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1Accessories for air bacteria samplers MD8 
2Accessories for arium 61316 reverse osmosis system 
3Accessories for arium comfort I systems 
4Accessories for arium pro ultrapure water systems 
5Accessories for Arium® Advance reverse osmosis system 
6Accessories for Cubis II balances 
7Accessories for Cubis laboratory balances 
8Accessories for Microsart and Biosart 
9Accessories for moisture analyser MA100 
10Accessories for moisture analyser MA37 
11Accessories for reverse osmosis system arium advance RO 
12Accessories for ultrapure water systems arium mini / mini plus 
13Accessories for universal pump Sterisart 
14AdenoPACK kits for adenovirus purification 
15Air bacteria sampler MD8 AirPort 
16arium comfort I systems 
17arium Water Guard 
18Arium® Advance L Reverse Osmosis System 
19Arium® Cell Plus Ultrafilter 
20Arium® Extended Connection Set 
21Arium® Smart Station - Flexible Remote Dispenser 
22Arium® Sterile Plus 
23Bench protection papers 
24BioSart 100 Monitors 
25Biosart 100 nutrient media 
26Blotting papers 
27Bottle-top dispensers Prospenser 
28Bottle-top dispensers Prospenser Plus 
29Centrifuge unit Centrisart I 
30Chromatography papers grade FN 1 
31Claristep syringeless filters 
32Combisart filter manifold systems, stainless steel 
33Cubis analytical balances 
34Cubis II high-capacity balances 
35Cubis II precision balances 
36Cubis II semi-micro and analytical balances 
37Cubis II ultra-micro and micro balances 
38Electronic pipettes eLINE, 12-channel, incl. charging device 
39Entris II Essential Line - analytical balances 
40Entris II Essential Line - precision balances with external calibration 
41Entris II Essential Line - precision balances with internal calibration 
42Entris® II Advanced Line - Analytical Balances 
43Entris® II Advanced Line - Precision Balances with External Calibration 
44Entris® II Advanced Line - Precision Balances with Internal Calibration 
45Entris® II Advanced Line - Precision Balances with Internal Calibration 
46Ergomate, 10 orientation grids for inserting into the microplate holder 
47Extraction thimbles, type 30 
48Filter circles type 4 B 
49Filter Funnels BioSart 250 
50Filter holders, stainless steel, type 16254 
51Filter papers 
52Filter papers 
53Filter papers, qualitativ-technical, SM grade 6 S/N 
54Filter papers, qualitative, SM grade 292 
55Filter papers, qualitative-technical, SM grade 3 S/h 
56Filter papers, qualitative-technical, SM grade 5 H/N 
57Filter papers, quantitative, SM grade 388 - black spot 
58Filter papers, quantitative, SM grade 389, white spot 
59Filter papers, quantitative, SM grade 391, blue spot 
60Filter papers, quantitative, SM grade 392 - red spot 
61Filter papers, technical, grade 6 
62Filter papers, technical, SM grade 3 m/N 
63Filter tips, pre-sterilised, single rack 
64Filter unit, PC, type 16510 
65Filter unit, PC, type 16511 
67Folded filters 
68Gelatine filters for MD8 AirPort / MD8 airscan 
69Glass fibre pre-filters 13400 
70Glass Mikrofiber Filters / Grade 13400/13430/13440 
71Glass Mikrofiber Filters / Grade MG 1387/1 
72Glass Mikrofiber Filters / Grade MG 160 
73Glass Mikrofiber Filters / Grade MG 227 
74Glass Mikrofiber Filters / Grade MG 550 
75Glass Mikrofiber Filters / Grade MGA 
76Glass Mikrofiber Filters / Grade MGB 
77Glass Mikrofiber Filters / Grade MGC 
78Glass Mikrofiber Filters / Grade MGD 
79Glass Mikrofiber Filters / Grade MGF 
80Glass Mikrofiber Filters / Grade MGG 
81Hydrosart Membran 
82Infrared moisture analyser MA160 
83Laborartory moisture analyser LMA200PM-000EU 
84Lens cleaning tissues, grade 2113 
85Low retention tips 
86Manual mLINE, 1-channel, mechanical 
87Manual mLINE, 12-channel, mechanical 
88Manual mLINE, 8-channel, mechanical 
89Membrane filter type 184, regenerated cellulose 
90Membrane filters type 111, cellulose acetate 
91Membrane filters type 113 
92Membrane filters type 114, sterile 
93Membrane filters type 118, PTFE, hydrophobic 
94Membrane filters type 130, sterile 
95Membrane filters type 138 
96Membrane filters type 139 
97Membrane filters type 154, PES 
98Membrane filters type 230, PC 
99Membrane filters type 250, polyamide 
100Microsart @filter 100 sterile disposable filter units 
101Microsart @filter 250 sterile disposable filter units 
102Microsart e.motion dispensers 
103Microsart e.motion membrane filters 
104Microsart filter manifold systems, stainless steel 
105Microsart Funnels 100 
106midiPLUS Biohit Midi Plus, 0.1 to 100 ml 
107Midisart 2000, air filtration units 
108Minisart RC syringe filters with hydrophilic, solvent-resistant RC membranes 
109Minisart SRP syringe filters with pure and chemically inert PTFE membrane 
110mLINE starter kits 
111Moisture analyser MA100 
112Moisture analyser MA37 
113Moisture analysers MA35 
114Multi-Channel Pipettes Picus, variable 
115Multi-channel pipettes Tacta, variable 
116Nutrient media 
117Nutrient pad sets in Petri dishes 
118One System - Everything in It: arium® pro UV Ultrapure Water System with Arium® Smart Station and Accessories 
119Optifit pipette tips Standard, PP, non-sterile 
120Optifit pipette tips Standard, PP, pre-sterilised 
121PC in-line pressure filter holder, type 16508 
122Pedal switch for Microsart e.motion filter dispenser 
123Pipette holders 
124Polyethylenbeschichtetes Papier / Sorte LabSorb 
125Practum analytical- and precision balances 
126Pressure filter holder, stainless steel 
127Pressure filter holders, stainless steel, type 16249 
128Pressure filter holders, stainless steel, type 16274 
129Pressure filter holders, stainless steel, type 16275 
130Pressure filtration capsules, Sartobran 150 / 300 
131Pressure filtration units Sartolab P20 / P20 plus 
132proLINE electronic, 1-channel, without charging stand 
133Proline Plus starter kits 
134Proline Plus, 1-channel pipette, manual, fix 
135Proline Plus, 1-channel pipette, manual, variable 
136Proline Plus, 12-channel pipette, manual, variable 
137Proline Plus, 8-channel pipette, manual, variable 
138Pure water tanks arium 613AOV 
139Qualitative filter papers, wet strength, SM grade 1288 
140Qualitative filter papers, wet strength, SM grade 1289 
141Quantitative Papiere 
142Quintix analytical- and precision balances 
143Reverse osmosis system arium advance RO 
144SafeCone filter 
145SafetySpace™ Filter Tip, 5-300 µl, single tray 
146Sartobran-P Capsules 
147Sartofluor 300 Capsule 
148Sartolab MultiStation 
149Sartolab RF / BT filter systems 
150Sartolab RF 50 filter systems 
151Sartopore2 150 membrane filter capsules 
152Sartopore2 300 membrane filter capsules 
153Secura analytical- and precision balances 
154Single-Channel Pipettes Picus, variable 
155Single-channel pipettes Tacta, variable 
156Stainless steel filter holders, type 16251 
157Stands for Picus & Tacta pipettes 
158Syringe filter holder, type 16214, 25 mm 
159Syringe filter holders, PC, type 16514 / 16517 
160Syringe filter holders, PTFE, type 16574 
161Syringe filters Minisart 
162Syringe filters Minisart GF 
163Syringe filters Minisart High-Flow 
164Syringe filters Minisart NY 15 
165Syringe filters Minisart NY 25 / NY 25 X plus 
166Syringe filters Minisart RC 
167Syringe filters Minisart SRP 
168Syringe filters Minisart-plus 
169Tank system arium bagtanks 
171Ultrapure water system arium mini 
172Ultrapure water system arium mini plus 
173Ultrapure water systems arium pro 
174Universal pump Sterisart 
175Vacusart filtration unit 
176Vacuum filter assembly, all-glass 
177Vacuum filter holders, glass 
178Vacuum filter holders, glass, glass frit 
179Vacuum filter holders, stainless steel 
180Vivacell 100, accessories 
181Vivacell 250 - accessories 
182Vivacell 70 / Vivacell 100, Centrifugal concentrators 
183Vivacon 2 
184Vivacon 2 PCR Grade 
185Vivacon 500 
186Vivacon 500 PCR Grade 
187Vivaflow 200, filtration units 
188Vivaflow 200, filtration units, complete system 
189Vivaflow 50, filtration units 
190Vivaflow 50, filtration units, complete system 
191Vivaflow, accessories 
192Vivapore 10 / 20, static concentrators 
193Vivapore 5, static concentrators 
194Vivapore, concentrators, accessories 
195Vivaspin 15R, membrane hydrosart 
196Vivaspin 2, membrane cellulose triacetate 
197Vivaspin 2, membrane HYDROSART 
198Vivaspin 2, membrane PES 
199Vivaspin 20, accessories 
200Vivaspin 20, membrane PES