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1Accessories for CryoMill 
2Alcohol burner 
3Base frame 'tube' 
4Beakers with spout 
5Beakers, stainless steel 18 / 10, with rim 
9Chemical scoop 
10Chemist's set, 4 pcs. 
11Chemist's spoon 
12Cover glass forceps 
13Cover glass forceps, 105 mm 
14Cover glass forceps, stainless steel 
15Crucible tongs with teflon coated tips, steel 18 / 10 
16Cryo racks 
17CryoBox racks, stainless steel, Nalgene 
18Dissecting scissors 
19Dissecting scissors, 105 mm 
20Dissecting scissors, 130 mm 
21Double spatulas, round, bent 
22Double spatulas, steel 18 / 10 and pure nickel 
23Double-ended spoons, steel 18 / 10 
24Dressing jars, with lid 
25Dressing scissors, stainless steel 
26Drigalski spatulas, stainless steel 
27Evaporating dishes with rim 
28Forceps for filter paper 
29Forceps for tissues and tumours 
34General purpose spoons and spatulas 
35Graduated jugs, stainless steel 18 / 8, heavy form, spout, handle 
36Instrument trays 
37Instrument trays with lid 
38Instrument trays, stainless steel 
39Insulate containers 
40Jugs, st. steel 18 / 10, inside graduated, with handle 
41Laboratory bowls, flat form 
42Laboratory bowls, high form 
43Laboratory forceps, stainless steel 
44Laboratory scissors 
45Laboratory scissors, plastic handle 
46Laboratory spoons, steel 18 / 10 
47Laboratory trays 
49Metal cap, stainless steel, 38 mm 
50Micro dissecting scissors, 105 mm 
51Micro double spatulas 
52Micro dressing forceps 
53Micro powder spatulas with black plastic handle 
54Micro powder spatulas, stainless steel 
55Micro preparation forceps, stainless steel 
56Micro scoops 
57Micro spatula, pear-shaped, with black plastic handle 
58Micro spatulas Chattaway, double-ended 
59Micro spatulas with black plastic handle 
60Micro spatulas, stainless steel, metal handle 
61Micro spatulas, stainless steel, spoon-shaped 
62Micro spoon spatulas 
63Micro spoon with black plastic handle 
64Micro spoon, stainless steel 
65Micro weighing spatula 
66Micro-powder spatulas, stainless steel 18 / 8 
67Microscopic forceps, stainless steel 
68Microscopy scissors, 110 mm 
69Microscopy scissors, 115 mm 
70Microscopy scissors, angled 
72Mini funnels 
73Mixing spatulas, double, stainless steel 
74Mixing spatulas, double, stainless steel 
75Mortar double spatulas 
76Paper scissors, stainless steel 
77Pharma scoops 
79Poly spoons 
80Powder spoon 
81Precision forceps 
82Preparation forceps, fine 
83Scalpels, fine pattern, stainless steel 
84Scissors for cutting tubes 
85Section lifters 
86Soldering tweezers, stainless steel 
87Spatula set, 7 pcs. 
88Spatulas with spoon 
89Spatulas with wooden handle, steel 18 / 10 
90Spatulas, double ended, Chattaway 
91Spatulas, double ended, Wironit steel 
92Spatulas, round, bent 
93Spoon, open 
96Spoons, onesided 
97Stainless steel forceps 
98Surgical scissors, delicated 
99Test sieve accessories for sieve shakers AS 200 / 300 / 450 
100Test tube holder 
101Test tube stands, detachable 
102Tongs for assays, st. steel 18 / 10 
103Tongs for beakers, st. steel 18 / 10 
104Tongs for crucibles, st. steel 18 / 10 
105Tongs for evaporating dishes, st. steel 18 / 10 
106Tongs for flasks, st. steel 18 / 10 
107Tubing clamps, 28 mm 
108Tubing clamps, selftension 
109Universal holding tongs 
110Universal holding tongs, stainless steel, 195 mm 
111Universal scissors 
112Universal scissors, stainless steel 
113Weighing spatulas, stainless steel