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196 well microtitration plates, PS 
296 well microtitration plates, PS, black and white, clear bottom 
396 well plates for EIA / RIA 
496 well Stripwell microtitration plates, PS 
5BioCoat microplates Poly-D-Lysin 
6BRANDplates cell culture plates for the insert strips 
7Cell culture tubes 
8Cell factories EasyFill with Nunclon D surface 
9Cell factories for active gassing with Nunclon D surface 
10Cell factories with Nunclon D surface 
11CellBIND surface cell culture flasks 
12CellSTACK cell culture chambers 
14Corning 96-well filter plates, PS 
15Corning and Costar cell culture flasks 
16Corning and Costar cell culture flasks 
17Corning cell culture dishes 
18Corning roller bottles, PS 
19Costar storage bottles with caps 
20Costar Stripette pipettes, PS 
21Cryogenic vial closure colour coders, PS, Nalgene 
22Disposable forceps 
23Disposable spinner flasks 
24Dosing spoon and measuring spoon set 
25Dosing spoons, white 
26Double spatula, impact-resistant PS 
27Dual purpose scoops 
28Easy grip storage bottles 
29Falcon microplates 
30Falcon round-bottom tubes, PS 
31Falcon™ permeable support companion plates 
32Filter unit receivers MF75 series 
33Hexagonal weighing boats 
34HYPERFlask cell culture vessels 
35Ice baths 
36LaboPlast single-use scoops 
37Laboratory spatulas 
38Measuring spoons, blue 
39Micro spatulas 
40Microplates BRANDplates, cellGrade 
41Microplates BRANDplates, cellGrade plus 
42Microplates BRANDplates, cellGrade premium 
43Microplates BRANDplates, hydroGrade 
44Microplates BRANDplates, immunoGrade (high binding) 
45Microplates BRANDplates, inertGrade 
46Microplates BRANDplates, lipoGrade 
47Microplates BRANDplates, pureGrade (medium binding) 
48Microplates BRANDplates, pureGrade S 
49MicroWell 96 well microtitration plates 
50MicroWell 96 well microtitration plates with UpCell surface 
51MiniTrays / MicroWell MiniTrays 
52Multi-purpose containers with snap-on lid 
53Petri dishes, PS 
54Reagent reservoirs 
55Rhombus-type weighing boats 
56Sample cups 
57Sample cups for analyser, Technicon 
58Sample cups for analysers 
59Sample tubes 
60Sampling spatulas SteriPlast 
61Sampling spoons 
62Scraper for foodstuffs SteriPlast, blue 
64Serological pipettes 
65Serological pipettes 
66Single-use spatulas LaboPlast 
67Single-use spoons LaboPlast 
68Single-use spoons LaboPlast 
69Spatulas for foodstuffs SteriPlast, blue 
70Spoon spatulas 
71Spoons for foodstuffs SteriPlast, blue 
72Square weighing boats 
73Standard weighing boats 
74Standard weighing boats, sterile 
75Sterile conical-bottom centrifuge bottle 
76SteriPlast scoops 
77SteriPlast scoops for foodstuffs, blue 
78Storage bins, PS 
79Storage boxes for culture vials, PS 
80Transwell PC membrane inserts 
81Tubes with print 
82Tubes, conical base, PS / PP 
83Weighing dishes