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1Carboys Clearboy 
2Carboys with stopcock, PC 
3Carboys with stopcock, PC 
4Carboys, PC 
5Centrifuge bottles with sealing cap, PC 
6Centrifuge bottles, PC 
7Colour coders 
8Coloured cryo boxes 
9Conical-bottom centrifuge bottle, PC 
10Conical-bottom centrifuge tubes, PC 
11Corning Erlenmeyer flasks, PC 
12Cryo boxes 
13Cryo boxes for microcentrifuge tubes 
14Cryo tubes storage boxes, PC 
15CryoBox 100 
16CryoBox PC, Nalgene, system 100 
17Cryobox, PC, Nalgene 
18Cryogenic storage boxes 
19Cryovials rack, PC, Nalgene 
20Dense storage system 
21Erlenmeyer Flask, 2L, PC, Vent, Sterile 
22Erlenmeyer flasks with screw closure, PC 
23Erlenmeyer flasks, baffled 
24Erlenmeyer flasks, PC 
25Fernbach culture flask 
26Fernbach flasks 
27Freezing container 
28Hydrometers acc. to Baumé 
29Hydrometers for measurement of density 
30Hydrometers for sodium chloride (salt solutions) 
31Invitro Biotainer bottles / carboys, PC 
32Labtop coolers 
33Labtop coolers, - 20 °C 
34Labtop coolers, - 20 °C 
35MAX-100 CryoStore Boxes 
37Mini coolers, PC 
38Nuclepore Membran-Rundfilter 
39Nuclepore membrane sheets, 19 x 42 mm 5.0 µm 
40Oak Ridge centrifuge tubes with sealing cap, PC 
41Oak Ridge centrifuge tubes, PC 
42Oechsle scale 
43Round-bottom centrifuge tubes, PC 
44Spherical-bottom centrifuge bottle 
45Square bottles, PC 
46Storage boxes 
47True North mini coolers 
48Tubing holder 
49Wide-mouth jars, PC