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124- / 48-well PCR plates, qPCR 
2384-well PCR plates, qPCR 
396-well PCR plates, qPCR 
4Accessories for Axygen strip and individual PCR tubes 
5Accessories for MixMate 
6Accessories for PCR tubes 
7Axygen Axyspin mini plate spinner centrifuge 
8Axygen strip and individual PCR tubes 
9Eppendorf Tubes 3810X 
10Eppendorf Tubes 5.0 mL 
11Fast PCR Tube Strips 
12Masterclear cap strips / real-time PCR tube strips 
13Masterclear real-time PCR film, adhesive 
14Mastercycler nexus GX2 
16PCR box / rack, PP 
17PCR cap strips of 8 
18PCR coolers 
19PCR coolers 
20PCR mini cooler, PP 
21PCR plates, 96-well 
22PCR racks 
23PCR sealing films and mats 
24PCR sealing films and mats 
25PCR sealing mat 
26PCR tubes 
27PCR tubes and caps, strips of 8 
28PCR tubes, strips of 12 
29PCR tubes, strips of 8, with attached cap strip 
30PCR tubes, thin-walled, PP 
31Safe-Lock micro test tubes, PCR clean 
32Sealing options for sample preparation and storage 
33Strips of 8 PCR tubes with attached flat individual caps 
34Tubes 1.2 ml, rack packed 
35twin.tec PCR plates 384 
36twin.tec PCR Plates 96 LoBind, skirted 
37twin.tec PCR plates 96, semi-skirted 
38twin.tec PCR plates 96, skirted 
39twin.tec PCR plates 96, unskirted 
40twin.tec real-time PCR plates 96 and 384 
41UV cabinets for PCR operations