 for shaking water baths 1083, 1086 and 1092 
143Tubing accessories for thermostats STANDARD / ARCTIC series 
144Ultra-low refrigerated circulators HighTech 
145Vertical light chambers 
146Water bath protective media Aqua-Stabil 
147Water baths PURA 
148Water baths WTB 
149Water level regulator for Hydro shaking water baths H 20 S, H 20 SW and H 20 SOW 
150Water recirculators TC-series 
151Water recirculators Unichiller, upright models 
152Water recirculators Unichiller, upright models