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1AQUARIUS folded hand towel dispenser - interleaved 
2AQUARIUS hand cleanser dispensers 
3AQUARIUS multifold towel dispenser 
4AQUARIUS slimroll hand towel dispenser 
5AQUARIUS* dispenser for centrefeed - roll control system 
6AQUARIUS* folded hand towel dispensers Standard 
7AQUARIUS* no-touch rolled hand towel dispenser 
8Blue nitril gloves KLEENGUARD G10 FLEX 
9Dispenser for KLEENEX wipers for hand- and surface desinfection 
10Dispenser for large wipe rolls 
11Electronic touchless skincare system 
12Electronic touchless towel system 
13Gloves, Kimtech™ sterling™ nitrile Xtra™ 
14Hand Towels for electronic touchless / No-touch towel system 
15KIMTECH PURE* W4 wipers 
16Kimtech SCIENCE laboratory tissues 
17KIMTECH Science precision wipes 
19KIMTECH* absorbent towels 
20Kimtech* process wipes 
21Kimtech™ A5 sterile clean room overalls 
22Kimtech™ A7 P+, Laboratory Coat 
23Kimtech™ A8 breathable particle protection coveralls 
24Kimtech™ blue nitrile gloves 
25Kimtech™ G3 / G3 NXT nitrile gloves 
26Kimtech™ G3 latex gloves 
27Kimtech™ G3 sterile latex gloves 
28Kimtech™ G3 sterile nitril gloves 
29Kimtech™ G5 latex gloves 
30Kimtech™ G5 sterile latex gloves 
31Kimtech™ GREEN NITRILE gloves 
32Kimtech™ M3 face masks 
33Kimtech™ M3 pouch-style face masks 
34Kimtech™ M3 sterile face masks 
35Kimtech™ M6 face masks 
36Kimtech™ M7 veils 
37Kimtech™ PFE Xtra Latex Gloves 
38Kimtech™ purple nitrile™ / kimtech™ purple nitrile™Xtra™ 
39Kimtech™ satin plus 
40KLEENEX facial tissues, 2-ply 
41KLEENEX facial tissues, 3-ply 
42KLEENEX gel hand sanitiser for electronic dispensers 
43KLEENEX gel hand sanitiser, pump-action cassettes 
44KLEENEX multifold hand towels 
45Kleenex towels 
46KLEENEX Ultra Soft towels - dispenser box 
47KLEENEX® hand sanitising wipes 
48KLEENGUARD* G10 powder-free nitril gloves 
49KLEENGUARD* G20 atlantic green chemical resistant nitril gloves 
50KleenGuard® G80 nitril chemical protection gloves 
51Latex-Handschuhe Kimtech™ PFE 
52Mobile rack for large rolls 
54Nitrile gloves Kimtech™ COMFORT NITRILE 
55Refill for desk caddy 
56SCOTT Performance towels 
57SCOTT Slimroll hand towels 
58Wall holder for small rolls, plastic 
60Wypall L10 wipes - roll control system 
61Wypall L20 wipes 
62Wypall X60 Cloths 
63Wypall X70 wipes 
64WYPALL* L30 wipes - large roll