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1- 86 °C ultra-low temperature freezers New Brunswick Innova 
2100 well microtube storage boxes 
350 Well microtube storage boxes 
481 well microtube storage boxes 
5Accesories for ultra-low temperature freezers - TSX series 
6Accessories for circulating air refrigerators / freezers CR / CF610 
7Accessories for Eppendorf CryoStorage Vials 
8Accessories for extended time refrigerators 
9Accessories for high-capacity refrigerators HC series 
10Accessories for liquid nitrogen dewars - LD series 
11Accessories for Manitowoc Ice flake ice machines 
12Accessories for Panasonic freezers 
13Accessories for shippers - series CX 
14Accessories for Tecnomac Blast Chiller / Shock Freezer T 5 / 14 
15Aluminium colour codes for holder 
16Aluminium rack 
17Aluminium vial holder CryoCane 
18Arctic Squares cryogenic storage boxes 
19Black light tight storage boxes 
20Blood bank refrigerators BR 
21Blood plasma storage cabinets FR 
22Blood plasma storage cabinets MF 
23Cap inserts for cryo tubes 
24ChipIce makers 
25Colour coders 
26Colour-coded plates for CryoPure tubes 
27Coloured adhesive labels 'Rainbow' for cryo boxes 
28Coloured cryo boxes 
29Combination lab refrigerator / freezer ES series 
30Cool bags Urban Picnic 
31Cool box Isotherm Extreme 
32Cool box Powerbox Plus 36L 
33Cooling elements Flexi Freez'Pack 
34Cooling elements Freez'Pack 
35Corning cryo vials, PP 
36Cryo boxes 
37Cryo boxes 
38Cryo Boxes EPPi 37, with code 
39Cryo Boxes EPPi 50, 9 x 9 
40Cryo Boxes EPPi 50, with frame and bottom code 
41Cryo Boxes EPPi 50, with frame code 
42Cryo Boxes EPPi 50, without grid dividers 
43Cryo boxes for microcentrifuge tubes 
44Cryo Boxes made of cardboard 
45Cryo boxes with grid inserts 
46Cryo boxes without grid inserts 
47Cryo boxes, cardboard 
48Cryo boxes, EPPi Junior 45 
49Cryo gloves, waterproof 
50Cryo racks 
51Cryo slide-in units for freezer cabinets 
52Cryo tubes storage boxes, PC 
53Cryo tubes, PP, with external / internal thread 
54Cryo-Babies and Cryo-Tags - 196 to + 150 °C 
55Cryo-racks for freezer cabinets 
56Cryo-racks for freezer chests 
57CryoBox 100 
58CryoBox PC, Nalgene, system 100 
59CryoBox racks, stainless steel, Nalgene 
60Cryobox, PC, Nalgene 
61CryoCube F101h ultra-low temperature freezer 
62CryoCube ultra-low temperature freezers 
63CryoCube ultra-low temperature freezers 
64CryoCube® F570 series 
65CryoCube® Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers F440 Series 
66CryoExtra™ High-Efficiency Cryogenic Storage Systems 
67CryoFlex tubing 
68Cryogenic freezers down to - 150 / - 152 °C 
69Cryogenic storage boxes 
70Cryogenic storage boxes 
71Cryogenic storage systems K Series 
72Cryogenic vial closure colour coders, PS, Nalgene 
73Cryogenic vial rack 
74Cryogenic vials, PP, Nalgene 
75Cryogenic vials, PP, Nalgene 
76CryoMed™ Controlled-Rate Freezer 
77CryoPure tubes, coloured 
78CryoTube mini boxes 
79CryoTube tubes 
80Cryovial racks, floating 
81Cryovials rack, PC, Nalgene 
82Cryoware labels, Nalgene 
83Cryoware markers, Nalgene 
84Cryoware markers, Nalgene 
85Deep dreezers down to - 30 °C 
86Deep freezers down to - 30 °C for medical applications 
87Deep freezers down to - 40 °C 
88Dewar flasks 
89Dewar insulating vessel 
90Dewar transport vessels 
91Dewar transport vessels 
92Dewar vessel, round shape 
93Dewar vessels 
94Dewar vessels with side grip 
95Dry ice makers SnowPack 
96Eppendorf CryoStorage Vials 
97EPPi 0.2 PCR Cryo Boxes 
98EPPi 67 for 5 ml tubes 
99EPPi cellBox cryo boxes 
100EPPi grid dividers 
101EPPi-Rack, racks for EPPi 50 
102ESSENTIAL-line pharmaceutical refrigerator ESSENTIAL-700 
103Euro Transformer 230 V / 12 V 
104Extended time refrigerators series XT 
105Flake ice machines Manitowoc RF-series without storage bin 
106Flake ice machines UFP-series with storage bin 
107Freezing container 
108Freezing- and storage boxes BRAVO Box 50 
109Grid dividers for cryo boxes 
110Grid inserts for cryo boxes 
111Grid inserts, PP 
112HERAfreeze HDE / TDE ultra-low freezers 
113HERAfreeze HFC chest freezers 
114HERAfreeze HFU Basic series upright freezers 
115HERAfreeze HLE ultra-low freezers 
116High-capacity refrigerators - HC series 
117Horizontal cryo box racks 
118Horizontal racks for cryo boxes 
119Horizontal racks for EPPi 50 Cryo Boxes 
120Horizontal racks for EPPi cellBox Cryo Boxes 
121Ice baths 
122Inserts for ice baths, aluminium 
123Lab freezers ES series 
124Lab refrigerators ES series 
125Label station for Tough products 
126Laboratory circulating air freezers medilab 
127Laboratory circulating air refrigerators medilab 
128Laboratory freezer Froster-Labex-70 
129Laboratory freezer Froster-Labex-96 
130Laboratory freezers FROSTER-LABO series 
131Laboratory fridge-freezer LCexv 4010 
132Laboratory fridge-freezer LCv 4010 
133Laboratory refrigerator LABO-468 
134Laboratory Refrigerator with Comfort Electronic Controller LKv 5710-21 and LGv 5010-41 
135Laboratory refrigerators and freezers with Profi electronic control system 
136Laboratory refrigerators EX 
137Laboratory refrigerators Labex 
138Laboratory refrigerators Labo 
139Laboratory refrigerators SUPER series 
140Laboratory refrigerators with recirculating air cooling and spark-free interior 
141Laboratory systems 
142Laboratory systems - LS Series 
143Laboratory units in compact format 
144Labtop coolers 
145Labtop coolers, - 20 °C 
146Labtop coolers, - 20 °C 
147Large-scale freezers LABS series 
148Linen bags for Dewars 
149Liquid cylinders for storage and transportation XL70 to 240 
150Liquid nitrogen dewars - LD series 
151Locator PLUS rack- and box systems 
152Magic Touch 2 ice buckets Handy / N'Icer 
153Magic Touch 2 ice pans Mini / Midi / Maxi 
154Manitowoc Ice storage bins 
155MAX-100 CryoStore Boxes 
156Microtiter horizontal racks 
157Microtiter racks 
158Microtiter vertical racks 
159Mini coolers, PC 
160Options for ultra-low temperature freezers - TSX series 
161Pharmaceutical freezer-MED-95 
162Pharmaceutical refrigerators MED PRO-ACTIVE series 
163Protection sleeve CryoSleeve 
164Rack for cryo tubes 
166Racks for cryo boxes 
167ratiolab cryo boxes with grid inserts, polypropylene 
168ratiolab grid inserts for cryo boxes 
169Refrigerator rack 
170Refrigerators for pharmaceutical storage acc. to DIN 58345 
171Sanyo biomedical freezers MDF-137 / -237 / -437 
172Shippers - series CX / CX-R 
173Spark-free laboratory refrigerators and freezers 
174Spherical Dewar flasks with carrying handle 
175Storage bins for flake ice machines Manitowoc RF-series without storage bin 
176Storage boxes 
177Storage boxes 
178Storage boxes, 10 x 10 compartments 
179Storage boxes, 9 x 9 compartments 
180Storage holder 
181Styrofoam containers 
182Tempering beaker glass 
183Thorbi colour inserts for cryo vials 
184Thorbi cryo vials, sterile 
185Thorbi ice buckets 
186Thorbi ice trays 
187Thorbi well workstation racks for cryo vials 
188Tough-Spots - 196 to + 80 °C 
189Tough-Tags - 40 to + 121 °C 
190True North cool containers 
191True North flatpack freezer boxes, PP 
192True North flatpack freezer boxes, thin film PP 
193True North mini coolers 
194TSX - 30 °C enzyme freezers 
195TSX - 30 °C plasma freezers 
196TSX - 30 °C upright freezers 
197TSX blood bank refrigerators 3 to 7 °C 
198TSX chromatography refrigerators 3 to 7 °C 
199TSX lab refrigerators 3 to 7 °C 
200TSX pharmacy refrigerators 3 to 7 °C