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1Accessories for electronic contact thermometers ETS-D5 / ETS-D6 
2Accessories for Heat-On 
3Accessories for magnetic stirrer RCT basic 
4Accessories for magnetic stirrer RET control-visc 
5Accessories for magnetic stirrer RH basic 
6Accessories for magnetic stirrer RH digital 
7Accessories for magnetic stirrers C-MAG 
8Accessories for magnetic stirrers STIRRING HOTPLATE and DRYBATH 
9Accessories for stirrer Eurostar 40 digital / 60 digital / RW 20 digital 
10Accessories for stirrers Hei-TORQUE 
11Anchor-type impeller 
12Blade impeller 
13BOLA Beakerliner, PTFE 
14BOLA egg-shaped magnetic stirring bars, PTFE 
15BOLA globe stirrer couplings 
16BOLA magnetic stirrer heads 
17BOLA Magnetic stirrer heads P-MRK 
18BOLA magnetic stirring bar retriever 
19BOLA magnetic stirring bars cylinder 
20BOLA Power magnetic stirring bars 
21BOLA stirrer shafts 
22Cell culture stirrer bioMIX 1 
23Cimarec i Advanced Multipoint 6 / 15 stirrer with 6 and 15 stirring points 
24Cimarec i Maxi Direct magnetic stirrer 
25Cimarec i Poly 15 multipoint stirrer with 15 stirring points 
26Cimarec i Telesystem Multispoint stirrer with external control, 6, 15 and 60 stirring points 
27Cimarec Power Direct magnetic stirrer 
28Control unit bioMIXcontrol 
29Control unit for 2mag MIXdrive MTP stirring drives 
30Control unit MIXcontrol XL 
31Control units MAXcontrol / FABcontrol 
32Control units MIXcontrol 20 / 20 RS232 
33Control units MIXcontrol 40 / 40 RS232 
34Control units MIXcontrol eco / eco DINrail 
35Disposable stirring spatulas, PS 
36Dry heating block-square series for magnetic stirrers 
37Dry heating block-square series for magnetic stirrers 
38DrySyn attachments: inserts for round bottom flasks 
39DURAN® KPG stirrer shafts, WB 10, 240 mm, interchangeable, bearing surface ground and polished 
40DURAN® KPG-Lagerhülsen, austauschbar, Lauffläche geschliffen und poliert 
41Electronic contact thermometer ETS-D6 
42Electronic contact thermometers ETS-D5 
43Floating stir bars 
44Glass stirrer coupling, flexible 
45Heat-On blocks 
46Heat-On safety covers 
47Heating baths for oil 
48Komet super-strong magnetic stirring bars 
49KPG stirrer shafts 
50KPG stirrer shafts, Duran 
51Magnetic induction stirrers 
52Magnetic stirrer C-MAG HS 4 / 7 / 10 digital 
53Magnetic stirrer C-MAG HS 7 control 
54Magnetic stirrer color squid 
55Magnetic Stirrer Hei-PLATE Complete Packages 
56Magnetic stirrer hotMIX 1 
57Magnetic stirrer IKA Plate (RCT digital) 
58Magnetic stirrer IKA RCT 5 digital 
59Magnetic stirrer luMIX 
60Magnetic stirrer Mini MR standard 
61Magnetic stirrer MIXdrive 1 XL 
62Magnetic stirrer myPlate 
63Magnetic stirrer RCT basic 
64Magnetic Stirrer Reflux Complete Packages 
65Magnetic stirrer RET basic 
66Magnetic stirrer RET control-visc / white 
67Magnetic stirrer RH basic 
68Magnetic stirrer RH basic 2 Ikamag 
69Magnetic stirrer RH digital 
70Magnetic stirrer topolino / topolino mobil 
71Magnetic stirrers big squid 
72Magnetic stirrers bioMIXdrive 
73Magnetic stirrers C-MAG HS 
74Magnetic stirrers C-MAG MS 
75Magnetic stirrers KMO 3 basic 
76Magnetic stirrers lab disc 
77Magnetic stirrers MAXdrive / FABdrive 
78Magnetic stirrers maxMIX / MIX 1 XL 
79Magnetic stirrers Midi / Maxi MR 1 digital 
80Magnetic stirrers MIXdrive 1 / 1 HT 
81Magnetic stirrers MIXdrive 1 eco / 1 eco HT 
82Magnetic stirrers MIXdrive 15 / 15 HT 
83Magnetic stirrers MIXdrive 6 / 6 HT 
84Magnetic stirrers MIXdrive 60 / 60 HT 
85Magnetic stirrers of the MR series with heating 
86Magnetic stirrers STIRRING HOTPLATE 6 / 15 
87Magnetic stirrers without heating model Hei-MIX 
88Magnetic stirring bar retriever, PTFE 
89Magnetic stirring bar, Ø 12 mm, spherical, PLASTIBRAND PTFE 
90Magnetic stirring bars crosshead 
91Magnetic stirring bars crosshead 
92Magnetic stirring bars cylindrical 
93Magnetic stirring bars cylindrical 
94Magnetic stirring bars cylindrical, conical 
95Magnetic stirring bars cylindrical, with pivot ring 
96Magnetic stirring bars double-ended 
97Magnetic stirring bars ellipse form 
98Magnetic stirring bars octahedral, with pivot ring 
99Magnetic stirring bars RS 1 / RS 2 
100Magnetic stirring bars triangular 
101Mini magnetic stirrers 
102Miniaturised magnetic stirrer cuvetteMIXdrive 1 
103Mobile magnetic stirrer accuMIX 
104Multi-position magnetic stirrer with heating RT 5 / 10 / 15 
105Multi-position magnetic stirrers RO 5 / 10 / 15 
106Multi-Well holder and inserts 
107Multiple stirring drive for microtiter plates Mixdrive 6 / 12 / 24 / 96 MTP 
108Multiposition stirrer MIX 4 MS 
109Multiposition stirrers with internal controller 
110Overhead stirrer EUROSTAR 100 control 
111Overhead stirrer EUROSTAR 100 control P4 
112Overhead stirrer EUROSTAR 100 digital 
113Overhead stirrer EUROSTAR 20 digital 
114Overhead stirrer EUROSTAR 20 high speed control 
115Overhead stirrer EUROSTAR 20 high speed digital 
116Overhead stirrer EUROSTAR 200 control 
117Overhead stirrer EUROSTAR 200 control P4 
118Overhead stirrer EUROSTAR 200 digital 
119Overhead stirrer EUROSTAR 40 digital 
120Overhead stirrer EUROSTAR 400 control 
121Overhead stirrer EUROSTAR 400 digital 
122Overhead stirrer EUROSTAR 60 control 
123Overhead stirrer EUROSTAR 60 digital 
124Overhead Stirrer Hei-TORQUE Core 
125Overhead stirrer Hei-TORQUE Precision 400 
126Overhead stirrer Hei-TORQUE Value 400 
127Overhead Stirrer MINISTAR 20 / 40 / 80, MICROSTAR 7.5 / 15 / 30 digital and NANOSTAR 7.5 digital 
128Overhead stirrer with digital display RW 20 digital 
129Overhead stirrers Hei-TORQUE Precision 100 / 200 
130Overhead stirrers Hei-TORQUE Value 100 / 200 
131Overhead stirrers MICROSTAR 7,5 / 15 / 30 and MINISTAR 20 / 40 / 80 control 
132Pitched blade impellers 
133Radial flow impellers 
134RSE stirring bar remover 
135Rubber policemen 
136Single position stirrers with internal controller 
137Stand with an integrated scale IKA [scale] 
138Stirrer RKG-00-Bo 0,55 kW ATEX Package 
139Stirrer RW 28 digital 
140Stirrer RW 47 digital 
141Stirring bars ASTEROID 
142Stirring bars SATELLITE 
143Stirring elements 
144Stirring elements 
145Stirring Rods 
146Stirring rods 
147Stirring rods, glass 
148Support rod magnetic stirrers KMO 2 basic 
149Temperature sensors for magnetic stirrer Hei-Tec, Hei-Connect and Hei-End 
150Temperature sensors for magnetic stirrer RCT basic 
151Temperature sensors for magnetic stirrer RET control/t and RET control 
152Torque-measuring stirrer IKA STARVISC 200-2.5 control 
153VISCOJET impellers