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13 channel temperature measuring instrument testo 735-2 
2Accessories for data loggers with display 
3Accessories for digital temperature measuring device type 13100 
4Accessories for EBI 25 wireless dystem 
5Accessories for multi-use USB data logger EBI 310 
6Accessories for temperature and humidity logger testo 175 H1 
7Accessories for temperature logger EBI-20 T1 / TE1 and temperature humidity logger EBI-20 TH1 
8Accessories for temperature logger testo 175 T1 
9Accessories for temperature logger testo 175 T3 
10Accessories for testo 110 
11Accessories for testo 720 
12Accessories for testo 735-2 
13Accessories for testo 925 / 922 
14Accessories for WAStick tester kit series 
15Accurate versatile thermometer testo 110 
16AirControl 5000 CO2 instrument with data logger 
17Allround thermometers testo 922 / 925 
18AMA-THERM precision thermometer, with non-wetting special blue filling 
19ASTM precision thermometers ACCU-SAFE, stem type 
20ASTM thermometers 
21Bottle thermometers with organic filling 
22Combination instrument for temperature, humidity and dewpoint P330 
23Cooking oil tester testo 270 
24Core temperature thermometer testo 106 
25Core temperature thermometer testo 108 
26Core thermometers TTX 200 / 210 
27Data logger 
28Data loggers with display 
29Digital handheld measuring device with two input channels type 13100 
30Digital maxima-minima-thermometer 
31Digital min / max alarm thermometers type 13000 
32Digital min/max alarm thermometer with date / time setting, type 13030 
33Digital push-in thermometer type 12070 
34Digital push-in thermometer with plastic sleeve incl. clip type 12050 
35Digital push-in thermometer with temperature probe, type 13010 
36Digital refrigerator thermometers TMX 
37Digital thermo-hygrometer 
38Digital thermometer Prima Long 
39Digital thermometer, Maxi Pen 
40Digital thermometers for simulaneous monitoring of freezers and refrigerators 
41Digital-measuring instrument with temperature probe type 12200 
42Dual Thermo Max / Min with temperature alarm 
43EBI 20-TE1-Set temperature data logger 
44EBI 25 wireless system 
45Electronic contact thermometer GFX 460 
46Electronic digital thermometer "ama-digit ad 14 th" 
47Electronic digital thermometer "ama-digit ad 15 th" 
48Electronic digital thermometer "ama-digit ad 20 th" 
49Electronic digital thermometer "Vario Therm" 
50Electronic digital thermometers Multi 
51Equipment for TA 140 logger for temperature and humidity 
52External probes for USB temperature data loggers EBI-300 / 310 
53Fold-Back thermometer TLC 1598 
54Folding pocket thermometers ThermoJack 
55Folding thermometer testo 104 
56FOM 330 Food Oil Monitor to control fryer Oil 
57Freezer thermometer, data logger type 15010 
58General purpose thermometer, solid stem 
59General purpose thermometer, solid stem 
60General purpose thermometers - environmentally friendly 
61General purpose thermometers eco, enclosed scale 
62General purpose thermometers eco, solid stem 
63General purpose thermometers with safety casing - eco-friendly 
64General purpose thermometers with safety coating, screw cap and eyelet - eco-friendly 
65General purpose thermometers, enclosed scale 
66General purpose thermometers, enclosed scale 
67High Precision Thermometer TFX 430 
68Humidity and temperature measuring instrument testo 610 
69Humidity, dewpoint and temperature monitor testo 608-H2 
70Hygrometer TFH 610 
71Hygrometer TFH 620 
72Hygrometer with pressure indication testo 622 
73IAQ WiFi data logger testo 160 
74Immersion / penetration thermometers MiniTherm 
75Indoor thermometers 
76Industrial thermometers, straight stem 
77Infrared thermometer 'blitz-temp' 
78Infrared thermometer Miniflash I 
79Infrared thermometer testo 825-T1 
80Infrared thermometer testo 826-T2 
81Infrared thermometer testo 826-T4 
82Infrared thermometer testo 830-T2 
83Infrared thermometer testo 835-H1 
84Infrared thermometer testo 835-T1 
85Infrared thermometer testo 835-T2 
86Infrared thermometer with circle laser SCANTEMP 410 
87Infrared thermometer with laser SCANTEMP 440 
88Infrared thermometer with piercing probe Dualtemp Pro 
89Infrared thermometers testo 830-T4 
90Infrared thermometers TFI 260 / TFI 550 / TFI 650 
91Labo-clip holding device 
92Laboratory pocket thermometer LABTHERM 
93Laboratory thermometer with alarm 
94Laboratory thermometers, enclosed scale, incl. DAkkS calibration 
95Laboratory thermometers, stemform, incl. DAkkS calibration 
96LOG 32 TH data logger, temperature and humidity 
97LOG10 temperature data loggers 
98LOG100 / LOG110 temperature and humidity loggers 
99Low temperature thermometers, calibratable 
100Maximum / minimum thermometers, Six-type 
101Measuring sensors for P400 / P410 
102Mini humidity meter 
103Mini humidity meter 
104Mini penetration thermometer 
105Mini penetration thermometer 
106Mini temperature data loggers testo 174T 
107Moisture measuring instrument 
108Multi-purpose infrared and penetration thermometer testo 104-IR 
109Multi-use USB data logger EBI 300 
110Multi-use USB data logger EBI 310 
111Multi-use USB data logger EBI 310 DI 
112Multi-use USB data logger EBI 310 TE 
113Multi-use USB data logger EBI 310 TE 
114Multi-use USB data logger EBI 310 TH 
115Multi-use USB data logger EBI 310 TH 
116Multi-use USB data logger EBI 310 TX 
117P4000 Profi-thermometer 
118Pocket thermometers 
119Pocket thermometers, enclosed scale 
120Pocket thermometers, solid stem 
121Pre-drill for frozen food 
122Precision handheld device for resistance thermometers 
123Precision laboratory thermometer ACCU-SAFE, stem type, like ASTM 
124Precision thermometers 
125Precision thermometers suitable for government verification 
126Pt 100 laboratory thermometer testo 720 
127Pt 100 Precision Thermometer TFX 430 
128Refrigerators thermometer, plastic 
129Room climate monitor RM 100 
130Setting point thermometers DIN 12 785, calibratable 
131Single-use USB temperature data logger EBI 330-T30 
132Smart cases 
133Smart probes - differential pressure gauge operated with smartphone testo 510i 
134Smart probes - infrared thermometer operated with smartphone testo 805i 
135Smart probes - thermometer operated with smartphone testo 905i 
136TA 140 logger for temperature and humidity 
137TC-1 thermal camera with micro-SD memory 
138Tempasure low temperature indicators 
139Temperature / humidity probes for testo Saveris 2-H2 
140Temperature / Humidity-Logger TA 120 
141Temperature and humidity logger testo 175 H1 
142Temperature datalogger type 15210, with 4 channels 
143Temperature logger EBI-20 T1 / TE1 and temperature humidity logger EBI-20 TH1 
144Temperature logger testo 175 T1 
145Temperature logger testo 175 T3 
146Temperature logger testo 184 T3 
147Temperature logger testo 184 T4 
148Temperature meter P300 
149Temperature probes for "ama-digit ad 20 th" 
150Temperature probes for testo Saveris 2-T2 
151Temperature probes for testo Saveris 2-T3 
152Temperature probes Lemo 
153Temperature- and humidity logger testo 184 H1 
154Temperature-, humidity- and shock logger testo 184 G1 
155Temperature-Humidity instrument TA 100 Humidity Alert 
156TempMate GS GSM single use data logger for temperature and humidity 
157testo 606-1 wood and material moisture meter 
158testo 606-2 Wood and material moisture meter with built-in moisture meter and NTC air thermometer 
159TFX 420 Thermometer 
160Thermax 1 level indicator 
161Thermax chill checker 
162Thermax clock indicators 
163Thermax color change crayons 
164Thermax temperature strips, 10 temperatures 
165Thermax temperature strips, 5 temperatures 
166Thermax temperature strips, 8 temperatures 
167Thermometer (2-Channel) testo 810 
168Thermometer holder, PC 
169Thermometer Precisa ad 3000 th 
170Thermometer rack 
171Thermometer TFX 410 
172Thermometer TTX 110 
173Thermometers 1- or 2-channel TFN 520 / TFN 530 
174Thermometers Pocket-Digitemp 
175Thermometers similar to ASTM 
176TLC 700 Basic Fold-Back Thermometer 
177TLC 750i dual infrared foldback thermometer 
178Type k Probes for Immersion (NICR-NI) 
179type K probes for immersion with handle 
180type K probes for special applications with handle 
181type K thermoelectric cable 
182Universal thermometer P700 
183USB temperature loggers testo 184 T1 and T2 
184Wall bracktet for data logger testo 184 
185WAStick tester COND 1 set 
186WAStick tester pH 1 set 
187WAStick tester pH 5 / pH 5 FOOD sets 
188Waterproof mini-thermometer 
189Winlog.pro software for data loggers 
190Wireless data logger testo Saveris 2-H1 
191Wireless data logger testo Saveris 2-H2 
192Wireless data logger testo Saveris 2-T1 
193Wireless data logger testo Saveris 2-T2 
194Wireless data logger testo Saveris 2-T2