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1Abbe refractometer model 1 T-LIQUID / SOLID 
2Accessories for automatic digital polarimeter AP-300 
3ADP400 series polarimeters 
4Automatic digital polarimeter AP-300 
5Automatic digital refractometer RX-5000 
6Automatic digital refractometer SMART-1 
7Automatic digital refractometers PAL series 
8Battery coolant handheld refractometer, BC-2E 
9Battery coolant refractometer, Master-BR 
10Digital refractometer series palette 
11Handheld refractometers for salinity measurements 
12Handheld refractometers type master 
13PEN-PRO / PEN-URIN S. G. refractometers 
14RFM300-M Refractometers with temperature control and membrane keypad 
15RFM300-T refractometers with temperature control and touchpad 
16RFM700-M Series Refractometers 
17RFM900 digital refractometers 
18Semi-automatic digital polarimeter POLAX-2L