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1Accessories for Eurodispenser RX5 Touchless 
2Accessories for Eurodispenser touchless 
3Alcoholic hand disinfectant Sterillium classic pure 
4AQUARIUS hand cleanser dispensers 
5Care lotion TRIXO 
6Cleaning Lotion Softaskin® (new formulation) 
7Cleansing lotion LIFOSAN soft 
8CombiPlum Dispenser 
9Cream Plutect Dual - skin care before and during work 
10Dosing dispenser CleanSafe 
11Dosing pump for a hygienic dispensing from 500 and 1000 ml bottles 
12Electronic touchless skincare system 
13Eurodispenser 1 Plus 
14Eurodispenser 1 plus Touchless 
15Eurodispenser 3000 
16Eurodispenser RX5 Touchless 
17Gel hand sanitiser Sterillium Gel pure 
18Hand disinfectant 
19Hand disinfectant Promanum pure 
20Hand disinfectant SOFTA-MAN 
21Hand disinfectant SOFTA-MAN ViscoRub 
22Hand disinfectant Sterillium 
23Hand disinfectant Sterillium classic pure 
24Hand disinfectant Sterillium Virugard 
25Hand disinfectant weigoman / weigoman fragrance-free 
26Hand Hygiene System 
27KLEENEX gel hand sanitiser, pump-action cassettes 
28LINDESA with beeswax 
29Mild cream soap Plum Fresh 
30Products for CombiPlum dispenser 
31Refill for desk caddy 
32Skin care Baktolan balm 
33Skin care Baktolan balm pure 
34Skin care Baktolan lotion 
35Skin care Baktolan lotion pure 
36Skin care cream Handy Plus - skin care after work 
37Skin care cream triformin care 
38Skin care lotion Trixo-lind 
39Skin protection cream Baktolan protect 
40Skin protection cream Baktolan protect+ pure 
41STOKOLAN skin protection lotion 
42Wall dispensers plus 
43Wash lotion Baktolin pure 
44Wash lotion Baktolin sensitive 
45Wash lotion Stellisept scrub 
46Washing lotion triformin wash