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1Base frame 'tube' 
2Bosshead aluminium (DIN 12895) 
3Bosshead for frames 
4Bosshead TECHNO 
5Bosshead, laboral 
10Bossheads, cross-type, aluminium-alloy 
11Chain clamp, malleable cast iron, Kaufmann type 
12Chain clamp, steel 18 / 10 
13Clamp bossheads 
14Cross bossheads 
15Foot for stand base rods 
16Holder for compressed gas cylinders 
17Lab Jack Boy 
18Lab-jacks "MAXI" 
19Lab-jacks "MAXI" 
20Lab-jacks, aluminium 
21Lab-jacks, anodised aluminium 
22Lab-jacks, st. steel 
23Laboratory lifting stages, hydraulic 
24Laboratory lifting stages, manually operated 
25Manual laboratory lift 
26Micro clamps 
27Micro clamps 
28Rods for stand bases M10 
29Rods for stand bases, steel 18 / 10, with and without thread 
30Sockets for rods without thread 
31Stand bases 
32Stand bases, steel, varnished 
33Support clamp, 3 prongs 
34Support clamp, round jaws 
35Support clamps 
36Support clamps, 4 prongs 
37Support clamps, steel 18 / 10 
38Support ring, steel 18 / 10, with or without bosshead 
39Supporting fork with vertical / centric holder 
40Universal clamp 
41Universal clamp, aluminium