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12- / 3-way valves 
3behroplast canisters 
4Bio-bottles, narrow mouth 
5Compact lever pump 
6Disinfectant filling station 
7Disinfectant filling station 
8Disposable plunging siphons 
9Gloves Marigold, size 7.5, blue 
10Gloves, polyethylene 
11Hose couplings 
12Immuno tubes MiniSorp 
13Labels for BMP 71 mobile label printer 
14PCR sealing films and mats 
15PE overboots 
16PE stoppers 
17PE visitor gown 
18PE-stoppers for centrifuge tubes 
19Plastic stoppers, PE 
20Push-on caps for sample cups 
21ratiolab autoclavable bags BIOHAZARD - warning instruction and sterilisation indicator patch 
22ratiolab autoclavable bags BIOHAZARD red 
23Sampling spatulas SteriPlast Bio 
24Single-use spatulas LaboPlast Bio 
25Single-use spoons LaboPlast Bio 
26Single-use spoons LaboPlast Bio 
27Snap caps for containers 
28Stoppers for Immuno tubes MiniSorp 
29Tubing rolls, PE 
30Tubing stopcocks